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Tiny House Trip

Yesterday I took a trip to go visit Dan Louche, meet his mom, his awesome family and their beautiful tiny house.

I want to send over a big thank you to all of them for making us feel like we were family, feeding us, laughing with us and showing us every nook and cranny in their home along with the stories behind it.

A special message to Rick: thank you for showing me how to cut grass the silent way (and achieve ripped abs while I’m at it)

Andrea came along and so did our pup Louie. We all had a blast and loved hanging out in the little house. Dan did an incredible job with the design, my pictures DO NOT do justice so be on the look out at Dan’s site for better high quality photos of the completely finished house.

Kathy's Tiny House Thank you Kathy, we love it!

When I went inside, I was immediately greeted with this beautiful gift and message… Thank you so much Kathy!

Kathy's Tiny House Kathy's Tiny House Kathy's TIny House

I did take some video (and I think Andrea’s got some more pictures) that I’ll release to you guys later. If you haven’t already heard, Dan has put his detailed plans on sale for right now. You’ll find it to be a great value if you’re thinking about building your own little house on a trailer anytime in the future. And Dan knows his stuff so you’ll learn a lot from the information he’s offering.

Hurry up and buy them before he comes to his senses and puts the price back up to where it was! I think it’s worth way more than he’s charging. But anyway, enjoy the pictures and you can order the plans (which include much more than just plans) whenever you choose.

There’s no sleeping loft here instead she’s got a large futon (not shown here). Inside it feels very spacious and she’s got lots of counter space because she loves to use her kitchen, which I think is great. Be on the look out for higher quality photos at Dan’s blog.

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