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Treeresort 4 Tree Houses in South Carolina 3

South Carolina Tree-Resort with 4 Tree Houses!

Anthony and his wife had the great idea to build four fun treehouses in a little town in South Carolina. It took them a long time to find a contractor willing to make their dreams a reality, but now they manage a great “Treeresort”! Each treehouse is around 400 square feet and has one bedroom [...]

Single Dad Raising Twin Sons in a Tiny Home 4

Single Dad Raising Twin Sons in a Tiny Home

Kevin and his ex-wife originally purchased this tiny home from Tiny Heirloom, so they could travel closer to extended family with their twin boys. At the time, the boys were only 2 years old, but now they’re eight! While Kevin and the boys’ mom split up, Kevin settled the tiny house into a community in [...]

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His NonToxic Short Bus Build

His Non-Toxic Short Bus Build

Shane purchased a home when he was young and settled down into a job for more than a decade before he realized he wanted more out of life. He started out in a Sprinter conversion (and then another one), and finally found himself building out a short bus! His ultimate goal is to find where [...]

Couple w Twin Toddlers Living in Amazing Skoolie 3

Couple with Twin Toddlers Living in Amazing Skoolie

Tal and Ori were living in Israel when they found out they were having twins. Realizing they wanted time to raise the girls and travel as a family, they sold all their belongings and came stateside to begin van life in December 2021. Eventually, the van became too small for the four of them, so [...]

Tatoo Artists in Their Part-Time Bus Conversion

Tattoo Artist Family in Their Part-Time Bus Conversion

Caitlin, Curtis, and their seven-year-old son travel part-time in their epic school bus conversion. They own a tattoo parlor in Seattle and have a small home in Oregon. The initial idea was to put a container home in the backyard for guests, but then that idea shifted to a skoolie, so they could also use [...]

Stealthy Work Truck Turned Tiny Home 3

Stealthy Work Truck Turned Tiny Home

Luke loves living in a mountain town where he can hit the slopes whenever he pleases, but the cost of rent was becoming prohibitive. That’s when he decided to convert a box truck into his home on wheels, and keep it super stealthy so he can go undercover when parking in the city. There are [...]

Musicians & Kids 5 Years in the Bus 2

Musicians & Kids: 5 Years in their Bus

Shane & Emily of Arbour Season have been on the road now for many years, five of those with kids in tow! They built their own DIY skoolie with pallet wood cabinets, a galvanized tub from the feed store, and a big two-basin sink to make it easier to wash and dry dishes. The bus [...]

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Former Military Family Reconnecting Through RV Life 12

Former Military Family Reconnecting with RV Life

The Russel family used to be separated by husband Justin’s military career. He spent the first 5+ years of his children’s lives deployed overseas, and he needed time with them again! RV life was the ticket – it brought the family back together, making new amazing memories. They’ve actually lived in and renovated 3 different [...]

Issue 128 Tiny House Magazine 2

Death of DIY?! Tiny House Magazine Issue 128

When the tiny house movement started, most tiny homes were DIY builds. Nowadays, there are hundreds of professional THOW builders — is DIY dead? Explore that and so much more in the newest issue of the Tiny House Magazine! You’ll also read an interview with a couple who built their family tiny house and another [...]

ALONE Contestant Builds $5K Vardo 3

Alone Contestant Builds $5K Vardo Tiny Home

Brooke is a wilderness survivalist and was a contestant on the History Channel’s “ALONE” — and now she’s a tiny house builder! Her amazing Vardo tiny home took her just 2 months and $5,000 in materials to build. The off-grid space has awesome wooden cutouts on the exterior that show different scenes which are important [...]

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Teachers Choose Bus Life for Summer Vacations 3

Teachers Choose Bus Life for Summer Vacations

One of the great benefits of being a teacher is having the summer off! Hollie & Kelly wanted to use their summer vacations for traveling but found that most RVs on the market were out of their price range or lacking character. So they decided a diesel bus conversion was more their style! Their DIY [...]

