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Solo Tiny House Living

Her Tiny Home Rebuild After A Crash

Her Tiny Home Rebuild After A Crash

Despite having a successful career, Brenda found herself homeless some years ago while trying to take care of her aging mother. A tiny house was a perfect solution to her predicament — until it wasn’t. Not long after buying her first THOW, it crashed on its way to Oregon and was largely demolished. But Brenda [...]

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1982 Toyota Sun Rader 2×4 to 4×4 Overlander Conversion 2

1982 Toyota Sun Raider 2×4 to 4×4 Overlander Conversion

After a divorce, Bradley was looking for “Plan B” — how could he comfortably sustain himself for the next 20 years? He started looking for a Toyota Sun Raider and found a 1982 fiberglass shell that needed a total overhaul. Wanting to off-road, he needed to upgrade the tires, engine, and shocks to make it [...]

Couple’s Skoolie with Massive 25 inch Roof Raise

Couple’s Skoolie with Massive 25 Inch Roof Raise

This couple jumped into skoolie life on a bit of a whim after “roughing it” in an Airbnb in the woods. Instead of DIY-ing the entire bus, they took on extra wedding videography gigs to pay professionals to do things like electrical work — which is pretty clever! They chose to do a huge roof [...]

Jill of All Trades’ Awesome Van Conversion

Jill of All Trades’ Awesome Van Conversion

She rock climbs, she teaches yoga, she shoots photography — and she built out her own amazing DIY ProMaster van conversion in 9 months. Gaby doesn’t seem tied to any *one* thing — she’s lived in a number of vehicles, traveled the world, done the “city thing” and now she’s a solo traveler enjoying plenty [...]

War Vet’s Part-Time Van Life 3

War Vet’s Part-Time Van Life w/ Pop Top

Stephanie served in the Gulf War and now works for the government. She still gets deployed from time to time, but when she’s in the United States, she lives in her amazing campervan with a pop-top bedroom. Traveling the US in her van has made her appreciate this country — especially after all of her [...]

Her 10×32 THOW with Sunroom 4

Life in Tennessee Tiny House Community in her 10×32 Tiny Home with a Sunroom!

Gloria lived in California for over 40 years, but never felt at home — until she packed up everything and moved into a custom-designed tiny house with a separate sunroom on one of the Incredible Properties in Tennessee. She pays just $200/month on rent and has a lovely spot to call her own. The sunroom [...]

Ruby, the 1990 Volkwagon Vanagon 1

Ruby: The 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon

William is a professional photographer and has made his dreams come true by traveling in Ruby, his 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon that he added a roof raise to for extra comfort and space. His van life allows him to work and to see family and friends all over the country. When he gets together with them, [...]

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The Ambo: Rough and Rugged Ambulance Conversion

Andy had always been a fan of traveling and living tiny in a number of vehicles, so in 2018, he found a 4×4 ambulance that would make the perfect off-roading tiny house on wheels. He got to work converting it, keeping some original elements, and replacing anything that didn’t work for him. The result? A [...]

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His LEGAL Bay Area Tiny Home 4

His LEGAL Silicon Valley Tiny Home Zoned as Accessory Dwelling Unit

After quarantines and lockdowns became a normal part of life, Teja was looking for a place of his own instead of living with roommates — but when the average cost of a home in San Jose where he lives was over $1 million, there was just no way he could get into the housing market. [...]

Tall Guy’s Self-Built Tiny Home

Tall Guy’s Self-Built Tiny Home

Nick had always admired tiny homes, and with parents in the construction industry and some money in his pocket, he finally decided it was time to build one! He moved in around March of 2020, and has now enjoyed over two years living tiny. He’s quite tall, so he made sure everything in his tiny [...]

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His Life as a Charitable Photographer in Old Military Rig 5

His Military Truck Turned Tiny Home

Rich had the American Dream with a big house and grown kids — but when divorce hit, he needed to pivot after the grief. That’s when he decided to leave his job in corporate photography and gift family portraits to single moms in shelters or who have left domestic abuse situations. Living in his renovated [...]

Courage the Cowardly Bus 11

He Went From Restaurant Manager to Bus Life

Murph and his dog spend their days moving around with the seasons seeking good weather (nothing too extreme) in Courage the Cowardly Bus, their short bus conversion. His bus home has a fixed bed, compact kitchenette, and even a bathroom Murph now thinks is bigger than necessary! You’ll love the photo tour and Murphy’s story, [...]

