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If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a home from ESCAPE, you should book a stay in this ESCAPE-built tiny house that sits in a woodland clearing in the Catskills.

The interior is very true-to-ESCAPE, without much embellishment, and therefore stunning. Personally I love the catwalk that connects the two lofts. That makes it easy for a family to have a vacation there and still have access to the kids. Enjoy the photo tour below, book your stay on Airbnb, and learn about ordering your own ESCAPE tiny house below!

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ESCAPE Tiny House Vacation in the Catskills

Tonga Modern Catskills Cabin 16

Images via Airbnb/Mark

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In her 20s, Carly decided she wanted to start her own business as an esthetician, but needed an affordable living situation to make that happen. So she decided to go tiny. She worked with a local professional builder to create the shell, and then she finished the interior with the help of family and friends.

You walk into the “heart” of her home in the kitchen, where she has butcher block counter tops and a huge sink she can even wash her dog in. To one side is her bathroom, complete with a flushing toilet, and to the other side is her cozy living room with a great couch that converts to a guest bed.

She has a loft bedroom with tons of clothing storage, and hanging plants to finish it all off. Take the video tour below!

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Carly & Her Dog in Their THOW

Entrepreneur’s Tiny House Built from Shell 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is a $6,000 tiny house on wheels near Nashville, Tennessee for sale that was built with reclaimed materials.

The tiny house doesn’t look perfect but still seems like it could work for the right person who’s handy and may want to customize and make improvements to it. Take a look and let us know what you’d do to make it better in the comments!

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$6k Tiny House For Sale Near Nashville

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This couple purchased a plot of land in the Pacific Northwest that happened to have a tiny house shell and trailer already onsite! Since he’s a master carpenter and she has experience in interior decorating, they decided to finish it themselves and sell their creation.

The result is a unique blend of modern, industrial and Scandinavian design elements that really meld into a masterpiece. I’m in love with it! And it’s for sale!

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Master Carpenter and Interior Decorator Couple Finish This Tiny House Shell To Sell 🙂

Alexandra Boyd’s 270 Sq Ft THOW For Sale 19

Images via Alexandra Boyd

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I came across this Polish tiny house company and wanted to share some of their tiny house models with you! This one, called the “Porto” is one of their larger models. It clocks in at 271 square feet, and they offer both a basic and comfort version depending on your budget.

This particular version of the home has pine clapboards on the ceilings, walls and floors, which contrast nicely with the darker cabinets and furniture they chose to put inside. There’s a 3/4 bathroom on one end, and a living area with a wardrobe on the other.

This home can sleep up to 6 people between the two lofts, and the couch downstairs. Take a look!

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Aurora Company in Poland Creates Sleek 23-Ft. Tiny Home on Wheels


Images via Aurora Company

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IKEA is giving away the ESCAPE tiny house they decorated through an online scavenger hunt on their Instagram.

The contest giveaway details are outlined on their website on how to register to win the tiny house on wheels. You have to go on an online scavenger hunt to find six secret letters to be able to submit an essay and enter to win. Sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it?

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Win the IKEA Tiny House (2021)

Win the IKEA ESCAPE Tiny House 002

Images via IKEA

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