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Tiny House Plans

Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses Selling Shells Renting Land. 5

Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses Selling Shells & Renting Land

While a professionally-built tiny house is often the dream, it can come with a pretty hefty price tag. Cheeky Monkey is trying to make tiny homes more financially accessible by selling plans, shells, and trailers so you can DIY a tiny house. You can purchase plans for their Jude and Strawberry tiny homes, and they [...]

Big Tex Tiny House 8×14 Tiny House You Can Build For Only 3k In Materials 005

Build A Tiny House For $3,000 In Materials (2021)

If you’re looking to build a tiny house for the most affordable price, here’s how you may be able to do it for only $3,000 in material costs. Our friend LaMar Alexander is looking to help anyone out there looking to get into a self-built quality tiny house for the least amount of money with [...]


16 ft. Cabin Tiny House on Wheels Plans by Tiny Easy

If you’re looking for plans for a compact tiny house that would be fairly easy to tow, this “Cabin” model from Tiny Easy is a great choice. It’s a very modern design that packs in everything you *need* in a home, while getting rid of all the extras. It has a simple cube design, which [...]

Uno by Tiny Easy 5

Single Floor Tiny Home Plans for Sale: “Uno”

While plenty of people do attempt a tiny home build without official plans, directions can make the entire process go more smoothly, especially if you don’t have any design/construction background. That’s why I love the plans from Tiny Easy, like this “Uno” model that has a single floor layout. Without a loft it’s much more [...]

mykabin Cascade Traditional

MyKabin Cascade Traditional Model: 340 Sq. Ft.

Meet MyKabin — a DADU/ADU-building company that serves the greater Seattle area by creating backyard homes AND doing all the legwork of permitting and sitework! Everything will be done to code, and there are no hidden costs. Hopefully entrepreneurs could learn from this model and provide a similar service all over the United States! MyKabin [...]

28 Tiny House Plans eBooks and Courses Bundle for 2021 Expires April 10 2021 0014

6 Tiny House Plans For Less Than $50

This is a special offer for 6 tiny house plans for less than $50. On top of that, you also get 5 tiny house-related eBooks, 12 tiny house magazine issues, and 5 tiny house-related eCourses! It’s a total of $1250 of tiny house goodies, well worth it in just one of the plans, let alone [...]


2021 Tiny House Bundle: 28 Tiny House Plans, eBooks, and Courses

This is the 2021 Tiny House Bundle sale where you can have 28 tiny house plans, ebooks, and courses. Please remember, this is a time-sensitive offer. If you were to buy the entire collection separately it would cost you $1250, but for a limited time (offer ends Saturday, April 10, 2021, at Noon EST) you [...]

LA’s First Tiny Home Village for the Homeless 5

LA’s First Tiny Home Village for the Homeless

An awkwardly-shaped piece of city-owned property went from an abandoned lot, to a colorful village of 39 tiny homes built to give temporary shelter to some of the city’s homeless population. Each home is 64 square feet, and there are shared laundry facilities on site. Units cost $7,500 each, including labor and materials, and were [...]

San Mateo 24 Ft THOW by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses 3

San Mateo 24 Ft THOW by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

This tiny house on wheels was built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses for a woman in New Mexico. The 24 ft THOW features oxidized rusty metal siding and space for a Murphy bed the owner installed after delivery. One unique feature of the home is the door that leads into the bathroom, and a bathroom [...]

Budget 75 Square Foot Garden THOW in Europe 27

Under-$5k, 75-sq.-ft. Garden Tiny House Built on Budget

For years, Thilo has wanted to live off the land. When he got the opportunity to buy an old home with lovely property in Southern France, he jumped at the chance. But, he wanted to wake up and see his gardens — so he decided to build a budget tiny house! Legally, he’s living in [...]

Traveler’s Paradise Mint Tiny Homes 7

41 ft. Gooseneck: The Traveler’s Paradise by Mint Tiny Homes

Here’s the “Traveler’s Paradise” built by Mint Tiny Homes. It’s a version of their Canada Goose model, and comes in at a whopping 41 feet long! This gooseneck THOW can sleep up to 8 people, which is quite impressive for 392 square feet! There are two lofts, one accessible via ladder and the other by [...]

