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24 Ft. Coastal Modern THOW by Modern Tiny Living

Modern Tiny Living built this beautiful custom 24 ft tiny home, called the Coastal Modern, for a client looking for an ADU to act as a guest cottage for friends and family. It features a loft bedroom and a spacious social area where guests can relax and chat well into the evening. There’s a compact [...]

Content Creators & Family in Their 2021 RV 2

Content Creators & Family in Their 2021 RV

Dan and Sam are content creators (Dan has a hunting podcast and Sam has documented her surrogacy journey) who decided it was time to hit the road in their 2021 RV. Because the RV was newer, they haven’t had to do much to it to enjoy it! Their two kids have a bunk over the [...]

The Adventure Model by Ark Tiny Homes

20 Ft. The Adventure Model by Ark Tiny Homes

Here’s a gorgeous new tiny house, the Adventure Model, built by Ark Tiny Homes in Ontario, Canada. At 20×8.5 feet, you get about 200 square feet of living space. There’s a loft bedroom, galley kitchen, and a back bathroom with a one-piece shower stall. The living room in the front of the house is spacious [...]

Therapist’s Homey Second-Hand THOW. 3

Therapist’s Cozy Second-Hand Tiny Home

Jesse is a therapist who works with clients of all ages and spends a lot of time doing telehealth appointments. She wanted to try out homeownership, but was nervous to do it with a big mortgage. So when a friend was selling their tiny house, she thought it would be the perfect “trial run” and [...]

They Bought a THOW Off Facebook Marketplace & Made it Home

Sara and Keenan’s $70K Tiny House on Wheels in Tennessee

Sara and Keenan were looking to move in together when they stumbled on a used tiny house for sale on Facebook Marketplace and decided to take the plunge and buy it. They’ve taken the space and made it their own, complete with a special office area and a cozy, magical loft bedroom. They live in [...]

The Behati Tiny House 20

26-ft. Tiny Home with First Floor Bedroom By New Creation Tiny Homes

The Behati is the latest tiny house by New Creation Tiny Homes, specifically designed for those looking for a first-floor bedroom. This 26′ design allows for a separate bedroom that fits a queen bed and a closet, and features lofted ceilings to make it extra spacious. Besides the bedroom, there’s a compact L-shaped kitchen with [...]

Wilderwise THOW w Collapsing Second Story 2

Wilderwise Tiny House with a Standing-Room Office and Bedroom Upstairs!

You asked for it, and Wilderwise made it! A tiny house with a full second story that pops up when the tiny home is stationary. Once lowered, it can be towed without a special permit, making it a great option for anyone who needs a comfortable bedroom but plans to move often. To date, your [...]

Elsie Homesteader Deluxe THOW 399 sq. ft.

399 sq. ft. Homesteader Deluxe Tiny House by Indigo River Tiny Homes

The latest and greatest from Indigo River Tiny Homes is this stunning Homesteader Deluxe which the new owners dubbed, “Elsie.” At 399 square feet, it’s maxing out the definition of “tiny”! The interior has two lofts, both accessible via storage stairs and featuring built-in storage cabinetry for clothing. The large bathroom has room for a [...]

The House Of Happiness Tiny House Addition w Epic Playroom. 12

A Tiny House Playroom That’s Also a Future Home

Blandine and her daughter, Anaïs, have been living in a Baluchon tiny home for two years, and they recently got a second THOW to act as a playroom for Anaïs — and her future home! While the living room in the THOW is currently set up as a soft play area, it’s all removable, so [...]

Naivasha Reedy Marsh Airbnb

Tasmanian Bush Tiny House

This stunning Airbnb in the Tasmanian Bush was built by Artisan Tiny Homes, a local Australian tiny house builder. It feels like a romantic, cozy escape inside with a wood-burning stove, gorgeous wood tones, and a luxurious bathroom. To get your own Naivasha model it would cost $119,000 AUD (about $83,000 USD). But if you [...]

Timbercraft Tiny Homes Bunkhouse 3

Newest Timbercraft Tiny Homes Denali Bunkhouse

Here’s the latest Denali Bunkhouse model built by Timbercraft Tiny Homes for a client who wanted wants of natural light. There’s hardly a space in this tiny house that doesn’t have windows, so they definitely delivered! This model boasts a first floor bedroom with lofted ceilings. The actual loft in this house sits in the [...]

Custom 2020 Tumbleweed Tiny House with a Bidet in the Bathroom

Custom Tumbleweed Tiny House with a Bidet

This is a custom Tumbleweed tiny house on wheels with a bidet for sale out of Grass Valley, California. It’s offered for $105,000 or best offer on the Tiny Home Builders Tiny House Marketplace listing website. This cozy cabin on 26’ trailer has 200 square feet of living space, plus two sleeping lofts. Custom built [...]

