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101 Tiny House Designs and 18 Tiny House Plans Bundle Sale

If you’ve been wanting to design and build a tiny house, this is your chance to get to own a huge collection of CUSTOMIZABLE tiny house designs and plans that you can use anytime.

Update: This offer has expired. Sorry!

Your Own Tiny House Plans to Customize & Use Forever!

Whether you want to design and build your own tiny home to live in full time, or you want to create your own tiny house hotel or become a tiny house builder…

Or maybe you just want to start learning how to design tiny houses! Either way, pay attention because this tiny house design & plans bundle is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

101 Tiny House Designs & 18 Tiny House Plans!

This the 101 Tiny House Designs and 18 Tiny House Plans Bundle Sale with Michael Janzen of Tiny House Design.

This limited edition bundle has a little bit of the old, a lot of new, nothing borrowed, and something dark blue.

The New: 101 Tiny House Designs eBook + SketchUp Files!


If you’ve seen Michael’s new book, 101 Tiny House Designs, and wanted more… you can now have it. He drew those 101 designs using SketchUp – 3D drawing software – and now you can have all 101 SketchUp files to explore, edit, and make them your own. That’s the new – The original 101 Tiny House Designs SketchUp files.

This alone is valued at over $400, but that’s not all you get with this bundle…

The Old: 18 THOW Framing Plans


The old is all 18 of my tiny house on wheels framing plans. These plans are full worked out, down to every 2×4 stud, rafter, and joist. They show you how to frame and assemble your tiny house easy to follow steps. Each set of these plans includes a printable PDF, the original SketchUp file, and a materials spreadsheet with the lumber listed that helps you get started on your building materials shopping.

If you bought all of these separately, you can expect to pay $29 for each of them. So that’s a total value of $522 not to mention you’re also getting the SketchUp files for these plans AND the material list!

How to Get Your Free Copy of SketchUp so You Can Design/Edit Your Own Tiny House!

Don’t have SketchUp? Don’t know what it even is? Don’t worry. It’s FREE and here’s how you can get it (and use it).

In this video I show how you can still get a free copy of SketchUp, open a SketchUp file, and explore.

The Blue: 101 Tiny House Designs


Lastly, this limited edition bundle has the ebook edition of 101 Tiny House Floor Plans, with it’s very dark blue cover, It’s over 400 pages and shows each design over 4 pages. We recommend browsing the ebook first, then to explore further open each specific design in SketchUp.

Normally all of these tiny house designs and plans would cost you $970 but you can have all of them and own them forever for only $79 today!


What’s the catch?

This is a limited time sale and it ends promptly on Sunday, May 13, 2018 at 11:59 PM PST.

Recap of What You’re Getting

  • ALL 101 SketchUp Files for the 101 Tiny House Designs Book! ($400 value)
  • 18 Tiny House Framing Plans WITH SketchUp Files and Material Lists ($522 value)
  • eBook Copy of the 101 Tiny House Designs eBook ($7 value)

A total value of over $900 for only $79. Just remember: the sale ends 5/13/18 at 11:59PM PST.

Sorry this offer has expired.


Still not sure?

Here’s a preview of everything you get after you purchase:

Get your copy of this EXCLUSIVE Tiny House Design & Plans Bundle Today!


Sorry this offer has expired.