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Van Dwelling

4×4 Dually Van Conversion w: Pop-Up Tent

4×4 Dually Van Conversion w/ Pop-Up Tent

Dan was ready to take his love for outdoor adventure to the next level and decided on this awesome custom-built adventure rig! He has tons of lights, a 4×4 dually set up, and solar panels on his rooftop deck that he can point toward the sunshine. The interior of the rig is just as sleek [...]


Writer’s DIY Low-Top Van Conversion

Kath set out to live nomadically in 2017, when she purchased an RV and hit the road — for three days. She didn’t like pulling her house and hated the black tank — and ended up moving abroad instead! But she had nothing to come home to, so she decided to build a van conversion [...]

His Sleek Van w: a Surfboard Tunnel 3

His Sleek DIY Van w/ a Surfboard Tunnel

This van is so sleek and well-crafted and bursting with fun features. While this is only the third van Ikey has built all on his own, he has experience working on nearly 30 rigs with several van conversion companies. He got started right out of high school and those years of hard work show in [...]

Carpenter’s DIY Promaster w: Hidden Shower 2

Carpenter’s DIY Promaster w/ Hidden Shower

Brandon loves adventure sports and was a carpenter by trade, and van life gave him the chance to explore the rest of the country before he officially settles down. While he misses the space his apartment had — especially for all his sporting equipment — he thinks the trade-off of being outdoors so much and [...]


Win a Family-Sized Adventure Van (Support Charity)!

This family got the devastating news that their elementary-age son was slowly going blind — and there’s currently no cure. They decided to hit the road and ensure Luke got to see as much of the country as possible while he still has sight! Now, their adventure van is part of an epic giveaway to [...]

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Couple’s Second DIY Van Conversion Elevator Bed 3

Couple’s Second DIY Van Conversion has a Lift Bed

Kyle and Stephanie first got into vanlife to escape the city. It was more of a weekend van that they built out on the fly. But that experience equipped them to create this amazing second rig, which they worked on tirelessly for 8 months. Kyle’s previous work in sculpture prepared him to make some of [...]

Eddie Safe and Sonder Vans 10

Safe and Sonder Van Life with Hanging Swing Chairs

Want to try out vanlife? Safe + Sonder Vans in Michigan is a great company that builds custom vans, but they also rent out a few models for you to enjoy! Right now, they’re offering Winter and Early Bird Summer pricing, so you can get a great deal on a future trip — or head [...]

The ultimate van build: Wilford's Nissan NV2500 cabin on wheels

Nomadic Van Life in his Nissan NV2500 That’s Built Like a Cabin

He transformed a Nissan NV2500 van into his personal cabin on wheels, tailored perfectly to his unique requirements. The moment you slide open the van door, you’ll quickly realize that this is far from an ordinary vehicle. It boasts a bespoke wooden entryway equipped with screen doors, effectively warding off Florida’s pesky mosquitoes. For the [...]

Nigel & Sue’s Van Conversion

Nigel & Sue’s Van Conversion: Exploring Australia

Like so many others, Nigel and Sue had travel plans for 2020 that were upended by lockdowns — and they shifted their focus to a van conversion! With no prior building experience, they learned how to do everything via YouTube and trial and error. But you’d really never know they were novices based on the [...]

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The Yeti Promaster 2500 High Roof 159. 15

The Yeti: Pre-Owned Promaster 2500 High Roof 159″ Stealth Cabin Van

Meet the Yeti: An awesome Boho.Life campervan conversion for sale by owner in Santa Clarita, California. The van has a stealthy exterior and a beautiful red cedar interior with a “honey” stain. There’s a fixed queen bed in the back and two smaller bench seats facing one another. A pull-out table provides a space for [...]

“Kemner” by Safe + Sonder Vans 10

“Kemner” by Safe + Sonder Vans: $77K For Sale

“Kemner” is the latest build by Safe + Sonder vans, and was built as an example of their new Simply Sonder line of budget-friendly van builds, designed to make campervan life more accessible! This is the only layout available, but certain colors, finishes, and upgrades are available at the client’s discretion. You can purchase Kemner [...]

Polly Van Pura Vida 9

Van Life for a Family of 5: Polly by Vanpuravida

We’re excited to introduce you to the UK-based campervan conversion company, Vanpuravida! Started by Jose and Cecile, the couple loved traveling together and then decided to settle down when they had a baby. That’s when the idea for campervan conversions came to them and they’ve been doing amazing bespoke conversions ever since. Below you’ll see [...]

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Classic Van Conversion w: Amazing Shower Stall

Luxury Stealth Van Conversion with a Shower

Vanning in Plain Sight is a great van conversion company in Florida that creates stealthy vans with luxury interiors that provide true micro homes on wheels. There’s no “roughing-it” in these vans! You have an oven, a cozy bedroom, a shower and toilet, bench seating, and an incredible solar system  — all impeccably designed to [...]

