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The IncrediBus Family of 5 On the Road for 3 Years! 10

The IncrediBus Family of 5 On the Road for 3 Years!

While you might be able to fathom having a family with toddlers in a skoolie, you might think it can’t be done with teens and tweens — but this family of 5 has proved otherwise! They have a 14, 11, and 10-year-old and have been on the road now for three years after downsizing from [...]

Travelling Europe in Their Starry Night Van 5

Traveling Europe in Their Starry Night Van

Sonja and Jonatan were frustrated with apartment life after needing to hire lawyers when their landlords tried to illegally end their lease. It was time for a change, and just a few weeks later they bought a van and in just 47 days (with no prior experience) created a beautiful home on wheels! The most [...]


How a Trip to Iceland Inspired Their Skoolie Life

This couple ran into a coffee shop in skoolie while traveling in Iceland, and that sparked something inside of them. Before they knew it, they converted their own short bus, so they could hit the road. Their bold blue bus has a cozy interior, with dark wood and paint, that makes it feel like a [...]

Howling Wanderers Bus Life w Four Dogs! 11

Howling Wanderers: Bus Life w/ Four Dogs!

Jessie and Ashley — the “howling wanderers” — had always wanted to travel, but when they saw friends decide to go tiny, they knew they were ready to make the change for themselves. But it wasn’t immediate! A project they thought would only take a year ended up taking nearly two years as they worked [...]

Family of 4 Sells Home To Travel US in a Skoolie 3

Family of 4 Sells Home To Travel U.S. in a Skoolie

The Miller family left the “normal” American lifestyle, sold their home, bought a bus, and started traveling the country in it with their two young children! So far, they’ve been loving their simpler life, and enjoy making so many memories together as a family. You can read our Q&A with the family at the end [...]

Writer Living Debt-Free in Her Tiny Home

Writer Living Debt-Free in Her Tiny Home

Alaska wanted to live a beautiful — and free — life. Tiny living took away her biggest expense — housing — allowing her to live debt-free and enjoy the things she really cares about. She was able to purchase her tiny home second-hand back in 2020, and has been enjoying it ever since! Oh, and [...]

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Completely Off Grid DIY Tiny Home w Rainwater Catchment 8

Completely Off-Grid DIY Tiny Home w/ Rainwater Catchment

Perlin was tired of living with roommates and was passionate about sustainable living, so building an off-grid tiny homemade perfect sense. He lives in Byron Bay, Australia, where he has a solar-powered tiny house with a rainwater catchment system. The entire home is steel-framed. Enjoy the photo tour and Q&A with Perlin below! Don’t miss [...]