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Florida Family Traveling the Country in Custom Skoolie 20

Florida Family Traveling the Country in Custom Skoolie

Back when Danny and Joy only had one child, they were hoping to make a home of their own but weren’t in a place to purchase a home in Florida where they were living at the time. So when a school bus came up for sale in their area, they decided, “Why not?” Their skoolie [...]

Empty-Nesters Ditched 3600 Sq. Ft. Home to Travel. 2.jpg 2

From 3600-sq.-ft. to RV Life as Empty Nesters

Brian and Teresa decided to hit the road in a new fifth wheel motorhome instead of living as empty-nesters in a 3,600 square foot home. While that downsize might seem drastic, they’ve loved the past two years they’ve spent seeing the country! Their RV has a luxurious main bedroom, full bathroom and a dedicated office [...]

Their Uncluttered Life in a Stationary RV 2

Their Clutter-Free Stationary RV Life with Summer Travel

Tammy and Donny separately came across videos of people living in their RVs and decided they wanted to try RV travel for themselves. Originally they purchased an RV just for vacations, but after 2020 hit, Donny retired, and they decided to sell their home and move into the RV full-time! They actually live in the [...]

Emily & Josh

From Long Distance Relationship to Skoolie Travel Life

Emily and Josh were both working jobs that kept them apart, and then driving to see each other on the weekends. They’d save up PTO to travel for a few weeks during the “off-season” and wish they could do it full-time. When 2020 changed their career trajectories, they were finally able to consider living nomadically [...]

Tattoo Artist’s Van Life Funded by Social Media 10

Tattoo Artist’s Van Life Funded by Social Media

Elen was struggling with too much space and a not-so-great landlord in her Glasgow apartment. So when she went on a 2-week European tour in her van and saw how amazing nomadic life could be, she finally took the plunge into full-time van life! She spent six months making the van livable and might purchase [...]

Macrame-Creator’s Gorgeous DIY Van Conversion 2

Creative Lifestyle in her Gorgeous DIY Van Conversion

For Francesca, travel was a part of life, and van life gave her the opportunity to *live* her travels. So she and her dad spent five months building a truly gorgeous van! You’d never know this wasn’t a professional conversion. She chose a convertible bed in the back and while this layout is “controversial,” she [...]

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Big Van Dreams in Their DIY Rig 14

24 Countries in 2 Years: Big Dreams in Their DIY Van Life

Chantal (from the Netherlands) and Lukas (from Switzerland) were dating long-distance and tired of being apart but didn’t know where to settle down. So they decided to ignore the question, convert an Opel Movano bus, and travel Europe! In the past two years, they’ve visited 24 countries and have big dreams to see more of [...]