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Newest MOOV Van Conversion 3

Newest MOOV Van Conversion on Transit Chassis

Do you remember the MOOV van conversion we showed you back in February? Well, here’s another version of it! And Vandoit has slots open in 2024 for you to get your very own custom MOOV. These are built on a Ford Transit chassis and there are oodles of upgrades/options to make sure this adventure vehicle [...]

Personal Chef Has Spent 4 Years in Her DIY Van

Personal Chef Has Spent 4 Years in Her DIY Van

After a decade of chef work in kitchens with long hours, Nikki met her now-wife who was traveling the world internationally. Burnt out and inspired by her freedom, Nikki decided to leave that life behind and join her wife in a year-long van conversion! They put nearly 80,000 miles on the van in four years. [...]

Chemical Engineer’s Self-Built Sprinter w Incredible Floor Storage. 2

Engineer’s Sprinter Van Life with Floor Storage

Keko’s nomadic life started when so many others did — in 2020. His job went remote, and he escaped the US and went to Mexico to wait out the lockdowns. When it was time to come home, he decided to do something different and chose to purchase a van. But he actually lived in the [...]

Arch-Themed Artistic Van Design 2

Arch-Themed Artistic Van Design by First Time DIYers

Nicole and Edden met each other while living in Israel, and later met a man who invited them to live in his house and build a van under his guidance. That chance encounter changed everything for them! The resulting van isn’t just practical and beautiful — it’s a true work of art! Their innovative design [...]

Incredible Skoolie Buit with Milled 4x4s

Cabin-Like Skoolie Built with Milled 4x4s

Nick began his nomadic life after he got a remote job and sold his dog daycare. He already owned a truck, so he purchased a cheap 50-year-old truck camper, put it on his vehicle, and hit the road! After seven months of living with that set-up, he had a good idea of what he wanted [...]

Her Self-Built Van Conversion w No Prior Experience

Her Self-Built Van Conversion with No Prior Experience

When her job went remote in 2020, Annette found herself feeling lonely working from home and wanted to change things up. She was also hoping that a van to vacation in would bring her closer to her then-partner. But when that relationship ended, Annette was faced with a choice: Sell the van or do it [...]

Family of Three in DIY Van Conversion

Family of Three and Their Non-Toxic Van Life

Tommy and Ashley met in Hawaii and after doing some assorted mission work, they met another couple who lived in a van, and they were inspired to try out nomadic life for themselves. Highly averse to debt, they decided to take a loan out on a 0% interest credit card and complete the build for [...]

Bus and Van Life After Losing Her Mom 2

Bus and Van Life After Losing Her Mom

Alex was the last person her friends and family thought would jump into nomadic life since she was never a very outdoorsy type. That said, when her mother passed away from cancer, she wanted to do something different and got a job opportunity with Tiny Home Tours that allowed her to live in one of [...]

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Safe and Sonder Vans NORTH Family Van 15

Safe and Sonder Vans: NORTH Family Van

We’re excited to introduce you to a new-to-us van-building company called Safe + Sonder Vans. This is their latest conversion which is for sale, called the “North.” Besides the incredible craftsmanship, what makes this van so unique is that it’s a true family vehicle! It features two swivel seats for adults and a bench seat [...]

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Tattoo Artist’s Van Life Funded by Social Media 10

Tattoo Artist’s Van Life Funded by Social Media

Elen was struggling with too much space and a not-so-great landlord in her Glasgow apartment. So when she went on a 2-week European tour in her van and saw how amazing nomadic life could be, she finally took the plunge into full-time van life! She spent six months making the van livable and might purchase [...]

Her $8.5K Box Truck Build (Stealthy) 2

Her Stealthy and Affordable Box Truck Home Built for $8.5K

Heather loved her successful career in the Bay Area — until she didn’t. Between 2020 and the wildfires, she found herself feeling trapped. So she found an old army van/box truck and converted it into her home on wheels with her dad’s help. She intentionally left the exterior simple and “masculine” to offer her protection [...]

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This LAWYER Lives in a DIY Van Conversion 2

This Lawyer Lives in a DIY Van Conversion

Favian is a civil rights lawyer who enjoys a nomadic life from his van! He can even do Zoom hearings from the comfort of just about anywhere because of his office setup and Starlink connection. He purchased the van as an empty shell and converted it over the course of about 10 months. He had [...]

Couple Converts a Van & Starts a Festival 3

Their Van Life and Van Fest Festival

Lance and Jess were homeowners with steady jobs who went to a van festival and fell in love with what they saw. Soon afterward, they sold their home, quit their jobs, and found a van to convert. The results are gorgeous! They have found new remote positions, but also head up “VanFest” as a way to [...]