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Texas Family of Four Living Tiny

Texas Family of Four Talk Living Tiny

Hanna and Nathan wanted a debt-free lifestyle, so they chose a gorgeous park model from Recreational Resort Cottages in Texas and put it on an acre and a half of unrestricted land in Texas. The couple and their two young children are living the tiny dream! The interior of the home has a gorgeous white-and-dark-wood [...]

They Built This Bright Yellow Truck Camper for $4K!  4

They Built This Bright Yellow Truck Camper for $4K!

This couple was just about ready to begin traveling when a family emergency derailed their plans for three years. When they were finally able to hit the road, they needed something they could build on the cheap. Using 100% reclaimed and recycled materials, Kelsey and Shane managed to create an amazing truck bed tiny house! [...]

Mom, Dad & 3 Boys Traveling Country in RV for 2+ Years! 13

Mom, Dad & 3 Boys Traveling USA in RV for 2+ Years!

Like so many American families, the Bacons were running the rat race, constantly going and hardly spending time together as a family. That’s when they decided to sell most of their belongings, buy a fifth-wheel, renovate it, and travel the country! To date, they’ve been to 35 different states over the past two years (see [...]

Vanlife After Loss: And It’s Now For Sale!

Vanlife After Loss: And It’s Now For Sale!

For many people, van-living isn’t a “forever” decision, but a great opportunity during transitional times to see more of the country and learn to live with less. Angie and her husband, Brian, moved back home when Angie’s dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. After he passed, they were trying to decide what to do next. [...]

Island Gypsy Houseboat: Off-Grid Floating Home! 5

Couple’s Off-Grid Floating Home Lifestyle in Florida

Remember the Silver Pearl houseboat on Airbnb that Alex showed off last week? Genevieve and her husband own that boat, but also live off-grid in their very own floating home called the “Island Gypsy.” Before they invested in a vacation property, they moved into the Island Gypsy — she felt like were “cheating” being hooked [...]

Modern Hot Tub Tiny House In Bryson City NC via Gina-Airbnb 0019

Modern Tiny House With A Hot Tub in Bryson City

This is a modern tiny house with a hot tub in Bryson City, North Carolina. It’s a tiny house on wheels you can book via Gina on Airbnb and it features a living area with sofa bed, washer and dryer, full bathroom, kitchen, sleeping loft, and a covered porch with a hot tub! What do [...]

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Carrie and Dan’s 28′ x 10′ Tiny Home

Carrie and Dan’s 28′ x 10′ Tiny Home

This is a breathtaking tiny home built by MitchCraft! With a 10-foot width, it allows for some extra elbow room inside and MitchCraft made great use of every inch of this spot. There are two lofts, both with storage staircases, and two entrances, one with a handy mudroom space. The size of the kitchen makes [...]

Chevy Express Van Lifers Aren’t Waiting for Retirement to Travel 4

Chevy Express Van Lifers Aren’t Waiting for Retirement to Travel

Eric and Ashley began their journey to minimalism slowly, reducing what they had and realizing how little they needed. Eventually that brought them to making the jump to full-time vanlife. Ashley works as a travel nurse, so they go where she gets contracts, and stay for 8 to 13 weeks at a time in different [...]

Family of 4 Sold It All To Live in a Bus!

Family of 4 Sold It All To Live in a Bus!

Abe and Micah bought a house in California and flipped it (it was “a dump” according to them) into exactly what they wanted. But then they realized they loved traveling — not being tied to one location — so they sold the house and reinvested some of the money into their raised-roof skoolie home. They [...]

Not Teeny Just Tiny: Lawyer’s Mint Tiny Home 2

Not Teeny Just Tiny: Lawyer’s Mint Tiny Home

Emily is a lawyer in North Carolina who *just* moved into her gorgeous tiny house built by Mint Tiny House Company. She wanted her own thoughtfully-designed place, without needing to keep up with a 4-bedroom home — so she chose a tiny home! She’s only been in it now for eight days, and the builder [...]

Savings Thousands; Taking Home w/ Them: The Tiny Walls Family 6

Family of Four Living Tiny in an RV

Husband Derrick has a construction job that forces him to move frequently. Wife Alexis said they used to rent homes or apartments, but never really felt like they had a “home.” But 3.5 years ago, they decided to buy an RV so they could bring their house with them no matter where they move to! [...]

