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Mom & Daughter’s MitchCraft Tiny House Mansion 3

Mom And Daughter’s MitchCraft Tiny House Mansion

After a divorce, Jen decided to sell her 2,000 square-foot “American Dream” home and go tiny — but it didn’t start off smoothly. The builder she found on Craigslist was flaky, and she had a huge shell but couldn’t get it liveable. Thankfully, she got in touch with Mitchcraft Tiny Homes who was willing to [...]

From Soul-Sucking Job to Full-Time Musician Buslife 2

From Soul-Sucking Job to Full-Time Musician Buslife

“Why pay someone else to do something when you could learn to do it yourself and have that skill forever?” Tyler of the Broken Compass Bus heard that quote from a #buslifer when he and his wife, Raela, first began their bus build-out, and he took it to heart. From electrical to plumbing to woodworking, [...]

Family of 5’s Tiny House & Woodworking Biz in TN. 3

Family of 5’s Tiny House & Woodworking Biz in TN

This family of 5 was living in Pennsylvania when parents, Cassidy & Dawson, said they heard God tell them to move to Tennessee. At the time, they had no family there or any connection to the state. It just so happened that Dawson’s parents were also planning a move to Tennessee! They ended up finding [...]

May.Payette.Urban.28ft (39 of 83)

This Fancy Tiny House Has Over $30K In Decor

This is a fully furnished 374-sq.-ft. home on wheels built by Tru Form Tiny as a family escape on an Alabama estate. It features over $30,000 in decor, furniture, and finishing touches. Take a look, learn more, and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below! Don’t miss other interesting tiny homes [...]

Restaurant Cook & His Full-Time Stationary Bus Life 2

Restaurant Chef & His Full-Time Stationary Bus Life

Meet Matthew, a restaurant chef with a super amazing skoolie he built out over two years with his dad. While he doesn’t travel the world, he enjoys his budget build and staying stationary, doing the job he loves! He is opening a new restaurant, as well, which is super awesome. Inside the skoolie you’ll find [...]

Liz’s Small Home & Seaweed Bath Business 3

Her Garden Shed Tiny House

This is Liz’s lovely small home, built from an old garden shed on her parents’ property. Her mom and dad are excellent DIY-ers, and did much of the work together with Liz to help build out her awesome little home. It features a bedroom that connects to the rectangular living/kitchen/bathroom via a small breezeway. The [...]

Mariah Built Her Own 152 Sq Ft. THOW for $12.3K! 3

She Built Her 152-sq.-ft. Tiny House For $12,384

A year out of undergrad, Mariah found herself in an emotional — and financial — crisis. She was trying to make sense of some childhood instability and find direction, when she stumbled upon a woman living in her tiny house. Graciously, that THOW-owner welcomed Mariah to look around, and that’s when everything changed for her. [...]

Couple Crashed Tiny & Rebuilt it Better Than Ever! 6

Couple Crashed Tiny & Rebuilt it Better Than Ever!

The terrifying risk when you have a home on wheels is that at some point you could end up crashing your entire house — and that’s exactly what happened to Lauren and Patrick when their trailer gave way on its journey to their new “forever” piece of land. They had spent months building out their [...]

Autumn Tiny House

152 sq. ft. Autumn Tiny House w/ Mural, Hammock Net & Doggie Door

The truly amazing thing about tiny homes is how they challenge designers and builders to be incredibly creative. Build Tiny (New Zealand) has really outdone themselves with their “Autumn” design, custom-made for a client. This compact home includes hidden appliances, a sneaky doggie crate with dog-door access, a floating hammock net for relaxing, and a [...]

Former Lead THOW Carpenter Builds His Own $16K Tiny House 3

Former Lead THOW Carpenter Builds His Own $16K Tiny House

One benefit of being the lead carpenter at a tiny house company is learning all the tricks of the trade to then use to build you very own — affordable — tiny house on wheels! Jacob worked for a few years at Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses in Colorado, and he used those skills to build [...]


Natalie Bogwalker’s Tiny Log Cabin (Wild Abundance)

This is the story of Natalie Bogwalker’s tiny log cabin in Western North Carolina. She and her friend Eric did most of the log cutting and hauling. Then one year later, she began building with the help of many friends. Today she operates Wild Abundance teaching online and onsite classes on self-sufficiency, tiny living, gardening, [...]


Bluegrass Tiny Ridge: NEW Tiny House Community in KY!

Tiny house parking can be tough to come by, so we are excited to announce a new tiny house community that is opening in Central Kentucky. Bluegrass Tiny Ridge has four spaces backed up to a ridge of trees with lovely views of farmland and wildlife. Your lot rent of $450/month includes water, sewer, trash, [...]

