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Floating Homes

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He Designed And Built The Ultimate Floating Tiny House

This is the story of Mark Philbrook and his incredible floating tiny house, known as the SeaSuite. It’s an aluminum houseboat with a highly thought-out design, rooftop deck, and beautiful interior. The views vary, but inside you can find abundant light thanks to the windows, custom built-in furnishings, a comfortable queen bed, a modern and [...]

Family of 6 Traveling the World in Their 28 Ft. Sailboat (with NO engine)!  45

Family of 6 Traveling the World in Their 28 Ft. Sailboat (with NO engine)!

Living tiny with a family of 6 is already impressive — but what about living tiny on a 28 ft. sailboat with no engine? This amazing family got rid of fossil fuels and has been living on the water for 3 years, sailing sans engine most recently. They converted the engine room into cabins for [...]

Navy Serviceman And His Epic Boat Home 3

Navy Serviceman And His Epic Boat Home, “Toko”

When he lived in Japan, Joe lived the #vanlife, travelling around the country. So tiny living is nothing new to him. When he wanted a spot to live in the States, he ended up choosing 36ft, 1982 Ed Munk offshore yacht — named Toko — which he has lived on for the past year. As [...]

Peace Frog

Peace Frog: Life on a 55 ft. Narrowboat on the London Canals

Al works as a carpenter and Jessica works in PR, but when they come home at night, it’s to a cozy 55-foot-long narrowboat moored somewhere along the canalways of London. Their narrowboat lifestyle allows them to live with a lower carbon footprint and get closer to nature, while still living in the city — the [...]

From 7,000 Sq. Ft. to 1200 Sq. Ft. to 48 Ft Catamaran: Family of 5! 3

From 7,000 Sq. Ft. to 1,200 Sq. Ft. to 48 Ft Catamaran: Family of 5!

Now here’s a downsizing story for you! This amazing family of 5 bought their 7,000 foot dream home after the dad’s military retirement, when a visitor from Denmark and sudden illness inspired them to make a change. Within 10 days they put their giant home on the market and moved into a 1,200 square foot [...]

Houseboat Tiny Home  15

Heidi-Ho: Cargo Camper Houseboat For Sale! $50K

Scott designed and built this awesome tiny house on wheels that floats! The “Heidi-Ho” is easily pulled in and out of the water, and driven down the road with a regular pickup truck and no special permits. And she’s for sale! Located in Palm Desert, California, the houseboat is 30 ft long with 115 HP [...]


A Very Tiny Christmas: 18 Tiny Houses Decorated for the Holidays!

Let’s just say 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, and we saw an unprecedented number of people putting up Christmas trees and light displays before the Thanksgiving turkey landed on the table. Because we could all use some extra holiday cheer this year, we reached out to many of the tiny [...]