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ESCAPE One Unite for woman 4

Moving from DC Area to Tampa Tiny Village!

Stefanie Mortenson purchased her One XL unit in The Oaks Tiny House Community in Tampa, Florida sight unseen! She had loved the video tour she watched and snatched up this unit as soon as  it went for presale back in March. She moved into the spot in May after living just outside of DC for [...]

Their $35K New Mexico-Inspired Bus Conversion 3

Their $35K New Mexico-Inspired Bus Conversion with Clay Interior

Jake and Felicia were actively searching for a home in 2020 when they decided they weren’t quite ready to put down roots forever. Seeing #vanlife on Instagram and YouTube inspired them to impulsively purchase a bus before they even had a spot to park it! They slowly converted the bus into their home on wheels, [...]

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High Tech Self-Sustaining Off-Grid Tiny Home

High-Tech, Self-Sustaining Tiny Home by Living Vehicle

There are tiny homes, and then there are high-tech, wildly-innovative, self-sustaining off-grid tiny homes! This “Living Vehicle” has it all, and it’s incredible. And did I mention there’s no loft bedroom? This home is designed to put set anywhere with no need for the grid in any capacity, allowing people to purchase remote land to [...]

Bus Life as Bus Builders in DIY Rig 2

Their Bus Conversion Life & Business

When Racey and Zack met, they discovered that each of them was interested in an alternative lifestyle. After Racey finished her big hike, the couple decided on a bus build! And after converting their own rig, they accidentally fell into converting/fixing up vans and buses for others as a business. Because Zack used to be [...]

Their Awesome THOW w Stand up bedroom 4

Married in Their Tiny Home with an Office

Shelby and her husband decided to downsize into a tiny home after the frustration of paying for a hefty mortgage on their home. Living in a tiny house community in California has allowed them to reduce their payments and enjoy more time not working! The house was a floor plan from Shaye’s Tiny Homes (in [...]

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Building His Own Wheelchair-Friendly Box Truck Home

Building His Wheelchair-Friendly Box Truck Home

Ben was a construction worker who loved to ski when an accident on the slopes left him wheelchair-bound. It took many years of physical therapy and new perspectives on life to urge him into van life. He chose a box truck and spent 18 months converting it himself for about $50,000. His van meets all [...]

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Her Dad Helped Her Build This Awesome Ambulance Conversion 3

Her $25K Ambulance Conversion with a Bathroom

Rachel had been wanting to try nomadic life for a while and finally decided to just go for it. While her dad originally said he wanted nothing to do with the project, when Rachel found herself in too deep, he came to her rescue and helped her finish the conversion. With his help, she was [...]

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ORCA POD Models QUail

Prefab Pod Homes by ORCA

ORCA has a revolutionary new way of providing people and communities with steel-framed prefab homes built with pop-up factories that help reduce overhead. They offer a variety of home sizes and layouts, all with a modern feel and luxurious upgrade options. Below you’ll find a video tour of one of their pop-up factories and one [...]

Family Living in $25K THOW for 7 Years 12

Family Living in $25K Tiny House for 7 Years

Tiny homes don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to be temporary! That’s what this awesome family of four has shown — they’ve been living in their $25K DIY tiny home for the past 7 years, and their once-little kids are now preteens. They plan to put one more year into the THOW [...]

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Terminal Brain Cancer, 6 Kids and a Bus

Family Bus Life with 6 Kids Despite Terminal Diagnosis

Seven years ago, Matt was given 3 years to live with a terminal brain cancer diagnosis. He and his wife Christi started to take a hard look at their lifestyle and made the decision to live nomadically with their 6 children. Due to Matt’s treatment and declining health at the time, it took more than [...]

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Family of 5 in 28 ft. RV Conversion 3

Family of 5 in 28 ft. RV Conversion

Tatyana has a year of maternity leave in Canada, and she and her husband, Miguel, decided to use that time to try out nomadic life! The couple converted a 28 ft. RV into a cozy home on wheels for themselves and their three children. After a life-long career in the oil industry, Miguel has changed [...]