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Free Tiny House Course at Wild Abundance 002

Free Tiny House Class at Wild Abundance

Are you curious about the tiny house movement? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a tiny home? If so, then this Wild Abundance Tiny House Class might be for you! In this class, you’ll get to explore three different tiny homes through video tours with their designers/builders/dwellers. You’ll also [...]

Nature-Inspired Skoolie w Stock Tank Tub 2

Their Nature-Inspired School Bus Conversion

Allison & Nick purchased their bus somewhat impulsively, but they diligently converted it into the gorgeous nature-inspired skoolie it is today over the course of two years! During that time they were largely working full-time, saving money for their adventure. They’ve been on the road for 6 months, enjoying all their hard work. They chose [...]

Unfolding Box Truck Goes from Stealthy to 350 sq. ft. Campervan

Unfolding Box Truck Goes from Stealthy to 350 sq. ft. Motorhome

Mario wanted a way to travel stealthily but still have room to spread out when he found a campervan-friendly spot. So he designed it himself! Altogether, he spent about $40k (in Euros) on his unfolding box truck, doing some work himself and then hiring some freelancers to finish the job. He used the best features [...]

Beautiful Tiny Home with Option for Land Rental in Northern California 003

Beautiful Tiny Home with Option for Land Rental in Northern California

This is a 24-foot Decathlon Tiny Home located on a peaceful private terrace in Lake County in Northern California, with access to Clear Lake. It can be easily moved to another spot or a rental agreement can be made to remain on the current site, according to the listing. It’s a 254-square-foot tiny house on [...]

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Ironwood Grove 002

Ironwood Grove: a Tiny House Hotel in East Nashville, TN

Nestled near East Nashville, TN is the Ironwood Grove, a tiny house hotel that offers 6 different tiny homes to stay in. Each one is uniquely different, modern, and cozy to make you feel comfortable while away from home. Below you can check out some of the tiny homes as well as the courtyard. Would [...]

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She Built a Tiny House with Her Dad at 21

Amanda is one remarkable woman! At 21, she decided to build her very own tiny house. She worked multiple jobs to afford it and then spent all her free time building the tiny house with her dad. Her love for her father is so evident in the tour below, and she admits it never would [...]


Her Vardo Tiny House on a Family Farm

Chelsea’s tiny home was a way for her to be close to family but still have her own space. She was able to put her tiny house on her family’s nut farm and stay close to her grandfather, mom, and nieces! After 2.5 years of living tiny, she got that wanderlust again and wanted to [...]

Couple’s European Adventure Inspires Them To Jump into BusLife

Early Retirement in their Shuttle Bus Conversion 

Eric and Robbyn were nearing retirement age but thought they still had more years to work. That’s when a trip to Europe completely changed their perspective, seeing people who didn’t work themselves into the ground as they do in the U.S. That’s when they got the idea to stop living normally and find a way [...]

Family Upgrades from Van to DIY Overlander. 5

Family’s DIY Overlander Truck Camper

You might remember Kirt and Jen’s family as the family of four living full-time in their Sprinter van! As their boys grew up, they decided they needed more room — but they didn’t go the traditional route of re-purchasing a home. Instead, they built out this DIY Overlander that doubled their space and made it [...]


From NYC to Building Their Own Debt-Free Tiny Home

Tim and Erica were living in a New York City apartment, but finding a simpler, more sustainable way of life really inspired them to take the plunge into building their own debt-free tiny home. Both artists, this house has all kinds of beautiful aesthetic choices to make it really theirs. Even though it took 2.5 [...]

Musician’s $23K DIY Tiny Home on an Alpaca Farm

Musician’s $23K DIY Tiny Home on an Alpaca Farm

Meet Nick Soave, a musician who built a tiny house on wheels between 2017 and 2019, and has been happily living in it since 2020. It sits on an Alpaca farm in Michigan, and the living room is almost entirely dedicated to his awesome drum set. Nick is starting a YouTube Channel talking all about [...]

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U Shape Dining & Ground Floor Bedroom in 34′ THOW 2

34-ft. Tiny House with a Ground-Floor Bedroom

Here’s a fun video walkthrough of a Mint Tiny House. This 34′ tiny house on wheels is anchored by its U-shaped dining area in the front and a ground-floor bedroom (or office) space in the back. Between the two sits a fairly simple galley kitchen, and then a beautiful bathroom with a single-piece fiberglass surround. [...]