Her 1983 Sun Lite pop-up camper. 3

Full-Time Travel in Her 1983 Sun Lite Truck Camper

Samantha was tired of seasonal depression coming on with the dark gloomy days of winter — so she got a pop-up truck camper that lets her chase the sunshine and warmer weather to keep her spirits up! The 1983 Sun Lite Pop-up has lots of original features like upholstery and wallpaper that give it a [...]

2015 Tumbleweed Mica 4

2015 Tumbleweed Mica: Compact, Single-Level Tiny House

While the Tumbleweed brand might conjure up images of the “original” THOW with a little gable roof and 2×2 front porch, this 2015 Mica model has a much more modern bent. All on one level, you walk into the living room/bedroom area. There’s a little L-shaped kitchen with an induction cooktop and plenty of cabinetry. [...]

He Finished His $15K Tiny House w No Experience 2

He Finished His $15K Tiny House w/ No Experience!

Do you remember David Rule’s tiny house that he started building last summer? Well, he finished it for a grand total of $15,000! And he documented the entire thing in a recap video below, which just might be the most entertaining tiny house video I’ve ever watched. The end result is a completely off-grid home [...]

28′ Kenai Tiny Home RV 11

This Tiny House has a Unique Layout with a Loft Kitchen!

Now, we’ve seen tiny homes with living rooms in a half-loft situation, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone put a kitchen on top! There’s a little cave bedroom underneath the kitchen with lots of windows and built-in storage to keep it from being claustrophobic. This newest Kenai model from Tiny Idahomes also [...]

Gorgeous Luxury NOAH Certified Modern Farmhouse THOW 3

Gorgeous Luxury NOAH-Certified Modern Farmhouse THOW

Looking for a stunning tiny house? This Noah-Certified THOW features the popular modern farmhouse aesthetic with a mix of white shiplap and dark stained wood features. It has a main bedroom loft and secondary guest/storage loft with a comfortable living space underneath. The galley kitchen has a four-burner cooktop and room for an apartment-style refrigerator, [...]

Their Incredible Custom THOW w Arches & 2 Baths

Custom Tiny House Boasts 2 Baths and Impressive Arched Features

Carmen and Bill were living in a 5,000-square-foot home and decided it was time to retire and seriously downsize. But their smaller home is anything but simple! They have two bathrooms, a mudroom, and an expansive kitchen with a half dishwasher. Underneath their standing-loft bedroom is what they call the “basement” where they have a [...]

The Fox Tiny House 3

The Fox Tiny House for Family of Three

Soren and his parents purchased this beautiful tiny house from Baluchon which they’re taking to a home in the Alps. He loves foxes, and chose to name their tiny house “Fox” in Danish. He has a spot on the couch-to-bed in the living room, while his parents have a queen bed in the ladder-accessible loft. [...]

2018 triple axle Kangaroo THOW 2

2018 Triple Axle Kangaroo THOW For Sale

Looking for a pre-loved tiny house with no loft? This 2018 Triple Axle Kangaroo THOW features a Murphy-Bed-over-couch setup on hydraulics that’s easy to convert from night to day. French doors lead into the kitchen of the tiny home, where you’ll find lots of honey-colored cabinets, stained-glass, and apartment-sized appliances. The bathroom has a composting [...]

Writer Living Debt-Free in Her Tiny Home

Writer Living Debt-Free in Her Tiny Home

Alaska wanted to live a beautiful — and free — life. Tiny living took away her biggest expense — housing — allowing her to live debt-free and enjoy the things she really cares about. She was able to purchase her tiny home second-hand back in 2020, and has been enjoying it ever since! Oh, and [...]

eONE XL for sale 10

Rare Escape eONE XL Tiny House For Sale

Here’s a brand new and rare Escape eONE XL tiny house from ESCAPE that has some awesome upgrades like a tile shower, sliding patio door, and gorgeous dark bronze metal siding. The home is entirely run on electricity and has two large lofts connected by a wide breezeway. The galley kitchen includes an oven and [...]

$39K for 146 sq ft THOW New Construction 8

$39K for 146 sq ft THOW New Construction

This new construction THOW is 146 sq. ft. and has a loft bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom and a little space for a recliner or other comfy living room chair. It features a moody aesthetic, with dark turquoise walls and dark wood on the floors and ceilings. At just 16 ft by 8 ft, it’s easy [...]

Paying Off Student Loans in Their Tiny House on Wheels 4

Paying Off Student Loans in Their Tiny House on Wheels

This couple had more than $100,000 in student loan debt and being able to purchase a home was a far-off dream, but going tiny allowed them to have their own space at an affordable price. They had the THOW professionally built, and they live in the Acony Bell Tiny House Community in North Carolina. Their [...]