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Life in his Self-Converted Chevy Camaro Camper

Imagine living in a car, not just any car, but a Chevy Camaro. Yes, you read that right. One man has taken the concept of tiny living to a whole new level by converting his Camaro into a fully functional living space.

His Camaro is not just a place to sleep, but also a place to cook. The owner has ingeniously installed a propane burner in the car, which he uses to cook delicious meals. He even has a carbon monoxide detector and a propane leak monitor installed to ensure safety while cooking. Would you ever consider a car camper setup like this? If it can be done with a Camaro, what car can’t be turned into a camper? 

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Stealth Camping in a Chevy Camaro: The Ultimate in Minimalist Living

In a recent YouTube video, he demonstrated how he cooks a steak in his car. He starts by visiting a local butcher shop to pick up a fresh steak. Then, he returns to his car, parked in a busy downtown area, and begins the cooking process. He puts up window covers for privacy and then sets up his propane burner.

Despite being in a busy area, he manages to cook his meal without attracting undue attention, thanks to his stealth camping techniques. He even takes the bold step of rolling down the windows halfway through the cooking process to see if anyone notices.

The result is a deliciously cooked steak, seasoned with salt, pepper, rosemary, and thyme. He even takes the steak back to the butcher to show off his cooking skills. The butcher is impressed, and so are we.

After enjoying his meal, he cleans up his cooking equipment using a sponge and dish soap. He also has a system for dealing with the smell of food in the car. He often makes coffee, which acts as an odor neutralizer, ensuring that the car doesn’t smell like food the next day.

When it comes to parking for the night, he chooses spots carefully. He looks for areas with no parking restrictions and prefers locations he’s familiar with. He also likes to park near people he knows, just in case he needs assistance.

Living in a car might not be for everyone, but this man has shown that it’s possible to live comfortably and cook delicious meals in a Chevy Camaro. It’s a testament to the possibilities of tiny living and a fascinating example of how to live minimally without sacrificing comfort or safety.

VIDEO: How he secretly lives in his $6,000 tiny camper car


  • The man lives in a self-converted Chevy Camaro, demonstrating a unique approach to tiny living.
  • He has installed a propane burner in his car, transforming it into a functional kitchen.
  • Safety measures such as a carbon monoxide detector and a propane leak monitor are in place for safe cooking.
  • He demonstrated cooking a steak in his car, using simple ingredients and cooking techniques.
  • Despite cooking in a busy downtown area, he managed to remain unnoticed due to his stealth camping techniques.
  • After enjoying his meal, he has an effective cleanup system and uses coffee as an odor neutralizer.
  • He carefully selects his parking spots, considering factors like parking restrictions, familiarity with the area, and proximity to acquaintances.
  • This story highlights the possibilities of tiny living and shows how one can live minimally without sacrificing comfort or safety.

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This video on Solar Camper Car/YouTube | More Solar Camper Car Videos | Follow him on Instagram @solarcampercar

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  • Rose
    May 22, 2023, 6:13 pm

    Well… now THAT’S a little bit too tiny for me. Like… I toss and turn like a rotisserie chicken when I sleep so that would be very uncomfortable, but kudos to this gent for pulling it off!!! Proof that necessity is the mother (or father) of invention!!!

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