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Van Dwelling

No Longer Chasing Money Lady Red 2

Breaking Free from Society’s Expectations: One Man’s Van Conversion Journey

This man had been chasing a bigger paycheck his whole life, just like he had been told to, but eventually, he decided that wasn’t what was making him happy so he chose to convert a van instead! Now he lives full-time, traveling around Germany’s Black Forest and enjoying nature and simple living. Take a look [...]

Flight Attendants Beautiul West-Coast-Based Van Life 8

Flight Attendant Chooses Van Life

Amanda is a flight attendant who heard about van life years ago, but when she was looking for an apartment in the chaos of 2020, she decided she’d rather put the money into a van and enjoy the changing scenery. She bought her rig second-hand and hasn’t looked back! She uses her van to commute [...]

The Astro van w wet bath

This Van Conversion has a Wet Bath & Convertible Bed

Miranda and Kyle had done the “mattress-in-the-back-of-the-car” camping for shorter trips plenty of times, but when they couldn’t travel in 2020, it made them pause and consider what they really wanted out of life. Eventually they decided to purchase a van and have it professionally converted, so they could hit the road sooner rather than [...]

Enjoying His No Roommate Life in His Awesome Van 4

Wildlife Biologist Goes From Roommates to Van Life

Jake chose van life for an unconventional reason — he was tired of living with roommates! He enjoys all the other pros of vanlife like the freedom and cost-savings, but those weren’t the driving force behind his decision. He works seasonally as a wildlife biologist, so vanlife works great for his career. In the video [...]

She Left Teaching To Travel in a Van 4

From Teacher to DIY Van Life with Her Two Dogs

Erica had spent three weeks traveling a large swath of the country in her car, thinking she could never sell her house and do full-time vanlife. But when she was about to go back to another year of teaching, she realized how unhappy she was with her current situation! So she went ahead and sold [...]

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They’re Driving Around the World in Their Van 2

Traveling the World in Their Self-Converted Van

Cazzy and Bradley are one amazing couple who have been globetrotting since 2016! Their travels have taken them from South America to Sri Lanka to Scotland and the US. While they’ve taken plenty of planes, trains, and automobiles to get around the earth so far, their latest mode of transportation has been their self-converted van. [...]

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Their Sportyvan Life in Italy 7

How This Couple Transformed Their Van into the Ultimate Adventure Rig in Italy

This awesome couple enjoys extreme sports and wanted a way to get closer to the activities they loved. They spent four months converting this van into a gorgeous adventure rig to take them around Italy. Their van includes a nifty hidden kitchen and a corner wet bath at the front of the van. At the [...]

European Travel in their Campervan 6

European Travel in their Awesome DIY Campervan

This couple wanted a chance to travel Europe — and do it inexpensively. So they decided to build out a campervan! Before it became their home, the van was a 4-wheeler transporter and completely gutted inside. Now they have a folding couch/bed setup, a bench couch, and a nice kitchen space. Enjoy the photo tour [...]

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Luxury Black Gold White Hexagon Van Conversion

Former Gym-Owner Turns to Van Life with his Luxury Van Conversion

Kyle’s van has a totally different look and feel from most of the DIY van conversions we see around here — and I love it! He went for a luxurious, modern vibe with black and white main colors sprinkled with gold and “marble” accents. He also made the build comfortable, including a bathroom in his [...]

Former Caretaker Sets Out on Vanlife Adventure

From Caretaker to Adventurer: How Patty Found Freedom in Van Life

Patty is a truly remarkable woman. After spending four years caring for her mother 24/7, she found herself wondering what to do next when her mom passed away. YouTube led her to vanlife, and eventually, she found herself working with a builder to create the perfect van home. The van layout is great, with a [...]

A Mano Vans San Diego Campervans 10

From Renters to Van Life: The Story Behind A Mano Vans

Sole and Joey first got into campervan conversions when they built out their own van in order to escape the weight of San Diego rent. They adjusted to the tiny lifestyle and eventually decided to make converting vans into a business! So far, they’ve converted 5 full rigs and done some other partial conversions, as [...]

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Three Friends Traveling in Their Campervan

Three Friends Traveling in Their Tiny Camper Van

These three friends all live tiny in Holland and travel together in their converted campervan, creating and selling their artwork. They have an older-style van that required a lot of love to get it going, but now it’s a cozy and rustic little abode! We got the chance to interview Jolein about their tiny life, [...]

