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They Built This THOW in Just 7 Days! 4

They Built This THOW in Just 7 Days!

Melanie is a National Spokesperson for the Tiny House Alliance USA, and the author of “Trailblazing Tiny: A Guide to Breaking Free.” She and her husband live — legally — in a tiny house on wheels that sits on an acre homestead. They built their 144 sq. ft. tiny house in just seven days with [...]

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Widebeam and Wellingtons 1

Couple’s Widebeam Boat Life in England

This couple went on a vacation on a narrowboat before 2020 upended the world, and fell in love with the idea of living on the water. Still, they wanted a little more space than the narrowboat offered, so they started searching for a wide-beam boat instead. They ended up purchasing a show model, and the [...]

Scarlet Lady Narrowboat. 7

Scarlet Lady Narrowboat Cottage with Stunning Chic Design!

Russ had always loved living in small spaces and even spent five years working on cruise ships. He had been dreaming of narrowboat life for about a decade when he finally took the plunge and bought his boat — he had a professional outfit the interior and let’s just say it’s one of the most [...]

Vanda Bespoke Van Rental For Touring Ireland 5

A Bespoke Camper Van Rental For Touring Ireland

Aiden and Sarah were first introduced to vanlife when on a trip to New Zealand. They ended up finding a small and simple rig and traveled in it for some time before returning home. That’s when the idea to offer stunning camper vans for vacation rental in Ireland came to them. Life happened, but eventually, [...]

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Couple’s Sailboat Life 11

Tiny Home at Sea: Couple’s Sailboat Life Adventure

Steph and Travis wanted more adventure in their lives, so they bought a sailboat and have been living on it full-time! The lifestyle is filled with freedom and adventure — and plenty of repairs — but they are loving the journey. Below, you can enjoy a photo tour of their space as well as a [...]

How These Veterans Ended Up in This Awesome RV

Why These Navy Veterans Chose Truck Camper Life For Now

Rebecca and Stuart were stationed together in Cuba while in active Navy service, and then spent three years long-distance when they were stationed in two different places. Once they left the military, they weren’t ready to buy a house and didn’t know where they wanted to settle down, so living in an RV seemed like [...]

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How Standing Rock Inspired Her Tiny Bus Life 45

How Standing Rock Inspired Her Tiny Bus Life

Jagaloria went to Standing Rock and met so many people living alternatively, she said it just didn’t feel right to stay in her apartment and work her life away. Thankfully, she made connections while there that allowed her to find a short bus and make it home! Amazingly, her conversion only took one month of [...]

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