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The Venice Unique Micro Home w: Breezewa 13

$15K Micro House on Wheels with Built-in Breezeway

After looking at tiny homes every day for years, it takes a lot to surprise us! But this lime green micro tiny house is truly one of a kind. The unique layout includes a bathroom and bedroom, completely separated by a mini patio area/breezeway — but it’s all built on one 12-foot trailer. The budget [...]

Cedar Cabin Sprinter Van Conversion 001

2023 Cedar Cabin Sprinter Van Conversion

Hey there, fellow tiny house and van life enthusiasts! Today, I stumbled upon a listing that made me do a bit of a double-take, and I just had to share it with you. Imagine hitting the open road, with all the comforts of home packed into a sleek, modern van. Sounds like a dream, right? [...]

Nomad 30 Tiny House Minimaliste 6

Minimaliste 30 Foot Nomad Tiny House

While some tiny homes are designed to be mobile if you *have* to move them, this tiny house by Minimaliste is designed to go anywhere, much like an RV, but with amazing luxury finishes and expert craftsmanship. It can sleep up to five, making it a great choice for family vacationing (or cross-country travel). The [...]

Their Amazing RV Lifestyle Working Full Time

Their Amazing RV Lifestyle Working Full Time

Beth and Court were living in a normal house together when they both decided it was time for a new adventure. How fun would it be if they could travel? Within an hour, they’d decided to sell their home and buy an RV! Their tiny house journey began in a travel trailer, but they wanted [...]

Blinded at 12 – Her Camper Conversion 3

From Homeless to Van Life and a Camper

Vanessa had a rough childhood and lost sight in one of her eyes at the age of 12 due to abuse. Later in life, she found herself homeless, and #vanlife was her ticket out of that life. As her YouTube channel has grown, she’s increased her income enough that she was able to purchase a [...]

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Interior Designer Shares Her Cozy RV Tiny Home 1

Interior Designer’s $20K Vintage RV Conversion

Sarah’s first taste of nomadic life came when she took a lengthy road trip, moving from New York to California. She had a tiny house life ruminating in her brain for years, and when she was laid off in 2020, she decided to take the plunge and use all her savings to buy a vintage [...]

South African Couple Build Homestead w: a Caravan

Their $16K Off-Grid Caravan Home in South Africa

Alice & Ambrose wanted to try out an off-grid lifestyle in South Africa, and they have truly made it happen! Even without electricity (or solar!) they’ve been thriving with their rainwater catchment system, wood-fired hot water tank, large garden, and storage shed for overflow pantry goods and clothing. All in all, they’ve spent about $16,000 [...]

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Her Amazing Lazy Daze Camper Life!

Her Amazing Lazy Daze Camper Life!

Samantha had been searching for the perfect van for nearly a year when she decided to pivot and start looking at RVs. Believe it or not, her neighbor was selling his amazing ’95 Lazy Daze, and immediately upon entering, she knew she wanted it! It took her a couple of years before she hit the [...]

93′ Toyota Camper Turned Cute Tiny Home 3

93′ Toyota Camper Turned Cute Tiny Home

John Luke and Jackie were tired of never seeing each other because of their work schedules. When they found a ’93 Toyota campervan for sale, they thought they’d just “look at it.” But they ended up purchasing it on the spot! After that, they began the process of overhauling the interior, and eventually adding fiberglass [...]

She Rebuilt This Truck Camper from the Foam Up! 4

She Rebuilt This Truck Camper from the Foam Up!

Alexandria has been living on the road for a number of years and has tried out nearly all the nomadic vehicle options. First, it was a camper van conversion, then a skoolie, and now a truck camper! Despite the camper being known for its water-tightness, Alexandria found after purchasing it that it was largely rotted, [...]

Former Professional Theatre People Traveling North America w: Kids in an RV 11

Family & Pets Enjoying Cross-Country Road Trip

The O’Phalen family was just going to enjoy a summer away exploring a remote part of Maine, but that led to a year staying in Airbnbs which finally led them to RV life! They contacted us to share their awesome RV conversion and tell us more about their life. Enjoy hearing from them below. Don’t [...]

Touring as Musicians After Losing Gov’t Contract

Touring as Musicians After Losing Gov’t Contract

Steve and Raena were living a typical American life and Steve had a great job as a government contractor where he made lots of money. But when 2020 hit, the government cancelled the contract and Steve had no work. But instead of getting depressed, the couple jumped at what they saw as an opportunity to [...]