How Family Tragedy Led this Couple to Part Time VanLife. 7

Married Couple’s Portugal Camper Van Life

Mónica and João are an amazing couple who have overcome a lot of adversity in the last seven years! They now live part-time in an adorable camper conversion. I’ll let them tell their story…. Having a motorhome was an old dream of ours. When we met, about 7 years ago, we immediately arranged a trip [...]

andoit Moov Transit Trail 9

Vandoit Moov Transit Trail Van Conversion

If you’re not already familiar with Vandoit, it’s a professional van conversion company that specializes in a T-track skeleton and marine-grade modules that fit into popular vans and allow a customizable, modular rig set-up. They already sell the “Liv” and “Do” models, but just yesterday they released the all-new “Moov” model, designed to fit the [...]

Alpha Vans Professional Van Conversion 6

ALPHAVAN: Luxury German Van Conversions

While I love a DIY van conversion as much as the next person, it’s always fun to see the best that money can buy, and the German-built ALPHAVAN is about as fancy as it gets! It’s high-tech in just about every way and looks sleek and modern inside and out. There are two swivel seats [...]

Slow Roamers Taking Pictures & Building Vans 8

Traveling While ‘Being at Home’ with Their Van

Do you love travel AND being at home? Alex and Megan had experience with international travel and outdoor exploration, but also love being home — so they decided to bring their home with them as they explore the world. Megan had already built out a van when she met Alex, and since he converts vans [...]

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Casper the Campervan For Empty Nesters 2

Empty Nesters’ Van Life Retirement Plan

Tim and Aimee are empty-nesters who wanted a way to explore — and visit their kids! They spent lockdown converting a 2019 Ford Transit with no prior building experience. They chose to prioritize a big, comfortable bed, coffee, and a bathroom in their rig. They have a cool hidden toilet that transforms into an emergency [...]

Single Mom’s California Vanlife with Young Daughter 2

Single Mom’s California Vanlife with Young Daughter

Bathsheva grew up in Paris and Israel, and eventually came to the United States on a work visa and found her “true home” in California. Unfortunately, her business went under in 2020, leaving her needing another option for housing. That’s when she decided on vanlife. She has a young daughter, Sarah, and she designed the [...]

Their Micro Van with a Harry Potty Ceiling!

Their Micro Van with a Harry Potter Ceiling!

Sam and Chris have made it all the way from New York to Oregon in their awesome micro van — with their two dogs! Chris is a tattoo artist, and she’s so excited to be traveling and tattooing on the road, like she’s always dreamed of. They carry an inflatable boat on the roof of [...]

Angry Bird Hotel w 1929 Ford 2

Angry Bird Hotel w/ 1929 Ford Tow Vehicle

Rickey didn’t want to end up in a nursing home after a lifetime of adventure, teaching English and truck-driving, so he used his handy skills to transform a 1968 bus into his home — and he tows it with a 1929 Ford! He designed the exterior of the rig to look like the red Angry [...]

How These Accidental Vanlifers Ended up in Their Dream Rig 3

How These Accidental Vanlifers Ended up in Their Dream Rig

Bai is Australian and Den is from the Netherlands. Their plans to be together were upended in 2020, and they wanted to hurry up and get back to Australia as lockdowns started closing borders — but they weren’t ready to buy a home. Instead, they bought a van to live in “until things got back [...]

1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Fry & Clare

Van Life Since he was 17 Years Old with a 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon

Fry first got this van when he was just 17-years-old, and he later added an awesome wooden pop-top to his rig that’s truly one-of-a-kind. He spent years alone in his van until he met Clare, who moved in after her own solo van life! Between them, they have 14 years of combined vanlife experience. The [...]

From the Netherlands to Discovering Europe in Their Campervan 7

From the Netherlands to Discovering Europe in Their Campervan

Jarrik and Vivian are an amazing couple from the Netherlands who wanted a chance to tour Europe and decided what better way to do so than in a self-built campervan. They spent 10 months, while still working full-time, converting their van and making it a stunning home on wheels. They have a fixed bed in [...]

Her Ford Transit Conversion w Epic Security System 4

Her Ford Transit Conversion w/ Epic Security System

Lindsay is an awesome enterprising woman who has lived in her self-converted van, Beau, for the past year. She’s now selling the rig, which took her 8 months to complete while she worked full-time. She’s converting another van which she may live in or sell when the time comes. Her van is decked out with [...]

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She Bought A Bus & Quit Her Job in 48 Hours

She Bought A Bus & Quit Her Job in 48 Hours

Olivia had been a nurse for about 5 years and was completely burnt out. She saw a listing on Facebook Marketplace for a converted short bus for $10K. She had enough money in the bank from selling her home to immediately purchase the rig — and quit her job — in just 48 hours. Believe [...]

self-built beach cabin-on-wheels 11

Their Self-Built Beach Cabin-On-Wheels

Before the world changes in 2020, Charlotte and Nico went on a magical campervan trip in New Zealand, and fell in love with the concept of nomadic living. So they ended up buying and converting a really cool boxy van into their “beach cabin-on-wheels.” Both inside and out, this van has an airy nautical feel [...]