Solo Travel in Her A-Frame Camper 3

Solo Travel in Her A-Frame Camper

Luz started her tiny living journey by building out the back of her Subaru Forester. After about 8 months on the road, she upgraded to her awesome A-Liner camper, which she lives in full-time (without running water!). She has some solar-powered battery banks to charge her devices and uses solar lights indoors. During her life [...]

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Professor’s Sprinter with Keyboard & Paints 5

Doctor’s Sprinter with Keyboard and Paints

Doctor Serdner teaches psychology online, while also playing music and painting beautiful canvases. She managed to design a Sprinter van that has space for all of those things, including a heavy-duty drawer to house her creative materials. Her build process and results were featured on the TV show Van Go, and she is quite happy [...]

Plants and Paintings in His 3 Bedroom Tiny Home

Plants and Paintings in His 3-Bedroom Tiny Home

Mike started to realize he used very little of his larger Portland home and was ready to downsize. His new park model tiny home in Durango has two loft bedrooms and a ground floor bedroom with high ceilings. The bathroom is also incredibly spacious, with a shower you could dance in! The living room and [...]

This Desk Lifts Through the Roof! Box Truck Conversion

He Converted This Box Truck into a Zen Office

Quin lives in his converted ProMaster so that he can get closer to his photography opportunities, but he’s actually on his 7th van conversion now! This box truck conversion was his latest conversion, made for a friend with some pretty lofty ideas. He wanted to levitate through the roof — and with some creative electronics [...]

Colter Chasing Home Ownership with Montana THOW 2

Chasing Home Ownership with a Tiny House in Montana

Colter was dreaming of land and homeownership someday. At first, he thought the only way to get there was to keep renting until he had saved enough. But then he got on the tiny house bandwagon! That way he could have an asset, avoid high rents and live tiny while saving up to find land. [...]

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Charlene’s Park Model with Massive Porch & Outdoor Firep 3

Retired Teacher’s Park Model Tiny Home

Charlene was a teacher until she retired at age 70 shortly after her father passed away and urged her not to “die in her classroom.” She and her husband had owned a 50-acre ranch which she continued taking care of when she lost him in 2007, but she was ready to downsize. She looked at [...]

His DIY Flatbed Camper w Desk Nook & Disco Ball

His Self-Built Flatbed Tiny House has a Home Office!

Rory wanted to go tiny but wasn’t excited about most of the vehicles he could find on the market, so he decided to buy a flatbed truck and build his own camper pod on the back! The result? An absolutely meticulously-designed tiny house that meets his every need. There’s a super cool desk nook where [...]

Virtual Teacher’s $30K Bus Conversion 2

Virtual Teacher’s $30K Bus Conversion

Deyana was teaching virtually before it became “a thing” in 2020, so there was nothing holding her back from life on the road! She chose a school bus over a van for the affordability and was able to get her entire bus home complete for about $30,000. It took 11 months for her to complete [...]

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Marsha’s 8×8 Shed Tiny Home For Sale! 4

Marsha’s 8×8 Shed Tiny Home For Sale!

One of our longtime readers, Marsha, has owned a number of tiny homes, including a bus! Most recently, she renovated an 8×8 shed on her son’s property and turned it into a lovely little home — but she is ready to start traveling again and wants to do some renovation work on her bus home [...]

Sarge the Simple Beauty Short Bus Conversion 2

Sarge the Simple Beauty Short Bus Conversion

Stephanie went from #buslife dream to reality in just a year, meticulously planning out “Sarge,” her future full-time bus home. She chose a more masculine exterior in order to throw off any would-be thieves, but the inside is 100% her own simple style with bold accents like a black back wall and stunning wallpaper. Since [...]

Chris’ Self-Sustaining Skoolie is his 4th Rig in 11 years 3

He Built a Self-Sustaining School Bus with a Raised Roof and Deck

Chris told his grandmother as a kid that he wanted to grow up and live in the woods with his dog — and for the past 11 years, that’s more or less what he has done! He’s had two vans and a Class A RV before deciding to build his dream rig school bus conversion. [...]

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Unfolding Box Truck Goes from Stealthy to 350 sq. ft. Campervan

Unfolding Box Truck Goes from Stealthy to 350 sq. ft. Motorhome

Mario wanted a way to travel stealthily but still have room to spread out when he found a campervan-friendly spot. So he designed it himself! Altogether, he spent about $40k (in Euros) on his unfolding box truck, doing some work himself and then hiring some freelancers to finish the job. He used the best features [...]