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Solo Tiny House Living

How Standing Rock Inspired Her Tiny Bus Life 45

How Standing Rock Inspired Her Tiny Bus Life

Jagaloria went to Standing Rock and met so many people living alternatively, she said it just didn’t feel right to stay in her apartment and work her life away. Thankfully, she made connections while there that allowed her to find a short bus and make it home! Amazingly, her conversion only took one month of [...]

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His AstroVan Life (Now He Lives on a Bike) 2

His Astro Van Life (And Now He Lives on a Bicycle)

Caleb was in college when he realized college wasn’t for him, and he needed a new direction. A friend urged him to just go for something, so he converted the back of his Subaru and started traveling. Eventually, he upgraded to his DIY Astro Van which he lived in for another year. The video below [...]

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Flight Attendedant’s Budget DIY Van Conversion 5

Flight Attendant’s Budget DIY Van Conversion

Samantha was flying around the world and paying for an apartment she was rarely in, and she knew something had to give. When the events of 2020 shut down travel, she bought a van and converted it in 3 months. It’s been the best option for her, allowing her to bring “home” to the airport, [...]

Is This The Most Adorable Van Conversion Ever. 3

Her Shabby-Chic Farmhouse Van For Weekend Trips

Aries Soul Traveler loved traveling but couldn’t keep dropping $600 for a weekend stay in a hotel. When she found vanlife, it seemed like the perfect solution — her own budget-friendly hotel room on wheels! She lives in a townhome and takes her van on adventures during the weekends (and vacations). She hired a local [...]

Beared Van Life Mercedes Conversion 2

He Went From Flipping Homes to Van Life

Chad was flipping homes on the West Coast, but the cost of living was getting out of hand. Someone suggested vanlife to him, and at first he balked at the idea of living in a van post-40-years-old. But when he found out he could design and plan the whole thing, he got interested. Due to [...]

Her Solo Va & SailBoat Conversion & Lifestyle 2

Her Van Conversion Has a Clever Indoor Shower

Anjali graduated from college and wanted to travel, so she built out her first van to let her see some of the country. Then her job as a software engineer went remote in 2020, and she decided to build a bigger and better van (named Vinny). Now she travels in her van and also owns [...]

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Cynthia & Her Dog in Their Ford Transit Connect Conversion 2

Cynthia & Her Dog in Their Ford Transit Connect Conversion

Cynthia had been thinking of going tiny for a while, but she was initially nervous about telling her grown children and friends about her idea. But she conquered her fear, bought a Ford Transit Connect, and converted it all herself! She made sure her conversion fit her lifestyle and her 60-pound dog. She has a [...]

10 Years Sober in his Uhaul Tiny Home Conversion 2

10 Years Sober in His Uhaul Tiny Home Conversion

James was excited to be sober, but he was facing homelessness again due to rent issues. That’s when he found a UHaul and spent a whole year watching YouTube videos to help him convert it into his own home. He really prioritized a comfortable bathroom and plenty of water storage. He has a standard 32×32 [...]

Miles O’ Smiles bus 1.5 Years of Buildling

1.5 Years Building his $3,000 School Bus Tiny Home

Johnny got his bus for $3,000 — and it needed a lot of work, especially regarding rust! A year and a half later, he was able to move into his truly beautiful skoolie. He made sure to keep his two large dogs in mind when building, making them a comfortable under-bed lounge area and making [...]

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No Longer Chasing Money Lady Red 2

Breaking Free from Society’s Expectations: One Man’s Van Conversion Journey

This man had been chasing a bigger paycheck his whole life, just like he had been told to, but eventually, he decided that wasn’t what was making him happy so he chose to convert a van instead! Now he lives full-time, traveling around Germany’s Black Forest and enjoying nature and simple living. Take a look [...]

Luxury Black Gold White Hexagon Van Conversion

Former Gym-Owner Turns to Van Life with his Luxury Van Conversion

Kyle’s van has a totally different look and feel from most of the DIY van conversions we see around here — and I love it! He went for a luxurious, modern vibe with black and white main colors sprinkled with gold and “marble” accents. He also made the build comfortable, including a bathroom in his [...]

Former Caretaker Sets Out on Vanlife Adventure

From Caretaker to Adventurer: How Patty Found Freedom in Van Life

Patty is a truly remarkable woman. After spending four years caring for her mother 24/7, she found herself wondering what to do next when her mom passed away. YouTube led her to vanlife, and eventually, she found herself working with a builder to create the perfect van home. The van layout is great, with a [...]

