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Wee Nook Hobbit-Style Cabin in Tennessee

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Maybe you disagree, but I don’t think I’ll ever tire of looking at Hobbit Holes! Each has unique features, but all call back to the source material with round doors, wooden accents, and a warm and cozy vibe.

This one in Tennessee is no exception. The 360-square-foot space is a great spot to unwind and unplug. There’s no TV or internet access, but “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” trilogy are available indoors. A queen bed, kitchen, and bathroom with a stone shower stall provide all you need for a weekend getaway. What do you think?

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360 Sq. Ft. Underground Vacation Home

The entrance is guarded by a Gandalf statue.

It features the quintessential round door!

It opens into the living room area.

The living room is to the right, and the kitchen to the left.

Here’s what the door look like from the inside.

The open kitchen has seating for two.

I love the curved windows!

The rounded exposed beams add so much character.

The bed and couch share the main space.

Snuggle up in the queen-sized bed at night.

The stone shower stall feels magical.

Lots of wood accent throughout.

Here’s the doorway to the bathroom.

There’s a lovely firepit at the top of the hole.

A pretty garden space decorates the back of the home.

Some reading is provided, which is great since the house has no TV or internet.

This is the Rock ‘n Refuge map.

There’s firewood for the pit.


Wee Nook is a 360 sq foot house with a full kitchen, bath, queen bed and sofa. It boasts the most quiet spot on our property, with a lovely pavilion for outdoor sitting in the middle of the woods. The hobbit hole has a live roof, and several eatable plantings around this space for enjoying in spring and summer months. The fire pit in back allows guests to sit back and listen to nature while enjoying “nature’s tv” (a fire).

Guests can enjoy walking the trails around and through the property. As well as visiting the pond for fishing and swimming, the horses and highland cows.

We have a cream and white dog, LeeLoo, that has free range of the property. She will most likely greet you upon your arrival or join you on your walk. She’s very sweet and social, she just wants to meet everyone! She will bark.

**There is NO INTERNET OR TV in this space. There is also VERY LITTLE CELL PHONE SERVICE! We recommend bringing books, games, journals or small hobbies. If weather is supposed to be rainy you might consider bringing a computer with movies DOWNLOADED on it. (Or one with dvd capabilities.)

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This post contains affiliate links.

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