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Couple Crashed Tiny & Rebuilt it Better Than Ever! 6

Couple Crashed Tiny & Rebuilt it Better Than Ever!

The terrifying risk when you have a home on wheels is that at some point you could end up crashing your entire house — and that’s exactly what happened to Lauren and Patrick when their trailer gave way on its journey to their new “forever” piece of land. They had spent months building out their [...]

Autumn Tiny House

152 sq. ft. Autumn Tiny House w/ Mural, Hammock Net & Doggie Door

The truly amazing thing about tiny homes is how they challenge designers and builders to be incredibly creative. Build Tiny (New Zealand) has really outdone themselves with their “Autumn” design, custom-made for a client. This compact home includes hidden appliances, a sneaky doggie crate with dog-door access, a floating hammock net for relaxing, and a [...]

Former Lead THOW Carpenter Builds His Own $16K Tiny House 3

Former Lead THOW Carpenter Builds His Own $16K Tiny House

One benefit of being the lead carpenter at a tiny house company is learning all the tricks of the trade to then use to build you very own — affordable — tiny house on wheels! Jacob worked for a few years at Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses in Colorado, and he used those skills to build [...]


Natalie Bogwalker’s Tiny Log Cabin (Wild Abundance)

This is the story of Natalie Bogwalker’s tiny log cabin in Western North Carolina. She and her friend Eric did most of the log cutting and hauling. Then one year later, she began building with the help of many friends. Today she operates Wild Abundance teaching online and onsite classes on self-sufficiency, tiny living, gardening, [...]


Bluegrass Tiny Ridge: NEW Tiny House Community in KY!

Tiny house parking can be tough to come by, so we are excited to announce a new tiny house community that is opening in Central Kentucky. Bluegrass Tiny Ridge has four spaces backed up to a ridge of trees with lovely views of farmland and wildlife. Your lot rent of $450/month includes water, sewer, trash, [...]

Her Awesome Truck Camper w Shower & Toilet

Her Awesome Truck Camper w/ Shower & Toilet

You might think living on top of your truck would be extra cramped, but Chrissy proves it’s not true with her fantastic 2020 Capri camper that sits on top of her 2011 Chevy Silverado. I don’t think I’ve seen a micro space this tiny that includes a 32″ indoor shower, but Chrissy’s does! She also [...]

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Former Paramedic Firefighter in his Overlandbulance 3

Former Paramedic Firefighter in his Overlandbulance

This is Jason (he goes by “Happy”) and his “Overlandbulance” — a converted ambulance with a 4×4 kit designed to go wherever Happy wants to! After an injury forced him to retire from firefighting — his dream job — Happy had to figure out where to go from that point. Others encouraged him to do [...]

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