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Tiny House Interiors

Awesome 400 Sq. Ft. A-Frame from Liberation Tiny Homes 19

Modern A-Frame Cabin by Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes is mixing things up! They’ve started building A-Frame tiny homes and have build slots coming up this summer to create these awesome 400 sq. ft. A-frame cabins. What’s unique about this design is that the main portion of the home features that signature deep-pitch roof, but the bedroom at the back has [...]

zy Shed to Farmhouse Conversion Now For Sale 9

Shed to Cozy Farmhouse Conversion Now For Sale

Do you remember this amazing shed-to-tiny-house conversion the Krebs did a couple of years ago? Well — it could be yours! Katy and her husband turned a run-down shed into a beautiful home for them to live in while building their forever home. Now that the forever home is complete, they are selling the tiny [...]

The Behati Tiny House 20

26-ft. Tiny Home with First Floor Bedroom By New Creation Tiny Homes

The Behati is the latest tiny house by New Creation Tiny Homes, specifically designed for those looking for a first-floor bedroom. This 26′ design allows for a separate bedroom that fits a queen bed and a closet, and features lofted ceilings to make it extra spacious. Besides the bedroom, there’s a compact L-shaped kitchen with [...]

Brand New Tiny House 24’ King Size Bed 80

Live Large in a Small Space: King Size Bed in This 24′ Tiny House

Here’s some beautiful new construction — a 24′ tiny house with your standard loft bedroom layout. You walk into the living room, where you can fit a futon or small couch. There’s a galley kitchen and a small bathroom with a shower stall and residential toilet. The loft is particularly spacious, with enough room to [...]

Wilderwise THOW w Collapsing Second Story 2

Wilderwise Tiny House with a Standing-Room Office and Bedroom Upstairs!

You asked for it, and Wilderwise made it! A tiny house with a full second story that pops up when the tiny home is stationary. Once lowered, it can be towed without a special permit, making it a great option for anyone who needs a comfortable bedroom but plans to move often. To date, your [...]

Elsie Homesteader Deluxe THOW 399 sq. ft.

399 sq. ft. Homesteader Deluxe Tiny House by Indigo River Tiny Homes

The latest and greatest from Indigo River Tiny Homes is this stunning Homesteader Deluxe which the new owners dubbed, “Elsie.” At 399 square feet, it’s maxing out the definition of “tiny”! The interior has two lofts, both accessible via storage stairs and featuring built-in storage cabinetry for clothing. The large bathroom has room for a [...]

The House Of Happiness Tiny House Addition w Epic Playroom. 12

A Tiny House Playroom That’s Also a Future Home

Blandine and her daughter, Anaïs, have been living in a Baluchon tiny home for two years, and they recently got a second THOW to act as a playroom for Anaïs — and her future home! While the living room in the THOW is currently set up as a soft play area, it’s all removable, so [...]

Board and Batten Luxury 28′ Tiny House 13

Board and Batten 28-Ft. Luxury Tiny House

Check out this stunning board and batten luxury 28′ Tiny House for sale in Emmett, ID right now. It has a standard loft-bedroom design, with storage stairs to give you easy access and big skylights for extra natural light. Shiplap covers all the walls and there’s a cozy living room when you first walk in. [...]

265 sq ft Tiny Home Washington. 24

265 sq. ft. New Construction THOW w/ Ground Floor Bedroom

This beautiful modern farmhouse THOW is 265 square feet (not including the loft) and includes the much-desired ground floor bedroom with lofted ceilings and under-bed storage. This layout also offers a spacious bathroom, faux fireplace with a cozy living room space and a full galley kitchen that’s functional and storage-filled. Kids or guests can access [...]

2021 Mennonite build Park Model RVIA ANSI certified 98

2021 Mennonite Build Park Model w/ Lot Lease in Georgia

Go tiny today! This beautiful 399 sq. ft. park model tiny home sits on a secluded 3/4 acre lot in a community in Lyerly, Georgia. It has everything needed for full-time living, including a screened-in porch, simple kitchen, first-floor sleeping arrangements and even stacking laundry. It has a 50-year metal roof, is RVIA and ANSI-certified, [...]

eOne XL w Gorgeous Honey-Tone Exterior 2

eOne XL w/ Gorgeous Honey-Tone Exterior

With the amount of headroom in the lofts of this eOne XL from ESCAPE, it feels like you have a full second story! They’re connected by a catwalk to make it easy to move from bedroom to office (or a second bedroom). This particular model has honey-tone wood siding, which is very different from the [...]

Tampa Escape Boho Rental 5

Escape Boho Long-Term Rental in Tampa, Florida

If you’re not yet in the position to buy a tiny house (or don’t want the commitment), how about renting this Tampa, Florida ESCAPE Boho on a lovely private lot? It’s near the Escape tiny house village, but not part of it officially. Not only do you get to enjoy all this model has to [...]

He has a tiny home and a van

He Has a Community Tiny Home and a Van

When Brian first went tiny, he was embarrassed to tell anyone about his lifestyle change for fear that they’d judge him or think him unworthy because of his alternative lifestyle. But as people found out, he discovered they were far more positive and curious than he had imagined! Now he loves to tell everyone about [...]

eVista with Special Features Availabe Soon 2

eVista with Special Features Availabe Soon

Here’s an awesome new eVista from ESCAPE that will be ready to pick up in about a month. It has a few great upgrades including an induction cooktop, fold flat couch and amazing all-electric set-up that are sure to make it a comfortable home. There’s a great little video tour below that shows off all [...]

The Firefly by Lil Bear Tiny Homes 8

The 16.5 Ft. Firefly by Lil Bear Tiny Homes

This little tiny home called the “Firefly” looks like it would be at home in the mountains or tucked in a forest. The interior boasts all kinds of wood finishes that dial up the cozy factor. At only 16.5 feet long, it impressively packs in everything you need for full-time living, including an oven, fridge, [...]

12 x 24 Shed Tiny House 2

Shed Turned Tiny House in Texas

In Sulphur Springs, Texas there’s an awesome 288-square-foot tiny house for sale for $37.7K. The 12×24 structure is a shed-kit-turned-tiny-house, complete with a farm gable ceiling that provides lots of headroom in the two lofts. On the first floor, there’s a living room on one end, a small galley kitchen, and a 3/4 bathroom on [...]

Rustic Pinewood THOW 7

Rustic Pinewood Gooseneck Tiny Home: No Ladders

This beautiful rustic pinewood gooseneck tiny house has been a home since 2020, but is looking for a new owner. It has everything inside that you’d need to move right in, including a fantastic galley kitchen, a bathroom with a spacious shower and a gooseneck bedroom with standing room. The secondary loft also has a [...]