Charme V2 Minimaliste  4

Charme V2 Tiny House With Downstairs Bedroom by Minimaliste

This is one of the latest custom builds by Minimaliste, a tiny house builder in Canada. The 38 ‘x 10.5’ tiny home has two lofts, and a main floor bedroom with built-in closet storage. In the living room, there’s space for an L-shaped couch with views out the sliding glass doors. The middle of the [...]

cuartito azul 2

Clara’s ‘Cuartito Azul’ Tiny Home in Patagonia

Clara contacted us to show off the tiny house she had built and finished out in Patagonia. She lived in it for a couple of months before the pandemic forced her to travel, and now she has a friend living in it. The simple off-grid design has a gravity-fed sink and a twin bed. The [...]

Her Plant-tastic Mini Mansion Tiny Home 3

Her Plant-tastic Mini Mansion Tiny Home

Rebekah wanted her own sustainable dwelling, and that’s just what she got working with Mini Mansion Tiny Homes. They worked alongside her to include all the custom accents she wanted in her house, making it super plant-and-kitty-friendly. She has a lot of great functional pieces, like a couch that becomes a full-sized bed, a table [...]

Airbnb Tiny House in the Woods via Jenna-Airbnb 001

Jenna’s Dreamy Tiny House in the Woods

This is Jenna’s dreamy tiny house in the woods! It’s a rustic cabin in Clinton, Washington that you can rent for vacation through Airbnb. And yes, it’s the famous tiny house on wheels from the popular YouTube channel, Tiny House Giant Journey. Don’t miss other awesome tiny homes like this one – join our FREE [...]

Nottingham Baluchon  2

Isabelle’s Baluchon-Built Tiny House: The Nottingham

Inspired by Robin Hood and all things “British,” Isabelle named her tiny home — built by the French tiny house builder, Baluchon — The Nottingham. It’s her full-time dwelling with a unique roofline made of a number of triangles. Her loft bedroom has views of the stars and morning sunrise from the large skylight at [...]

Hygge Supply Kit Homes

Tiny Houses And Cottages From Hygge Supply

Our reader, Sam, recently introduced us to Hygge Supply — a reinvented kit home that offers all kinds of modular options for building! While the company can build standard-sized houses, their smallest unit is a 149 square foot cottage, and the next size up is a still-tiny 307 square foot “Large Cottage.” These aren’t prefabricated [...]

The Wildernest Bus: Raised Roof Skoolie 3

Their Super Cozy Skoolie Cottage w/ 2 Dogs

Jordan and Steve seem like a couple I would love hanging out with! They are incredibly-friendly backpackers who are enjoying life in their totally-off-grid skoolie rig with a raised roof. I’ve never seen a bus conversion with the bathroom up front, but they make it work wonderfully by adding a full “fourth wall” to their [...]

Raising the Roof in Their Skoolie: Financial Independence Journey 3

Raising the Roof in Their Skoolie: Financial Independence Journey

Mark and Billie have some pretty lofty goals — to live on their bus, working and traveling, while saving up enough money to be completely financially independent and retire early! Wow! Their school bus conversion features an amazing raised roof, which allowed them to hide their water tank under the floor and *still* have headroom. [...]

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Evelyne’s Charming Shepherd’s Hut in France 13

Evelyne’s Charming Shepherd’s Hut in France

Nestled among the pines and oaks in Mimizan, France sits this charming Shepherd’s Hut owned by Evelyne. She rents it out on Airbnb for those looking for a peaceful, but luxurious vacation stay. The hut has a little front deck that leads into a single-level living space, complete with a kitchenette and bathroom. The interior [...]

Road Runner Tiny House Baluchon 7

Road Runner Tiny House by Baluchon

Elodie and Thomas used to live in New Mexico before returning to France to begin their tiny living journey. The “Road Runner” (inspired by the arch nemesis of Wile E. Coyote) is their custom Baluchon-built THOW. The couple wanted lots of windows to let in natural light, and a comb-style bed/couch for guests. There’s a [...]


Baja Surf Shack: 258 Sq. Ft. THOW w/ Murphy Bed

Murphy beds are such an awesome way to save space in a tiny house and not need a loft bedroom! You don’t have to make a bed every day (just fold it away!) but there are no ladders or stairs needed. This Baja Surf Shack makes use of the Murphy bed, as well as a [...]

La Mini maison au Radar 10

Creative Tiny House With Folding Desk And Staircase To Loft (For Sale)

Gaetan, a former contractor, was hit with cancer last year and decided to build a tiny house while going through chemo treatments. The end result is a beautiful 22 by 8 foot tiny house, complete with two lofts, a kitchen and bathroom, and living space. It has a staircase to one loft, and an awesome [...]


Community First! Village: Mitigating Homelessness Through Community

Homelessness is a problem in every city in the country, and many times when we see tiny homes we think, “We need more of these for the homeless!” Community First! Village in Austin, Texas took that idea and brought it to life, with 51 acres of property with more than 500 homes for the chronically [...]

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