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Floating Homes

Floating Oasis w Rooftop Lounge Deck. 6

Floating Tiny Home on Pontoons

Here’s a really neat floating home that’s moored in Sarasota Bay in Florida, where you can stay for a couple of nights. It’s an off-grid adventure, but they have some solar power and plumbing to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The one-room houseboat has a couch that turns into a bed, a little [...]

Nautical Porthole Houseboat 8

Nautical Porthole Houseboat in Clearwater, Florida

This is a beautiful little houseboat docked near the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater, Florida. It has one bedroom in the back, a 3/4 bathroom with a lovely tiled shower stall, and a nearly-full kitchen that has a large fridge and a little cooktop. There’s also a little porch off the front of the houseboat [...]

From Van to Narrowboat 88

From Van to 58ft Narrowboat NamedLaika

Jess, Harry, and their cat Saffi have been living in a narrowboat for about a year after moving out of an apartment and doing vanlife for a while. They wanted a bit more space, so a 58 ft narrowboat seemed like a perfect way to keep a nomadic life but have some breathing room. The [...]

You Can Stay in a Tiny Yellow Submarine 22

Yellow Submarine Tiny House in New Zealand

Do you love submarines? The Beatles? Nautical history? This amazing yellow submarine is “floating” among the trees on this scenic New Zealand property — and it’s on Airbnb! There’s sleeping for up to 5 inside, with two double bunk beds and a small berth up in the steering area. There’s also a couch, little kitchenette, [...]

Widebeam and Wellingtons 1

Couple’s Widebeam Boat Life in England

This couple went on a vacation on a narrowboat before 2020 upended the world, and fell in love with the idea of living on the water. Still, they wanted a little more space than the narrowboat offered, so they started searching for a wide-beam boat instead. They ended up purchasing a show model, and the [...]

Scarlet Lady Narrowboat. 7

Scarlet Lady Narrowboat Cottage with Stunning Chic Design!

Russ had always loved living in small spaces and even spent five years working on cruise ships. He had been dreaming of narrowboat life for about a decade when he finally took the plunge and bought his boat — he had a professional outfit the interior and let’s just say it’s one of the most [...]

Couple’s Sailboat Life 11

Tiny Home at Sea: Couple’s Sailboat Life Adventure

Steph and Travis wanted more adventure in their lives, so they bought a sailboat and have been living on it full-time! The lifestyle is filled with freedom and adventure — and plenty of repairs — but they are loving the journey. Below, you can enjoy a photo tour of their space as well as a [...]