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Tiny House Interiors

Looking for the best tiny house interiors? This is the largest collection of tiny house interior designs. From tiny homes, small homes, and everything in-between like cabins, boats, treehouses, and the like.

What does your dream tiny home interior design look like? If you don’t know yet, you’re in luck because you’ll uncover hundreds of amazing designs that you might not have ever known you would have loved!

Here are some of our ultimate favorites… Our Top Tiny House Interiors, if you will, that I don’t want you to miss:

There are so many, this list can literally go on-and-on!

Micromansion Ultra Modern THOW Design 14

Micromansion: Ultra Modern THOW w/ Elevator Bed

With so many tiny home builders and DIYers out there, it’s getting harder to come up with something entirely unique in the tiny house world. Even so, this Micromansion design by ACRO is truly innovative! Elevator beds aren’t new, but what about a queen bedroom that lowers down over a “lounge pit” living room just [...]

Tres Volcanes Costa Rica Tiny Home 44

Tres Volcanes: Two-Bedroom Costa Rica Tiny Home

Feast your eyes on this Bohemian vacation cottage perched atop a hill on a 50-acre ranch in Costa Rica. The brand-new structure was completed in 2021, and includes a blend of modern lines and tropical finishes. The main area of the home is a large bedroom with vaulted ceilings that houses a King-sized bed. Windows/glass [...]

$25K Discount on ESCAPE Vintage Model

$25K Discount on ESCAPE Vintage Model

Does this model look a bit different from what you’re used to seeing from ESCAPE? The ESCAPE Vintage model is no longer in production, but was a popular model back around 2016-2017. This one has been lived in by an ESCAPE employee for a bit, but it’s now available for sale! Despite the age, the [...]

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Couple’s Colorado Tiny Home w Pull Out Staircase 4

Couple’s Colorado Tiny Home w/ Pull Out Staircase

Sam and Taylor got started on a DIY build and eventually worked with a builder to help them complete their tiny home — I love their honesty in the video below about what a big project a tiny house build really is! With that professional input, they were able to create a truly incredible tiny [...]

Honey Pond Home on Stilts in Vermont

Honey Pond Home on Stilts in Vermont

Here’s a beautiful, recently completed cabin on stilts that sits on 100 acres of lovely Vermont woodland that you can explore. This unique cabin has an open concept with a King-sized bed and an amazing custom domed skylight that allows for stargazing or bird-watching from bed. The custom concrete shower also has skylight views and [...]

Gorgeous 30 Ft. Aspen by Made Relative 21

Gorgeous 30 Ft. Aspen Tiny Home by Made Relative

Looking for a stunning tiny home with a loft? This 30-foot Aspen model built by Made Relative is for sale, and it’s truly lovely to look at. There’s a spacious loft bedroom accessible via a fun switchback staircase, and underneath that loft is a luxurious bathroom with storage, a shower stall, and lots of counter [...]

Country Cabin & 70s Camper 110

Country Cabin & 70s Camper w/ a Sauna and Tub

Here’s a lovely little cabin in the Vermont woods — on 100 acres — that comes with a vintage 70s truck camper you can sleep in and a brand-new sauna for your enjoyment! If you come in the summertime, you can enjoy the outdoor shower or one of the two cast iron tubs outdoors, but [...]

Amazing 12-foot-wide Park Model w Ground Floor Bedroom 6

Amazing 12-foot-wide Park Model with Ground Floor Bedroom

While a park model’s extra-wide size definitely makes it tricker to move, there’s nothing quite like a 12-foot-wide tiny house in terms of roominess. This particular model, the El Dorado from Ovat Tiny Homes, makes excellent use of the space with tons of cabinets/storage areas that would make it easy to live in this 480-square-foot [...]

Tiny Homes of Maine Sebago Model Custom

Incredible 38-ft. Tiny House with a Private Bedroom

Here’s the latest Sebago model built by Tiny Homes of Maine for a client who chose a beautiful navy blue board and batten exterior and a happy yellow door. The 38′ tiny house is incredible, featuring both double lofts and a private first floor bedroom! The main living space flows beautifully between a living room [...]

N2 for sale 14

$20K Discount on Tampa Bay Palm Court Tiny House!

Remember the N2 we showed you last week? It’s now available for a $20K discount! This stunning home has a practical single-floor layout and a private bedroom with a walk-around queen-sized bed. This smaller version of the N1, the home boasts a Mid-Century Modern design, and the three huge sliders open up to a private [...]

Is This the Perfect Family Tiny Home 5

Is This the Perfect Off-Grid Family Tiny Home?

Just wait until you watch the video tour of this absolutely incredible DIY family tiny house. Ingeniously designed by the owners on Sketch-Up (and largely built by them, with the help of some specialists), this house features double lofts, a cozy living, a luxury bathroom, and more counter space than I’ve ever seen in a [...]

Solar-Powered Gooseneck Tiny Home 19

Solar-Powered Gooseneck Tiny Home

This is a beautiful gooseneck tiny home built in 2018, looking for a new owner. It comes complete with a solar system and all the appliances you could want, including a washer/dryer unit beautifully hidden in a cabinet. A private gooseneck bedroom has a door, so it can be completely closed off from the rest [...]

Her $8.5K Box Truck Build (Stealthy) 2

Her Stealthy and Affordable Box Truck Home Built for $8.5K

Heather loved her successful career in the Bay Area — until she didn’t. Between 2020 and the wildfires, she found herself feeling trapped. So she found an old army van/box truck and converted it into her home on wheels with her dad’s help. She intentionally left the exterior simple and “masculine” to offer her protection [...]

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Stone Cellar in France Converted into a Gorgeous Airbnb 4

Tiny Stone Cellar Cottage in France

This is a stone cellar below an old stone house in France that’s been converted into an incredibly cozy Airbnb. The studio-style space has everything you need — a double bed, wood-burning stove, compact bathroom, and kitchen space with a mini fridge, oven, and a variety of dishware and utensils. The space has a blend [...]

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Guitar House in Romania

Funky Guitar Tiny House in Romania with Mountaintop Views

You’ve probably never stayed the night inside a guitar, but now you can! This amazing tiny house in Romania was built in the shape of a guitar, complete with a big round window in the soundhole. Despite the funky shape, the interior feels just like a home with all the necessary amenities. There’s a living [...]

Paraglider’s Incredible DIY Tiny Home 3

Paraglider’s Incredible DIY Tiny House

Deb loves paragliding, and she wanted a lightweight tiny house that would take her to the best paragliding locations! With the help of family members, she was able to build this amazing DIY tiny home that met all her needs. She has a large first-floor bedroom, a compact bathroom off the back, and a lovely [...]

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eBoho XLS Wide

eBoho XLS Wide Tiny House Rental in Tampa Village

If you’re not ready to buy a tiny home yet, you could rent one from Escape! They have a beautiful eBoho XLS Wide available for rent in the Palm Court section of their Tampa community. This model is all-electric and features the coveted private ground floor bedroom with space to walk all around the queen-sized [...]