2020 Off Grid Houses On The Move: Contest Winners!

2020 Off Grid Houses On The Move: Contest Winners!

The winners of Simple Solar Homesteading’s “2020 Off Grid Houses On The Move” Contest are Jay Craig and Kenny Foust! They each won a 100 watt solar panel for their creative designs. Jay built his THOW on a 17′ Uhaul and added some cool bump outs to maximize the space. Kenny, on the other hand, [...]

Elise Model 1

Tiny House With Kids Room Sleeps 6 

This is the Elise model, handcrafted by the tiny house geniuses at Vagabond Haven in Sweden. It’s about 25.5 feet long, but packs in not only an adult loft, but a kids’ bedroom beneath the living room! What a fun layout that really maximizes the space in a tiny home. In addition to the sleeping [...]

BleakHausTruk  4

BleakHausTruck: Box Truck Converted Into An Art & Recording Studio, Using 99% Recycled/Reclaimed Materials

Tena lives and works out of her BleakHausTruk, an art & recording studio constructed with hand tools & 99% recycled/repurposed materials found mostly for free on the street or in the trash in San Francisco! She has about 100 square feet in her 14-foot-long 1997 Isuzu FRR 14 foot that she’s put more than 8,000 [...]

Cedar Shake Cottage with addition

Build Your Own 10×10 Studio/Cabin/ADU: PDF Plans!

These are awesome plans from Simple Solar Homesteading for a 10×10 Studio, Cottage, Cabin or Accessory dwelling unit and includes plans for an addition and porch. And they’re just $5! But First: Have You Entered the Off-Grid Houses on the Move Contest? Don’t miss your chance to win great prizes! Learn more here.  These simple [...]

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Tiny Grace by Build Tiny: World Traveler’s Home On Wheels

Tiny Grace by Build Tiny: World Traveler’s Home On Wheels

Build Tiny in New Zealand created this lovely custom THOW for a client who was previously a world traveler. After stay in a Build Tiny Airbnb, she was able to picture herself living tiny! Her home will live next to a historic church, thus the moniker “Tiny Grace.” Two features that I love in this [...]

127 Square Foot Shelterwise THOW for Sale 4

127 Square Foot Shelterwise THOW for Sale (Sold)

Live near Austin, Texas? This 127 square foot THOW is for sale for just $25,000! It includes a full bathroom, a cozy living area and kitchenette, and a loft bedroom — just about everything you need! It has a gorgeous paneled exterior with a metal roof and a traditional gabled roof. The floor plan on [...]

Hawaii Tiny House | Tay & Mckay

From Wedding Photographers to Tiny House Builders: Tay & McKay

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many people found themselves suddenly jobless, trying to figure out what to do in the midst of so much chaos. For Tay & McKay — a couple who had moved to Hawaii as destination wedding photographers/videographers — all of their work dried up in a couple of minutes. But instead [...]

Off Grid Houses On The Move Tiny House Design Contest 2020 Hosted by LaMar Alexander via SimpleSolarHomesteading-com 001

Off-Grid Houses On The Move Tiny House Design Contest (2020)

This is to announce the off-grid houses on the move tiny house design contest for 2020. The contest is being held by LaMar Alexander of Simple Solar Homesteading and the SolarCabin YouTube Channel. He’s one of the original off-grid cabin YouTubers, he’s designed a variety of tiny homes with offered plans, and this is your [...]

THOW with Hidden Tub in Deck 001

Tyny: Australian Couple’s DIY THOW with Hidden Deck Tub & Plans For Sale!

Monique and Aswan (@living.laarge) wanted to build something together, so they spent months meticulously planning out their own tiny house, called the Tyny, which they now sell plans for online (get them here). This eco-friendly abode features tons of hidden storage and a multi-purpose couch/bed/dinette they designed themselves. The coolest feature, though, might be the [...]


The Highly Sensitive Minimalist and Her Mint Tiny House

There are so many reasons to go tiny: To reduce costs, to live “greener,” to travel more — and for Talia, to have a clean and simple living area that helps her live well as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). We got to interview Talia and she tells us more about what it means to [...]


Timbercraft Tiny Homes Rustic Denali XL Model

Just a few days ago we showed you a 10×41 Denali by Timbercraft Tiny Homes — and here’s a Rustic Denali! Just like the other one, this one has a bedroom over the fifth wheel so you don’t have to climb a ladder to get to bed. But this one also has a secondary loft [...]

