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Tiny House Living

His Single Floor Park Model in Tiny Home Community

Living in a 400-sq.-ft. Tiny Home in Austin, TX Community

Braden downsized from a 1000-square-foot home into this amazing 400-square-foot park model at Village Farm in Austin. He’s really hoping that the tiny house movement will result in smaller homes and taller trees! His tiny house has an awesome layout, with a compact, but functional, ground-floor bedroom with plenty of closet space. What do you [...]

The World Tree Baluchon 3

“The World Tree” THOW for 6’3″ Owner

You don’t have to be a tiny person to live in a tiny home! Francis just got his custom-built THOW from Baluchon, specially-designed to accommodate his 6’3″ height. Even as tall as he is, Francis chose a loft bedroom set-up for his new full-time house. He has a fun kitchen design that’s separated from the [...]

Sonny Builds a DIY THOW, Even After Heart Attack!.jpg 3

His Self-Built and Debt-Free Tiny House

Sonny reached out to us to show off the amazing DIY THOW he built, paying cash as he had it. He got derailed after about a year and a half of building because he had a heart attack — but after recovery, he pushed on. While Sonny says he’ll never really be “done” with the [...]

Renting a Tiny Home Instead of Buying. 3

Renting a Tiny Home Instead of Buying

Jaqueline was just about to purchase a home in Austin when 2020 hit and the market started going a bit wild. She decided instead of buying, she would rent, but she wanted something that was more of her own — and didn’t want to share walls anymore. She ended up getting an Instagram ad for [...]

Her Mobility-Friendly Retirement THOW

Her Mobility-Friendly Retirement THOW

Back in 2016/17 Corinne sold her law practice and her home, commissioned a tiny house build, and moved across the country to Park Delta Bay in California. For $800/month she has a lovely lot within a great community and is enjoying her retirement. Her home does have a loft, but in order to meet her [...]


Ulla-Carin: Modern Farmhouse Tiny Home with First-Floor Bedroom

Named after a wonderful foreign-exchange student this family hosted years ago, the Ulla-Carin is a modern farmhouse THOW featuring a perfect first-floor bedroom with a closet/hanging space in the hallway. There’s also a stacked washer-dryer, convection oven, and tiled shower. A bench couch has drawer storage underneath, and a long bar-height counter lets you eat [...]

Their Gooseneck Timbercraft Tiny Home 2

Their Gooseneck Timbercraft Tiny Home at Tiny Tranquility

Harrison and Brittany are a LEGO-loving couple who downsized drastically (minus the LEGO sets) to buy their first home – a 39 ft. gooseneck from Timbercraft Tiny Houses. They have a lovely spot at Tiny Tranquility in Oregon where they have a community of fellow tiny dwellers to help them in their journey. The living [...]

Leaving Santa Cruz for Tiny Home in the Mountains 9

Family’s Beautiful Mountain Tiny Home

Tracy and her family were ready for something different. Living in closer quarters in Santa Cruz during lockdowns was exhausting, but there was something magical about getting away to the mountains where her parents lived. They’re now proud owners of a tiny house on wheels built by New Frontier Design. There’s a fun loft for [...]

Family’s 500 sq. ft. Barndominium Home, Gym & Workshop

Family’s 500 sq. ft. Barndominium: Home, Gym & Workshop

Igor was working as a police officer in Massachusetts and had little time for his family. He and his wife Cassie decided it was time for a major change, and after a long road ended up renovating RVs, buying property in Texas, and building their own “Barndominium” to house their home, gym, and workshop. With [...]

The Sunny Diaries Skoolie 2

Family Downsizes and Travels in their Bus Conversion

Jon Paul and Lindsay are the proud owners of a 2004 Thomas bus that they lovingly converted into a light & airy skoolie for themselves and their two kids. They have front benches in the living room, a split kitchen, bunks for the kids, and a cozy back bedroom for themselves. Enjoy reading their story [...]

Her Tiny Community Retirement 56

Her Tiny Community Retirement After Bay Area Career

Gael lived and worked in San Francisco for years, but the high cost of living made it impossible for her to retire there. So instead, she purchased a tiny home and secured a spot at Tiny Tranquility in Oregon. Her beautiful home is filled with her artwork – pencil drawings and intricate scratch designs – [...]

Her Tiny Home Rebuild After A Crash

‘Not a Minimalist’ Living in a Tiny House

Despite having a successful career, Brenda found herself homeless some years ago while trying to take care of her aging mother. A tiny house was a perfect solution to her predicament — until it wasn’t. Not long after buying her first THOW, it crashed on its way to Oregon and was largely demolished. But Brenda [...]

