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Floating Homes

Marine & Navy Vet’s Catamaran Life w Trampoline! 2

Marine & Navy Vet’s Catamaran Life w/ Trampoline!

Marine Corp veteran, Lee, and Navy Navigator, Nick, ditched “normal” about a year ago and purchased a 2004 Lagoon 440F Catamaran which they plan on living in until they retire from military life and can travel the world in their vessel. Turns out this Catamaran has actually already circumnavigated the globe with its first owners, [...]

Island Gypsy Houseboat: Off-Grid Floating Home! 5

Couple’s Off-Grid Floating Home Lifestyle in Florida

Remember the Silver Pearl houseboat on Airbnb that Alex showed off last week? Genevieve and her husband own that boat, but also live off-grid in their very own floating home called the “Island Gypsy.” Before they invested in a vacation property, they moved into the Island Gypsy — she felt like were “cheating” being hooked [...]

From 3,000 Sq. Ft. in Texas Suburbia to Trawler Boat Life: Family of 5 9

From 3,000 Sq. Ft. in Texas Suburbia to Trawler Boat Life: Family of 5

Chris and Jolene have three preteen boys, and the family used to do the typical suburban rat race of tons of sports and activities, work 9 to 5, and a zombie-like existence trying to afford a 3,000 square foot cookie-cutter home. Then, about two years ago, Chris sold his company and the family searched for [...]

FLOATING RIVER CABIN – Exploring Alternatives

This Floating Tiny Cabin is the Perfect Waterfront Getaway Escape

This is the Red River Bunkie in Bobcaygeon, Ontario. The cabin is 2-storeys high, it measures 27′ long x 14′ wide x 18′ tall, and it weighs 12,000 lbs. The structure sits on a raft made that’s made with 11 polyethylene-covered styrofoam floats that provide 32,000 lbs of buoyancy. Don’t miss other interesting tiny and [...]

youtu.be-DD9-oHIQ-4U (5)

He Designed And Built The Ultimate Floating Tiny House

This is the story of Mark Philbrook and his incredible floating tiny house, known as the SeaSuite. It’s an aluminum houseboat with a highly thought-out design, rooftop deck, and beautiful interior. The views vary, but inside you can find abundant light thanks to the windows, custom built-in furnishings, a comfortable queen bed, a modern and [...]

Family of 6 Traveling the World in Their 28 Ft. Sailboat (with NO engine)!  45

Family of 6 Traveling the World in Their 28 Ft. Sailboat (with NO engine)!

Living tiny with a family of 6 is already impressive — but what about living tiny on a 28 ft. sailboat with no engine? This amazing family got rid of fossil fuels and has been living on the water for 3 years, sailing sans engine most recently. They converted the engine room into cabins for [...]

Navy Serviceman And His Epic Boat Home 3

Navy Serviceman And His Epic Boat Home, “Toko”

When he lived in Japan, Joe lived the #vanlife, travelling around the country. So tiny living is nothing new to him. When he wanted a spot to live in the States, he ended up choosing 36ft, 1982 Ed Munk offshore yacht — named Toko — which he has lived on for the past year. As [...]

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