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She Started Building Her Tiny Home at 18

Tiffany fell in love with tiny homes when she was in high school, and when she was 18, she decided to start building her very own while taking online college classes. It took her about 3 years to complete it because she was also working on two other house flips while building her THOW. That said, she finished the project and moved in with her now husband.

Her house has a loft bedroom and two large pull-out closets, one for clothes and one for her 36 pairs of high heels. Tiffany is living proof that you can keep your favorite things and still go tiny! We had the privilege of interviewing her, so be sure to read her story and check out her amazing house below.

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It Has a Closet That Fits 36 Pairs of Heels!

In high school, I was obsessed with tiny houses and would spend hours and hours watching videos and I wanted to know what it felt like to stand and live in one. With my obsession came the fascination about the benefits to the environment, the minimalist nature, and the affordable living.

At the end of the school year we were required to do a graduation project, I decided to dive deeper into the tiny house movement and learn why it should be implemented in more communities. I ended up getting an A+ on the project (which wasn’t a surprise since I had been researching since the beginning of my high school years unknowingly.) Eventually, after I graduated, I bit the bullet and bought my trailer, and committed to the process.

I hand-build just about everything in my tiny house aside from 2 IKEA cabinets lol. We started off with a blank canvas (the trailer). I designed the whole thing using sites like SketchUp and Livehome 3D + good ole graph paper.

The process took 3 years (almost down to the exact date I bought my trailer). Which it shouldn’t have, but I was also working on 2 other house flips at the same time which took my attention away from the build. It was an amazing process though, and I got everyone who is close to me involved, so my home was literally built with love 🙂

I make money in a few different ways, you know what they say about a diverse income stream! I was a makeup artist when I started the journey and worked part-time at my parents’ flooring store. Gradually I had been growing my social platforms at the same time which led to making a full-time income through social media. Three years later I have kept that running, and I just began my new endeavor into mortgage, which for a real estate investor is a dream job! I don’t actually travel with my tiny house, however when I do my van build, that will definitely change and I will be 100% remote.

On the whole, tiny house living has been amazing! I always rave to people about how easy it is to clean, if you need something, you’re probably right next to it, & it’s super cozy! Not to mention, everyone loves seeing everything inside and learning more about it!

The worst part, however, is definitely the poop tank… since we’re parked in a more suburban area, we don’t exactly have access to a septic tank, so we have to empty our portable one every 3 days 🙁 Also like I mentioned, we are in a suburban neighborhood, so our privacy isn’t exactly the best…

Having built the whole thing from top to bottom, the most rewarding part is to finally be able to live here with all the things I designed. Sometimes I feel like I just want to go around playing with things in the house just because I built it! Also, I will say it’s a pretty cool thing to add in my Social Media Bios.

I would definitely recommend having an idea of where you’re going to put it before buying or building. With all the laws against tiny living, sometimes it can be challenging. Another tip I have is to adjust everything to your liking. Since it’s a tiny house, You have limited space, so you want to make sure everything in the house is custom fit for your lifestyle.

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  • She’s been in the tiny house now for 6 months.
  • Veerle built a 75-square-foot tiny home in her parents’ backyard to support her mental and physical health during a challenging time.
  • She transformed a construction shed into a cozy cottage with a bed, kitchen, and electricity in just 55 days.
  • Living in a tiny house allowed her to have her independent space and a connection to nature.
  • Veerle’s tiny house serves as her safe haven, helping her work through personal challenges.
  • While tiny living has its challenges, such as limited space and lack of a toilet, it has brought peace, joy, and a stronger connection to nature into her life.
  • She encourages others to consider tiny living, emphasizing that taking the first step is the most important, and flexibility and patience are key when renovating or building a tiny home.

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Our big thanks to Tiffany for sharing! 🙏

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