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Tiny House Designs

Looking for the perfect tiny house design so you can live tiny? This is the right place because we feature hundreds of new tiny and small house designs every single year single 2010. Whether you’re looking for a tiny house on wheels, on a foundation, or any other compact housing alternative, you’ll probably run into it here!

Getting your tiny house design right is really about making the right choices for yourself when it comes to your home. Asking yourself the right questions… Like:

  • Do I want to sleep on the main level?
  • How much storage space do I need?
  • Do I want to be able to have a washer/dryer in my tiny house?
  • Do I want to sleep in a sleeping loft to create more space on the main level?
  • How big or how small do I want to go?
  • Should I build on wheels or on a foundation?
  • Or should I build on wheels but use the house permanently?
  • Should I go with a park model tiny house (~400 sq. ft.) or a tiny house on wheels (8.5-foot width limitation versus ~10-ft for park models)
  • Do I want to have a dedicated workspace?
  • How much multi-functional space should I have?
  • What are my options when it comes to multi-functional furniture in tiny homes?

These are all great questions. And you can uncover many of the answers for yourself in the pages ahead. Please let me know if you have any questions and be sure to join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more!

Their Custom Mountain Tiny Home 2 Beds 2 Baths 14

Two Bed Two Bath 10×40 Tiny House

Incredible Tiny Homes has several communities offering different levels of privacy, lot sizes, and rent prices. The Mountain has some truly spectacular lots that are private and spacious. Bill and Carmen snagged one of the lots before the electricity and plumbing made it up there, so they live entirely off-grid right now. Bill has done [...]

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Little Italy Tiny House Community

Little Italy Tiny House Community: Corcoran, CA

Here’s a new-to-us community that’s developing beautifully in Corcoran, California. The community is only available right now to people who purchase homes from Pacifica Tiny Homes, and the cost is your house payment plus utilities. They do plan to expand in the future. You have your own little lot where you can put up a [...]

Couple and Newborn in Super Stylish Skoolie 7

Musician’s 7 Years in a Tiny House

Annie wanted to pursue her music career more seriously, so she decided to downsize into a tiny house on wheels! This traditional-style THOW has been her home outside of Portland, Oregon for almost 7 years now. She has room for her instruments and a little area to work from home. Her loft has about 4 [...]

limited edition eOnes For Sale

Limited Edition eOne Tiny Homes with Large Lofts

Get excited for this limited edition eOne recently released by Escape in Tampa, Florida! This home has windows that are a foot larger than the standard eOne windows — and what an amazing difference it makes in the amount of light coming into the home. This model has all-electric appliances, including an induction cooktop and [...]

Artistic THOW in Incredible Village For Sale 2

Tennessee Tiny House with $200/mo Lot Rent For Sale

Are you looking to go tiny but need an affordable monthly rent? Here’s a 12×20 tiny house for sale at The Grove community in the Incredible Tiny Homes village in Newport, Tennessee. The rent is only $200 per month (you will need approval before moving in), making your month-to-month expenses relatively low. The house has [...]

NOAH Certified THOW The Genesis 16

16 Foot Genesis Tiny House by Dragon Tiny Homes

In this economy, it’s nearly impossible to get a professionally built tiny house for less than $35,000, but Dragon Tiny Homes in Georgia is filling that void with its array of 16′ micro homes. The Genesis is one of their newest layouts, which includes everything needed for compact living. The small living room can accommodate [...]

Her Tiny Home Decorated with Books! 3322

Her Book-Filled Tiny Home

Lee has always loved tiny spaces, even living in a sailboat for some time, but she ultimately chose a normal home while raising her daughter in order to give her a stable childhood. For 15 years she planned the perfect empty nester space, including a room for her daughter “just in case.” And good thing [...]