Empty-Nesters Ditched 3600 Sq. Ft. Home to Travel. 2.jpg 2

From 3600-sq.-ft. to RV Life as Empty Nesters

Brian and Teresa decided to hit the road in a new fifth wheel motorhome instead of living as empty-nesters in a 3,600 square foot home. While that downsize might seem drastic, they’ve loved the past two years they’ve spent seeing the country! Their RV has a luxurious main bedroom, full bathroom and a dedicated office [...]

Their Uncluttered Life in a Stationary RV 2

Their Clutter-Free Stationary RV Life with Summer Travel

Tammy and Donny separately came across videos of people living in their RVs and decided they wanted to try RV travel for themselves. Originally they purchased an RV just for vacations, but after 2020 hit, Donny retired, and they decided to sell their home and move into the RV full-time! They actually live in the [...]

They Built a Shipping Container Cabin & Live in an RV! 19

Their Shipping Container Cabin and RV Life

Hillary and Kris found their way into nomadic life somewhat slowly. It started with a shipping container conversion passion project and ended a few years later with selling their home and purchasing a Class A RV. To date, they’ve traveled to 38 states and have no intentions of going back to sticks-and-bricks anytime soon. Both [...]

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Family of 4 Sells 2600 Sq. Ft. Home for 5th Wheel Life

Home on Wheels: A Family’s 50-Day Transition to RV Living

After Brianna and Tyler went on a travel trailer vacation with their two kids, Tyler jokingly said, “I wish we could do this all the time.” Back then, he was working 12-hour days at the office and Brianna was struggling to manage her job, her kids, and taking care of a 2,600-square-foot home. So that [...]

Full-Time RV Life After a Stroke 3

Full-Time RV Life After a Stroke

Like so many others, the events of 2020 changed the trajectory for Libby and Alex. Instead of going to concerts all summer, they purchased an RV and started traveling. Alex also suffered a stroke at 25 which changed his perspective on life. After they went on a 6-week honeymoon exploring the Northwest, they couldn’t go [...]

Family Ditches Thankless Job for Full Time RV Life 25

Trading the 9-to-5 for Adventure: A Family’s Transition from Big House to Tiny RV

Like so many of the families we’ve interviewed, this family of five had the American Dream — the big house, lots of “toys” and plenty of stuff — but it came at the hefty cost of the dad working lots of hours and missing valuable time with his family. They already owned an RV and [...]

Vintage Caravan Life for Family of 5 2

Vintage Caravan Life for Family of 5

Digby and the Lullaby are a musical duo with three adorable children who all now live in a vintage caravan, traveling around South Africa. The caravan sat unused for 40+ years and was in great condition, meaning most of the interior is original (or replaced with materials from the 70s). The caravan has a kitchen, [...]

Former Military Family Reconnecting Through RV Life 12

Former Military Family Reconnecting with RV Life

The Russel family used to be separated by husband Justin’s military career. He spent the first 5+ years of his children’s lives deployed overseas, and he needed time with them again! RV life was the ticket – it brought the family back together, making new amazing memories. They’ve actually lived in and renovated 3 different [...]

Fully-Renovated 40′ Keystone Montana High Country

Fully-Renovated 40′ 5th Wheel Travel Trailer

Christine is selling the lovely 40′ Keystone Montana High Country that she renovated. She’s made some great upgrades to the rig, which you’re sure to enjoy. The motorhome has a large living area/kitchen, a secondary sitting room/office, and a spacious bedroom in the gooseneck. Oh, and did I mention there are two bathrooms in this [...]

Family of 5 in 28 ft. RV Conversion 3

Family of 5 in 28 ft. RV Conversion

Tatyana has a year of maternity leave in Canada, and she and her husband, Miguel, decided to use that time to try out nomadic life! The couple converted a 28 ft. RV into a cozy home on wheels for themselves and their three children. After a life-long career in the oil industry, Miguel has changed [...]

MoonLander Overland Truck Shell Campers by Radica 001

MoonLander Truck Shell Campers

It’s a brand-new day in the world of tiny houses and mobile living! Today, we bring you a game-changer in the market for truck bed campers: the MoonLander by RADICA starting at only $5,500. If you’ve been exploring a lifestyle centered around camping, road trips, or nomadic living, this truck shell camper might just be [...]

Itasca REYO 25R Class A Diesel 001

This 25-ft. Class A Diesel Motorhome Gets 17MPG!

Are you dreaming of hitting the open road and embarking on a grand adventure? Consider this preowned Itasca REYO 25R Class A Diesel motorhome for sale in Port Charlotte, Florida, which we recently stumbled upon on Craigslist. Priced at $65,000, this compact class A motorhome offers an interesting option for those seeking the freedom and [...]