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His DIY Tiny House in Europe

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Jonathan lives in this amazing tiny house on wheels that he built nearly four years ago. He spent a couple of years using it for full-time travel around France and Europe with his former girlfriend, and now lives in it stationary (although he is still searching for land).

It has a lovely front porch with a swing, a solar array, and the coolest soapstone sink! The design closely resembles early Tumbleweed models, so it feels a bit nostalgic. Enjoy our interview with Jonathan below!

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His Lovely, Off-Grid Traditional-Style THOW

We went tiny because we wanted freedom. Being able to move and stop paying rent. Downsizing my needs and ecological impact, having control on my overall resource usage.

I built it in 2 years, the second year my girlfriend helped me. Along the way some people helped me from time to time, that was great.

If we really combine the time we spend on the construction, we can say 1 year full time.

I’m 3d artiste and director for commercial and music video. I work everywhere I am. From the tiny house mostly.

Living tiny has changed a lot for us, almost everything! We traveled around France and other country for about 2 years.

After that, the tiny house offer me freedom cause I don’t have to work as much as before to live.

So I have so much free time and that changes everything.

Living back in the countryside instead of town is also a big change.

Living in a place I love and build myself is a great source of happiness and comfort.

On the worse part, not having my own land is not really comfortable, I’m working on finding one.

Hot days in summer are difficult to manage. Winter is ok, but challenging due to the air humidity.

As I’m off grid, I rely on sun and rain, that mean I have to adapte my day depending on my ressources, this is sometime stressful in case of work deadline.

But the most rewarding part is the feeling of the wood, the cosy space, the awareness of our impact and the fact that this impact is reduce to a small pecentage.

If you’re thinking of going tiny, try it before, be prepare to not live like before, and most important, setup your goals and be sure it match with living tiny.

In other words ” know yourself.”


  • Jonathan spent nearly two years building a tiny house on wheels with a lovely deck off the front.
  • He used that tiny house to travel around France and much of Europe (although some of that was hampered by 2020).
  • Now the house is stationary (although not on his own land), and he continues to live tiny four years later!
  • The house has a clever transforming table so he can use it for work. He also has a projector for watching movies.
  • The long soapstone sink is such a highlight of the kitchen space! Stunning!

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Our big thanks to Jonathan for sharing! 🙏

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This post contains affiliate links.

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