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Man Designs and Builds Mobile Hot Tub Tiny House

If you like the idea of living in a tiny house but would rather have a hot tub tiny cabin on a trailer

Then you probably won’t be able to get this tiny house company out of your head because it has just that (see below).

Unfortunately this is not available in the United States right now because they’re still just a small company in Warwickshire, England.

And they specialize in designing and building these tiny cabin units for the growing glamping market.

But… you can “Like” and connect with them on Facebook right now if you want to connect with them online. They also have their own website.

Do take a look at this amazing micro cabin on a trailer below though.

Tiny Cabin on Trailer with Outdoor Hot Tub Built In

See the rest and be amazed below:

If you’d be willing to go to England you can actually stay in this tiny house since it’s a vacation rental. It’s called the Tinywood Two on their site.

They also have the Tinywood One that’s available as a rental that you can stay in (in England of course).

Learn more about Tinywood Homes at their website and their Facebook Page.

You can also learn about Aidan Reeve, the man behind the

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  • Avatar alice h

    Love it. Looks like a Snorkel hot tub http://snorkel.com/ so you could have your own. Not cheap though.

  • Avatar lauren

    How small are these cabins? My house is 630 sq feet. With a full unfinished basement. You cabin looks like a very cozy and efficient use of space. I really like it.

  • Avatar Cindy

    need someone to build this stateside!

  • Avatar Karen R

    REALLY nice and that is a great location in the UK. Plan to check this out.

  • Avatar susan

    Cute! I wouldn’t even move it!

  • Beautiful !!

  • Avatar nancy chisholm

    I have fallen inlove today ….with this tiny home , let alone the hot tub . I just love the bedroom design of 2 twins and then a full size..I can see myself living in this little home and feeling blessed!

  • Avatar john

    Love the idea, just not sure how practical it is when you need to move . . . drain the tub I guess . . . 😉

  • Avatar Dawn

    I love this tiny house especially with the hot tub and would be totally interested in buying one, more info please!

  • I like everything bizarre, originality line (outer tub, kitchenette) and materials.

  • Avatar Gigi

    Woot woot! Party house on wheels!

  • Avatar Carol

    I love this.. the inside is Gorgeous!!! And then you add the hot tub.. My dream home.. when are they going to build them here?

  • Avatar Russell

    I can’t believe there are no closer pics of the tub area .. this saddened me .. but I still like the house. It seems well thought out and executed. Oh .. meet me in the hot tub and please bring me another drink when you come.

  • Avatar Melissa

    Has this builder arrived in the states yet? Or at least sold his floor plan to anyone? Goodness, I didn’t think I loved a “tiny” enough to make a decision. Then I saw this one. DONE. SIGN ME UP! Absolutely stunning. Perfect for a family of four. Well, for a vacation home anyway. In 2014, we downsized from 5600sf (2800 upstairs, 2800 basement) to 1,000sf ranch. Two kids, myself, hubby, & two Weimaraners bigger than me. Even with downsizing our belongings to the bare necessities, it was challenging to get accustomed to. We’ve decided to wait until kids graduate before going “tiny” full time. Hats off to the families with young children who make it work!

  • Avatar ROSEE

    WOW! Very impressive! Three thumbs up!

  • When you like “something” and you feel like loving it, there are no
    comparison. The choice is unique….!:-)

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