Her Awesome Truck Camper w Shower & Toilet

Her Awesome Truck Camper w/ Shower & Toilet

You might think living on top of your truck would be extra cramped, but Chrissy proves it’s not true with her fantastic 2020 Capri camper that sits on top of her 2011 Chevy Silverado. I don’t think I’ve seen a micro space this tiny that includes a 32″ indoor shower, but Chrissy’s does! She also [...]

Former Paramedic Firefighter in his Overlandbulance 3

Former Paramedic Firefighter in his Overlandbulance

This is Jason (he goes by “Happy”) and his “Overlandbulance” — a converted ambulance with a 4×4 kit designed to go wherever Happy wants to! After an injury forced him to retire from firefighting — his dream job — Happy had to figure out where to go from that point. Others encouraged him to do [...]

Family of 5 Full-Time Overlanding in Bert 4

Family of 5’s Full-Time Life in their Overlander

Our reader Howard reached out this week after meeting this awesome family of 5 who live full-time in their “overlander” named Bert. This incredible vehicle has two huge slide outs that make this tiny house quite spacious. It features two bunks and a pull-out bed for mom and dad. Their oldest child sleeps in a [...]

Tonga Modern Catskills Cabin 16

Modern Tiny House in the Catskills

If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a home from ESCAPE, you should book a stay in this ESCAPE-built tiny house that sits in a woodland clearing in the Catskills. The interior is very true-to-ESCAPE, without much embellishment, and therefore stunning. Personally I love the catwalk that connects the two lofts. That makes it easy for [...]

The Skinny House (Spite House) is For Sale in Boston 1

The Skinny House (Spite House) is For Sale in Boston

The story goes that there were two brothers: One went to fight in the Civil War, while the other remained in Boston. During the war, their father died, and the Boston brother built an expansive home on the land the brothers inherited. When Civil War brother came home, he found all that was left for [...]

Entrepreneur’s Tiny House Built from Shell 3

Entrepreneur’s Tiny House Built from Shell

In her 20s, Carly decided she wanted to start her own business as an esthetician, but needed an affordable living situation to make that happen. So she decided to go tiny. She worked with a local professional builder to create the shell, and then she finished the interior with the help of family and friends. [...]

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The Hermitage Log Cabin Park Model In the Woods 2

The Hermitage: Log Cabin Park Model In the Woods

Charles and Bob live in “The Hermitage,” a stunning stacked-log park model tiny house that features a spacious screened-in porch with an attached dog run. It was built by Green River Log Cabins in South Carolina. For about six years during his adult life, Charles was a monk. The name “Hermitage” is meant to reflect [...]

Navajo Family Shares Ancestral Earthen Homes on Airbnb 7

Navajo Family Shares Ancestral Earthen Homes on Airbnb

People have been living tiny since they started building homes, which is just what you’ll find at Shash Dine’ EcoRetreat. Set on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, the “glampground” features a number of tiny dwellings which represent the past and future of Navajo architecture. On site you’ll find authentic “hogans,” which are round earthen homes [...]

Outback Skoolie with a LUXURY Bathroom 2

Outback Skoolie with a LUXURY Bathroom

After Nicole lost her mother, her entire perspective on life changed and she and her husband, Charlie, jumped into a bus conversion so they could travel more. Neither of them had ever used power tools, but you’d never know from looking at their Outback-inspired build! It has a stunning kitchen complete with an oven and [...]


Using Tiny House Loft As His Stand Up Desk Office

This is the story of a couple’s incredible 39-ft. gooseneck tiny house on wheels and their stand-up desk loft office space. That’s right – they used what would normally have been a sleeping loft for most people as an office. Specifically, a stand-up desk office space. I think it’s genius! How about you? Don’t miss [...]

Lauras Amazing 10ft Wide Tiny House by MitchCraft Tiny Homes 0053

10-ft. Wide Tiny House With A Mudroom

This is a 10-ft. wide tiny house on wheels with a mudroom! It’s Laura’s tiny home built by MitchCraft Tiny Homes. Check it out! Don’t miss other interesting and awesome tiny houses like this, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!  Tiny House With A Mudroom Entry The mudroom allows for a nice place [...]

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Newlywed’s Custom-Built THOW w Oodles of Storage

Newlywed’s Custom-Built THOW w/ Elevator Bed!

Just wait to meet one of the sweetest tiny house couples Tiny Home Tours has interviewed. Janae and Blaine designed and built their amazing THOW and have been living it since they got married back in 2019. It’s entirely off-grid, as well, and they have three adorable kittens. But they don’t just live tiny — [...]

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