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This is a tiny house with a ground floor bedroom, a large kitchen, and two loft spaces.

It’s built by Rewild Homes. The kitchen seems good enough for a chef, doesn’t it?

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28-foot Albatross tiny house by Rewild Homes w/ main-floor bedroom, two lofts, and a kitchen good enough for a chef!

Tiny house with ground floor bedroom plus two lofts by Rewild Homes

Images © Rewild Homes

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My husband and I were living in KCMO (Kansas City, MO) with our 2 kids and 2 pups.

Over-whelmed and not so happy with our high cost of living expenses we decided to look into different solutions.

We considered yurts and earth ships, yurts on earth ships, schoolies, and pretty much any other alternative living solution.

This is a guest post by Jilan Wise of Far Out Tiny Homes

Family Goes from 2500 Sq. Ft. to 200 Sq. Ft. Tiny House: Two Adults, Two Kids, and Two Pups in a THOW

Family Goes from 2500 Sq Ft to a Tiny House 001

Images © Far Out Tiny Homes

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This is the anti-minimalism tiny house on wheels, or, in other words, a maximalist tiny house.

This one has recently been featured on TeeHugger, Curbed, Apartment Threapy, etc. It’s a 190-square-foot tiny home with interior design by the Galeana Group, LLC. More info below.

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Tiny House Built for a Maximalist: The Anti-Minimalism Tiny Home?

Anti-Minimalist Tiny House: A Tiny Home Built for a Maximalist?

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This is the Australia Tiny House in Agnes Banks.

It’s a vacation tiny house near Sydney, Australia that starts at around $149 per night.

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Australia Tiny House Vacation near Sydney, Australia

Australia Tiny House in Agnes Banks near Sydney, Australia

Images via Airbnb/Tiny Away

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This is a gorgeous $100k tiny house with two main floor sleeping areas.

Walmart’s Allswell brand, which sells bedding, hired Modern Tiny Living to custom-build it.

Allswell is touring the country with the tiny home featuring the company’s mattresses and other bedding products with stops scheduled in New York City, Hoboken, Philadelphia, D.C., Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Dallas, Bentonville, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. So be on the lookout for it! More details below.

Since they figured some people will want the tiny house itself, you will be able to customize and buy it.

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Walmart Hires Modern Tiny Living to Build $100k Tiny House You Can Tour or Buy… To Create Awareness of their Allswell Mattress Brand

Beautiful Tiny House Interior with Main Floor Bedroom – Allswell Tiny House – By Modern Tiny Living

Images © Modern Tiny Living

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Meet John and Fin. They’re the Kernohans – a tiny house couple with a very inspiring story.

When John was diagnosed with a health condition, they quickly began re-prioritizing their life to make it their purpose to be of service to others.

So they left their big city lifestyles and went to the woods of Georgia over seven years ago.

This is where they built their foundation

A 304-square-foot off-grid tiny barn cabin known as the ‘Beloved Cabin’.

Then they designed and built their second tiny home…

A unique tiny house on wheels as a dedication to first responders that they could travel with.

The Kernohans are the founders of the United Tiny House Association where they have organized the largest tiny house festivals in the world…

And in doing so, have thus far raised over $500,000 for charities!

John and Fin’s ‘Tiny House Love Affair’ and Their Journey to Tiny Living

Our Tiny House Love Affair – John and Fin

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This is a Tiny House Giveaway to benefit the Kadima Animal Sanctuary.

One lucky winner gets to take ownership of the Sushi Tiny House you can see below.

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How to Win the Sushi Tiny House on Wheels – Kadima Animal Sanctuary THOW Giveaway!

Kadima Tiny House Giveaway – You Can Win This THOW

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