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Here’s a gorgeous new tiny house, the Adventure Model, built by Ark Tiny Homes in Ontario, Canada. At 20×8.5 feet, you get about 200 square feet of living space.

There’s a loft bedroom, galley kitchen, and a back bathroom with a one-piece shower stall. The living room in the front of the house is spacious enough for a small sectional. It’s for sale for $83,589.56 USD ($115,000 CAD).

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NOAH-Certified 200 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home

The Adventure Model by Ark Tiny Homes

Images © Ark Tiny Homes

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This is a beautiful modern farmhouse-style tiny home that’s for sale in Pennsylvania. At 32 feet long, it has plenty of room to fit in a first-floor bedroom! There’s also a loft, which is great if you need an office or have children.

The living room has plenty of space for a comfortable couch, and the compact kitchen fits all the major appliances. While the bathroom is on the smaller side, it has a nice tiled shower. You can buy it now for $142K.

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Modern Farmhouse-Style Tiny House with Loft & Bedroom

32′ Liv-Connected Via Farmhouse with Loft 1

Images © Atomic Homes

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Nicole’s tiny home is truly tiny at just 16 feet long and the road-legal 8 feet wide. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for with style and functionality!

There’s a compact living room when you first walk into the THOW, and then a galley kitchen complete with a drawer dishwasher! The back of the tiny house holds the bathroom with a small tub. Up in the loft, Nicole has a closet, twin bed and office space.

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Her Hunter Green Super Tiny Home

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A custom build from Fritz Tiny Homes, The MacDonald. It’s a 32’L x  8’6″ W x 13’6″H gooseneck tiny house on wheels. It features a full kitchen, beautiful living room, luxury bathroom with a soaking tub, tall master bedroom with home office, custom furniture, and built-in sound and projector system.

Check out the photo tour below and tell us what you think about this tiny house on wheels in the comments below!

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Spacious and Stylish: The Gooseneck Tiny House with 275 Sq. Ft. of Living Space

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Jesse is a therapist who works with clients of all ages and spends a lot of time doing telehealth appointments. She wanted to try out homeownership, but was nervous to do it with a big mortgage. So when a friend was selling their tiny house, she thought it would be the perfect “trial run” and she could pay it off in just four years.

Her second-hand THOW is a wonderful, homey space that largely consists of a big galley kitchen with lots of storage. She has a loft bedroom over the gooseneck that she can stand up in, as well as a guest loft with storage steps. Her living room has a cozy couch, and she installed a residential toilet and soaking tub in her bathroom after purchasing the tiny home.

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Her Standing-Room Loft and Soaking Tub

Therapist’s Homey Second-Hand THOW. 3

Images © Tiny Home Tours

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This is a never-been-done-before eOne model from ESCAPE that’s longer, wider, and taller than the standard eONE XL. That allows for 5 feet 1 inch of headroom in the main loft! It also adds a foot to the width of the THOW, making it feel extra spacious.

The living room has a built-in entertainment center with an electric fireplace. In the kitchen, you’ll find full-sized appliances (including a dishwasher) and an induction cooktop. And in the bathroom, you get a 5-foot long tiled shower stall and plenty of storage. Get it today for $155,565!

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Extra Long, Extra Wide, and Extra Tall eOne Model


Images © ESCAPE

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Here’s some beautiful new construction — a 24′ tiny house with your standard loft bedroom layout. You walk into the living room, where you can fit a futon or small couch. There’s a galley kitchen and a small bathroom with a shower stall and residential toilet.

The loft is particularly spacious, with enough room to fit a king-size mattress and still move around. Outside you’ll find a cool black and white exterior with a mix of clapboards and board and batten siding. What do you think?

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24′ Tiny House with a Modern Farmhouse Aesthetic and Futon

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The latest and greatest from Indigo River Tiny Homes is this stunning Homesteader Deluxe which the new owners dubbed, “Elsie.” At 399 square feet, it’s maxing out the definition of “tiny”!

The interior has two lofts, both accessible via storage stairs and featuring built-in storage cabinetry for clothing. The large bathroom has room for a washer/dryer unit as well as a residential toilet and corner shower, and there’s a lovely galley kitchen with all the necessary appliances. Let us know what you like about this one in the comments!

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Double Loft Tiny House on Wheels with Huge Bathroom

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Bai is Australian and Den is from the Netherlands. Their plans to be together were upended in 2020, and they wanted to hurry up and get back to Australia as lockdowns started closing borders — but they weren’t ready to buy a home. Instead, they bought a van to live in “until things got back to normal.” But they ended up falling in love with the lifestyle and upgrading to their dream rig!

Their beautiful yellow van includes a luxurious bathroom with an arched doorway, a kitchen with an oven, and a fixed double bed in the back. You’re going to love how they converted it! Enjoy the photo tour and hear from the couple about how they ended up loving van life.

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Their Beautiful Yellow Van!

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