Humbled and Empowered by her Micro Camper Lifestyle 2

Jessi’s Journey to a Micro Camper Lifestyle: From Humble Beginnings to Unstoppable Adventures

Jessi wanted to travel and was ready for a change — so she bought an awesome vintage-inspired camper and outfitted it to her needs. But she’s honest about how challenging the transition was for her, and how difficult the learning curve was as she figured out how to hook up her trailer and deal with [...]

Funding Her Bus Life w Rental Properties

Funding Her Bus Life with Tiny House Rentals

Kari is an amazing woman who has had some great experiences, such as backpacking across Europe, spending two years on a sailboat, and converting a farmhouse into an adorable home. She also built out her bus, Willow, for vacations while living in her farmhouse. It was then that she realized she didn’t like leaving her [...]

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Her Second Vanlife, Now in Scotland

Her Second Vanlife, Now in Scotland

Some 20 years ago, Vari spent time traveling around Australia in a campervan. A couple of years ago, she found herself ready to return to that lifestyle, so she found an RV and converted it into an off-grid rig to enable her to travel around her native Scotland. She travels with her adorable dog, and [...]

Angry Bird Hotel w 1929 Ford 2

Angry Bird Hotel w/ 1929 Ford Tow Vehicle

Rickey didn’t want to end up in a nursing home after a lifetime of adventure, teaching English and truck-driving, so he used his handy skills to transform a 1968 bus into his home — and he tows it with a 1929 Ford! He designed the exterior of the rig to look like the red Angry [...]

She Bought A Bus & Quit Her Job in 48 Hours

She Bought A Bus & Quit Her Job in 48 Hours

Olivia had been a nurse for about 5 years and was completely burnt out. She saw a listing on Facebook Marketplace for a converted short bus for $10K. She had enough money in the bank from selling her home to immediately purchase the rig — and quit her job — in just 48 hours. Believe [...]

Splitting Time Between Homesteading & Vanlife

Splitting Time Between Homesteading & Vanlife

This is Sophie’s second interview with Tiny Home Tours. Two years ago she was a full-time consultant living full-time in her van. Since then, she’s traveled internationally, spent some time in Baja, quit her full-time job, and started homesteading on a friend’s hunting land in Kentucky. Oh, and she gutted and re-did her whole van! [...]

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Her 1983 Sun Lite pop-up camper. 3

Full-Time Travel in Her 1983 Sun Lite Truck Camper

Samantha was tired of seasonal depression coming on with the dark gloomy days of winter — so she got a pop-up truck camper that lets her chase the sunshine and warmer weather to keep her spirits up! The 1983 Sun Lite Pop-up has lots of original features like upholstery and wallpaper that give it a [...]

Rock Collector Has Spent 4 Years in Her Awesome Van 2

Rock Collector Has Spent 4 Years in Her Awesome Van

Victory has been living nomadically for nearly a decade. It all started after she turned 18 and went to four different overseas universities, moving from apartment to apartment and seeing the Continent. She had moved nearly 20 times before she settled into her van. At first, Victory planned to travel the U.S. by hitchhiking across [...]

Exploring Australia in Her Volkswagen High Top Transporter 11

Exploring Australia in Her Volkswagen High Top Transporter

Maddi’s former job had her traveling all over the world, but she hadn’t seen much of her home country of Australia. It was time to change that, so Maddi turned to van life. She’s been on the road enjoying all kinds of adventure activities — from spearing fish to scuba diving — ever since. Her [...]

Backpacker & Artist Settles Down in a Bus Conversion (1)

Backpacker & Artist Settles Down in a Bus Conversion

Samuel hiked both the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail, and felt like after all that exploration, there was no way he could go back to stationary life in an apartment. So he got a 1977 Ford B500 short bus and converted it into a home on wheels. He has limo-tinted windows to [...]

His Super Cool Weekender Ambulance Conversion 3

His Super Cool Weekender Ambulance Conversion

Like so many others, Grant needed a lockdown project. Unimpressed by the costs of school buses and the quality of RVs, he came across this 1997 Freightliner FL70 MPV and decided it was the perfect rig. He works full-time at Tesla, so it took about 1.5 years for him to complete the conversion. He has [...]

Completely Off Grid DIY Tiny Home w Rainwater Catchment 8

Completely Off-Grid DIY Tiny Home w/ Rainwater Catchment

Perlin was tired of living with roommates and was passionate about sustainable living, so building an off-grid tiny homemade perfect sense. He lives in Byron Bay, Australia, where he has a solar-powered tiny house with a rainwater catchment system. The entire home is steel-framed. Enjoy the photo tour and Q&A with Perlin below! Don’t miss [...]