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Here’s the gorgeous HÄUSLEIN Little Sojourner Tiny House that’s currently for sale! HÄUSLEIN is a tiny house company in Australia, named in honor of their German heritage as well as their dedication to quality German construction.

While this house is amazing all the way around, it’s coolest features are by far the optional slide-out and the little laundry chute from the bedroom loft into the laundry area. How brilliant!

You can purchase this home for $89,900 (plus about $7,000 if you want the appliances and furniture included). Contact the builder here to ask questions or express your interest.

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Slide Out & Laundry Chute in the Little Sojourner Tiny House

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Here’s another tiny home from ESCAPE that’s headed to their Tampa tiny house village (and you can buy it!): It’s the Traveler XLS, and this one is 33 ft long and an extra foot wider than the standard model.

You’ll find the downstairs bedroom is exactly what so many of you have been asking for: It’s spacious, fits a queen bed, has plenty of storage and you don’t have to climb a ladder or stairs to get in bed.

It’s discounted by $14,000 through 4/8/2020, so act now if you want this one. Click here to purchase. Spec sheet with pricing and options at the bottom of this page.

Traveler XLS Wide Version Headed to ESCAPE Tampa Village

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Meet Torey and her dog Dandelion! They’re living in their very own tiny home in Austin, Texas for $950 per month.

Torey was tired of paying rent and not owning anything, but couldn’t afford the $400K homes for sale in Austin. So instead she put $5,000 down on an ESCAPE ONE tiny home built by ESCAPE that cost her $60,000 ($400/month loan). For an additional $550 a month she rents a beautiful lot in a mobile home park with a detached shed, water, and plenty of space for Dandy to run and roam.

The average rent price for Austin is more than $1,700 per month according to Zillow, so Torey is saving, living in the city she loves and getting a beautiful custom space to call her own. Check out the video tour below from Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey!

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Torey & Dandelion’s ESCAPE Tiny House Life in Austin Texas

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This itty-bitty tiny house on wheels is absolutely adorable and truly “tiny” — and it could be yours! It’s for sale in the Phoenix, Arizona area for $4,900.

The cozy space is brimming with character and has just enough room for a couch that turns into a twin-sized bed (no loft!) and a beautiful compact kitchenette with a sink and storage. There’s also an exterior storage shed to hide more of your belongings.

Marsha is retiring and moving cross-country. Rather than hauling the THOW, she plans to sell it and build a new one after the move. You can contact her via Craigslist.

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Just $4,900: Itty Bitty THOW for SALE

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This is to to give you a sneak peek and let you know about the up and coming Tampa Bay ESCAPE Village that’s opening soon in 2020. Update: More pics added, including a map of the village and newly landscaped tiny homes. 

You’ll be able to live here full time or part-time and first units will be available soon see below how to get on the list for the pre-sale, if you’re interested. Learn more below!

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Tampa Bay ESCAPE Village Tiny House Community in Florida!



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This is a custom-built Bright & White ONE XL from ESCAPE tiny homes that’s headed to the ESCAPE Tampa Village we told you about last week. This unit may still be available on sale right now for $4,300 off. See this page for availability and more details.

It all started with the ONE XL model and now this tiny home boasts all kinds of upgrades including a large living area with a fireplace complete with custom built-ins and a walkway that connects the lofts. Make sure to check out the video tour below. Enjoy!

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Custom ONE XL Model from ESCAPE

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