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Empty Nesters Downsize to Disney-Themed THOW 4

Empty Nesters Downsize to Disney-Themed THOW

Mark and Mona’s custom tiny house shows that you don’t have to give up what you love to go tiny! They are big Disney fans and collectors, and managed to design their THOW around all-things-magical, including a Mickey kitchen, Dopey bedroom, and Winnie the Pooh bathroom. But the house isn’t just aesthetically cool — it’s [...]

40 Ft. Container Home with Soaking Tub For Sale 1

40 ft. Container Home with Soaking Tub for Sale

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a container home, but today we have one from a new tiny house company in Michigan, Tiny Home P.S. At 40 feet long, this tiny home has lots of space — even enough room for a ground floor bedroom and a massive bathroom! You’ll find a freestanding soaking [...]

36×10 Rambler Deluxe

Sweet Melissa: 36×10 Rambler Deluxe Tiny House

The latest custom build from Indigo River Tiny Homes defies the odds with an incredible King-Sized loft that you can stand up in! I really think stand-up lofts are the best of both worlds. Not only can you comfortably get dressed in your room, you double your floor space by being able to tuck a [...]


206 Sq. Ft. Modern Scandinavian Fritz Tiny Home

This is a 206 sq. ft. modern Scandinavian-style custom-built tiny house from Fritz Tiny Homes. They dubbed this one “The Fritz”. It features lots of windows to provide plenty of natural light into this beautiful space. There’s a full kitchen, luxury bathroom, tall loft, and tons of storage space. Enjoy the photos and virtual tour [...]

Her THOW w First Floor Bedroom on Island Property

Her Island Tiny House with a First Floor Bedroom

Remember the Halloween house from last week? Here’s a full tour! Shelley lives in a gorgeous 36 x 8 ft. tiny house on Whidbey island off the coast of Washington. She purchased land there after her divorce, and her professionally-built tiny home is a temporary housing situation while she gets approval and financing for a [...]

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1.5 Years in their $16K Shed to Tiny Home

Update: 1.5 Years in their $16K Shed to Tiny Home

Tiny house living isn’t always forever, but it’s often a wonderful chapter for individuals, couples, and families looking to save money. That was the case with the Krebs, who transformed an old shed into a gorgeous farmhouse tiny home and lived in it for a year and a half while renovating their forever home. We [...]

Knitwear designer’s 280 Sq. Ft. Cali Tiny Home 4

Living and Working in her 280-sq.-ft. Cottage

Denise is a knitwear designer and sewing patternmaker running a successful business from her 280 square-foot tiny cottage in California. She intentionally chose to rent a tiny space, so she can afford to live in an area where homes cost $2 million! Her meticulously-organized space features a separate bathroom and micro kitchen, and she’s arranged [...]

UK Couple Renovated this Bus in 1 month for US Tour 2

UK Couple Overhauls Bus in 1 Month for US Tour

Nick and Harri are a 23-year-old British couple who graduated from university in 2020, just in time for the world to close down. They decided vanlife would be the best way to make lemonade out of lemons. After traveling in Europe, they decided to come to the US and build out a bus in just [...]

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Her 10×32 THOW with Sunroom 4

Life in Tennessee Tiny House Community in her 10×32 Tiny Home with a Sunroom!

Gloria lived in California for over 40 years, but never felt at home — until she packed up everything and moved into a custom-designed tiny house with a separate sunroom on one of the Incredible Properties in Tennessee. She pays just $200/month on rent and has a lovely spot to call her own. The sunroom [...]

Family of 5s Toy Hauler Overhaul 9

A family of 5 living in a toy hauler RV for 2 years!

This family of five (soon to be six!) has been living in their renovated toy hauler now for about two years. They got started on the tiny living journey when husband Troy became a travel nurse — an RV allowed his wife Elizabeth and their three girls to take home wherever he went for work! [...]

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DIY Tiny on Veggie & Mushroom Farm 3

DIY Tiny on Veggie & Mushroom Farm

Some years ago, David was inspired to build his own tiny house — and he did! He moved it across the country, met Erin, and the couple moved it back across the country to start their own market farm operation selling organic vegetables and mushrooms. The initial cost of the house was about $30,000, and [...]

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Their Plant-Filled Teeny Tiny Mini Mansion 2

Married Life in their Plant-Filled Tiny Home

Rebekah wanted a place of her own and designed a custom tiny house with Mini Mansions, making her dreams a reality. Her home is bursting with storage but still feels open and functional. Now that she’s married, she lives with her husband and cat Peach in their teeny tiny space. She has a full-sized kitchen with [...]