8×12 Walden Cabin

Build Your Own 8×12 Walden Cabin for Under $2000: Plans!

These are the plans for your very own 8×12 Walden Cabin created by Lamar over at Simple Solar Homesteading. The base cabin can sleep up to 4 people in just 96 square feet, and it includes a bathroom with a toilet and shower! Lamar’s plans also include an optional 9×8 addition to the cabin, which [...]


Modern & Stylish 320 Sq Ft THOW

This is Katherine and Shelby’s Modern & Stylish 320 Sq Ft THOW in Oregon. The house shell was built by Vintage Cottages in Salem, Oregon, and then the couple built out the entire interior by hand. It features a large kitchen with open shelving, a loft bedroom (with headroom for sitting up!) and a storage [...]


Honeycrisp Cottage in Southern Vermont: A 280 Square Foot Getaway

Coming in at 280-square feet, the Honeycrisp Cottage in Southern Vermont is a dreamy energy-efficient getaway, and a tiny house design worth bookmarking for your future build! This home (@honeycrisp_cottage on Instagram) would make a perfect granny flat because of the open floor plan and downstairs bedroom, but really anyone interested in going tiny could [...]

Webp.net-compress-image (1)

Boxabl: The 375 Sq. Ft. Unfolding Tiny House

Meet Boxabl: A steel and concrete 375 square foot pre-fab home that literally unfolds upon arrival at your location! It’s basically an instant-house with everything you could possibly need in a small house. The main living space is completely open with a large kitchen packed with full-sized appliances, a bedroom area with room for a [...]

Roomy Retreat

Sierra Tiny Homes and Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses Join Forces (& Offer Discounts!)

Sierra Tiny Homes and Cheeky Monkey Tiny Houses have joined forces and opened a new 12,000 sq, foot  shop and offices in Palm Springs California. They are RV-certified and have lenders available for financing your purchase. In celebration of opening and in response to the Covid-19 virus they’re offering special deals: $4,000.00 off $59,900.00 for [...]

Haaks Angled Nano House

Haaks Nano House: 192 Sq. Foot Tiny Home

Last week we showed you the super unique Haaks Opperland Campervan that unfolds off the back of a tiny flatbed truck, but our reader James D. did some great sleuthing on the Haaks website and shared that the company also sells tiny homes with no truck that are much more affordable. This “Wilg” model sleeps [...]


The Homestead: 400 Sq. Ft. Home by Utopian Villas

This new model  — The Homestead — from Utopian Villas is a perfect size between small home and tiny home. With 400 sq. ft. of living space on the first floor and another 191 sq. ft. in the loft (plus a 120 sq. ft. deck) you get room to spread out without a huge footprint! [...]


Detachable Micro Cabin Motorhome: Haaks Opperland Campervan

It’s always fun to find something completely different, and that’s what you get with the Haaks Opperland campervan. This is actually an itty-bitty two-storey cabin that sits on the bed of a compact Fiat flatbed truck. Simply drive the home to your location and drop it off. The 13-foot-long building then pops open, and the [...]

Crestone Tiny House Plans by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses 004

Crestone 14-ft. Tiny House Plans by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

These are the Crestone 14-ft. Tiny House Plans by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. It was first built and known as the Upslope Tiny House, then it was refined and built again as the Mac Shack, and then it was improved a third time when a new customer made another variation to the design and so [...]

Family-friendly 28ft Wasatch Tiny House Plans with Main Floor Bunk Room by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses 001

Wasatch 28-ft. Tiny House Plans by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

These are the Wasatch 28-ft. Tiny House Plans. It’s a custom 28-ft. tiny house that was originally designed and built for a family four by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. It features beetle kill pine flooring and ceiling, a bedroom with bunk beds on the main floor, a full bathroom, a pretty big kitchen for a [...]

31ft Silverthorne Gooseneck Tiny House Plans by Rocky Mountain TIny Houses 001

Silverthorne Gooseneck Tiny House Plans

These are the Silverthorne Gooseneck Tiny House Plans. It’s a gooseneck tiny house designed by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses. It features a 24-ft. deck with a 7-ft. neck for a total of 31-ft. of tiny house length! And with the plans, you can build it yourself. Take a look below. Don’t miss other tiny homes [...]

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