Family of 3 in Off-Grid Tiny Home

Lee and Payam from Instead Tiny Homes built this off-grid tiny home for Lee’s family. It was a prototype for the off-grid homes they now sell, but it’s also Lee’s full-time residence. Lee, his wife Rebecca, and their son, Max, rent the property where their homestead sits from a friend. The Scandinavian-inspired tiny house features [...]

Limited Edition Designer Kootenay 24 foot 4

Limited 24-ft. Kootenay Designer Tiny House by Tru Form Tiny

Most tiny homes we show here have been specifically designed to a client’s wants and needs, but this one-of-a-kind 24-foot Kootenay was designed by the Tru Form Tiny CEO, precisely to her tastes! The result is a dazzling little home with only the finest finishes — and it’s for sale. The home has a loft [...]

36ft Verona Tiny FL 6

36ft Verona Tiny Home with Downstairs Bedroom by Tiny FL

This is a great tiny house from a new-to-us tiny house builder — Tiny FL! Located in Florida, they produce beautiful luxury tiny homes. This is one of their most recent builds, and it includes tons of sleeping areas! Not only does it have two lofts, it includes a first-floor bedroom. Additionally, you’ll find a [...]

Piccola Casa with Cozy Reading Nook 17

Piccola Casa with Cozy Reading Nook

Emilie is one of the lucky ones! He got a beautiful tiny home from Baluchon that looks wonderfully well-crafted. His biggest want was a reading nook with bookshelves, and he has one right in front of a huge picture window that will offer lovely views of his Normandy property. The name “Piccola Casa” means “little [...]


Tiny House Magazine Issue 114

This is to let you know that Tiny House Magazine Issue #114 is available now. Here’s a little bit of what you’ll find inside this issue: Having More With Less The Island Cove Community in Colorado Metal Roof or Shingled Roof Unfiltered Honesty of Bus Life …and more! Tiny House Magazine Issue #114 is Available [...]

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Couple’s Cabin in Arizona Community 3

Couple’s Cabin in Arizona Community

This couple started in 2,500 square feet and dramatically downsized to an 18-foot trailer right before lockdown. They quickly had to learn to live together in a tiny space, and made it through the experience closer and more determined to continue their tiny life. When presented with the opportunity, they joined a tiny house community [...]

Summer’s Gooseneck THOW w Grand Kitchen 19

Summer’s Gooseneck Tiny House with a Grand Kitchen

When I think of awesome gooseneck tiny homes, I think of MitchCraft — they have really perfected maximizing space and beauty in the layout. Summer’s gooseneck seems to have everything: A grand kitchen that looks perfect to cook in, a washer/dryer combo in a wall of storage, and a bedroom/living room combo over the gooseneck. [...]


Tiny House with an Expanding Roof

It’s always fun to see something totally new in the tiny house world, and this cottage on wheels really fits the bill. It’s incredibly compact, but what stands out is the roof that actually collapses down for transport or maintenance! There’s also a deck built onto the trailer for outdoor living. Right now, the builder [...]

This Tiny Cabin Comes with 2 Acres of Thinned & Surveyed Forest 7

This Tiny Cabin Comes with 2 Acres of Thinned & Surveyed Forest

This adorable tiny cabin was built by one of our readers and his wife. It sits on 2 acres of thinned and surveyed forest and has dirt road access. The property has building sites plotted out, with the idea that new owners could build something bigger if they wanted. The existing off-grid cabin has metal [...]

Their Dream Tiny & Homestead, Barbare, in France 16

Their Off-grid Homestead Tiny House in France

Mégane and Cédric purchased their tiny home about two years ago and have it situated on one of the most idyllic pieces of property in France! Whether the land is snow-covered or dappled with wildflowers, it looks absolutely magical. They are growing fruit trees and bushes and have a lovely garden and chickens as well. [...]

Mid-century Modern Tiny House for 105k Tiny Heirloom 001

Mid-century Modern Tiny Home built by Tiny Heirloom

This is a mid-century modern tiny home originally built by Tiny Heirloom. It’s built on a 24-ft. trailer and features a washer/dryer, kitchen, rain-panel shower, rooftop deck, and a queen loft bedroom with a built-in closet. This pre-owned tiny home is available for $104,999. Don’t miss other tiny homes for sale like this, join our [...]

Family of 4 Has Lived Nomadically for 3 Years! 2

Family of 4 Has Lived Nomadically for 3 Years!

Alexis and Steven have two adorable sons. About three years ago, they got the itch to travel the United States with the boys — for only a year. They downsized into a Sprinter Van and made it happen. But when that year was up, they discovered they weren’t done! (But, they needed more space). Now [...]

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