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Captain Tucker’s Escape to Baja in His Class A RV 2

Captain Tucker’s Escape to Baja in His Class A RV

It’s so secret that restaurant owners/workers/chefs work long, tiring hours. And during the past few years, it’s been harder than ever to navigate the ever-changing laws and restrictions. For Captain Tucker, he thought buying an RV to put behind his restaurant where he could catch naps during his 14-hour days would be enough to restore [...]

Super Moody 2008 Chevrolet Express Conversion 8

Super Moody 2008 Chevrolet Express Conversion

In a world where almost every van/tiny house/big house is “bright and airy,” it’s pretty fun to come across something stylish and — dark! The moody interior of this 2008 Chevrolet Express feels cozy and stylish in it’s own way, proving that you can use dark colors in a small space. I also love how [...]

Vintage Airstream Tiny House in Austin Texas Village 0011

Vintage Airstream Tiny House in Austin, Texas Village

This is a vintage Airstream tiny house in an Austin, Texas village. It’s part of the Community Inn of tiny homes at Community First Village (a community where they help house and restore the formerly homeless) and you can actually book a stay here. What do you think? Have you ever considered renovating or buying an Airstream? [...]

Shuttle Bus Conversion with Roof Deck for 59k 001

Shuttle Bus Conversion with Roof Deck for $59,000

This is a shuttle bus conversion with a roof deck for $59,000. It’s listed over at the Tiny House Marketplace by Zander out of Las Vegas, Nevada. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny houses for sale like this, join our Free Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter for more! Shuttle Bus Conversion with [...]

From 4 Years of VanLife to 2022 RV 5th Wheel on the Water 6

From 4 Years of Van Life to New 5th Wheel RV on the Water

Earlier we shared Jasper’s awesome box truck conversion that he lived in on and off for about four years. At the start of 2022, he made a major life shift and purchased a fifth wheel (brand new!) which he is living in with his girlfriend, two dogs, and soon-to-be baby! Even though their fifth wheel [...]

Mid-Century Modern THOW w Micro Gym!

Modern, Mid-Century Tiny House w/ its own Gym!

When you’re serious about fitness, finding room for your Peloton bike, weights and yoga equipment is a priority. Ashleigh and Elyse seamlessly incorporated their wellness areas into their 360 sq. ft. tiny house, adding a micro gym next to their bathroom. The mid-century modern tiny house was inspired by A-frames and has a dramatic sloping [...]

Parents and FOUR Young Kids Full-Time RVing 2

Parents and Four Kids Life in an RV

This family had been living in Zanzabar before COVID-19 sent them back to the United States. The family quickly fell into “typical” middle-class American life but were unsatisfied. Eventually, they decided to take a family trip, but when they found their awesome Class A RV, they ended up renovating it and traveling full-time. Wait until [...]

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Retired Military Family Moves Into an RV Full-Time 2

Retired Military Family Moves Into an RV Full-Time

Kelly and Tamarr served in the Air Force and Marine Corps, but when it was time to retire, they decided to do something different and live in an RV while homeschooling their son. It gives them the freedom to travel the continent (they were in Baja during this video tour) and grow closer as a [...]

From Backpacking to Vehicle Life to Airstream Conversion 2

From Backpacking and Van Life to an Airstream Conversion

Matt and Amanda met at Burning Man and soon after backpacked through South America together. After that experience, they decided to van-life it together for a few years before sharing a house with Amanda’s sister. But when 2020 came, they decided it was time to travel again — this time in a more luxurious rig. [...]

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Her Fourth Tiny Rig 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon 3

Her Fourth Tiny Rig: 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon

Halle’s first introduction to #vanlife was actually in her Kia Soul which she used to travel the entire country for 3 months. The experience left her wanting more, and she eventually decided to jump into full-time nomadic living. She had two other rigs, including a Sprinter she shared with a former partner, and then downsized [...]

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5 Slide-Out RV Life For Former Military Couple 2

Retired Military Couple’s RV Life

Patty & Shane spent a large portion of their military days stationed overseas. Eventually, they purchased a huge 3,500 square foot home where they were living happily until they got a taste of RV life! Now that Shane is retired, they have downsized into just 400 square feet and are enjoying traveling across the country. [...]

Chad and Pauls Storyteller Camper Van Tour via Tiny Home Tours 002

Chad and Paul’s Storyteller Van Life

This is the story of Chad and Paul’s Storyteller Van Life with their 4×4 Sprinter Storyteller Overland Stealth Mode! After having another van, they traded up for a Storyteller Overland in Stealth Mode which features a unique and highly functional layout that they are much happier with. The campervan also features a unique interior shower [...]

Roger and Melissas The Custom Rustic Van Conversion by Drifter Vans 002

The Custom ‘Rustic Cabin’ Van Conversion by Drifter Vans

This is a ‘Rustic Cabin’ custom van conversion by Drifter Vans, a camper van builder out of Detroit, Michigan. The van has a kitchen, bathroom, and plenty of lounging and storage space. From the outside, it looks like a cargo van with some extra windows and an awning, but when you go inside it looks [...]

Family of 3’s Toy Hauler Tiny Home Reno 2

Family of 3 went tiny with a 5th Wheel Camper Remodel

Amber and Jaylyn first decided on RV life when it was just the two of them — he’s a Marine and they wanted to spend money on something that was theirs, rather than paying for base housing with every move. It also fits their minimalist mindset. While they did buy a larger toy hauler when [...]

DIY Beautifully Renovated 1993 RV 2

They Remodeled This Water-Damaged 1993 Toyota Motorhome

Jonluc and Jackie took on the awesome project of renovating this 1993 camper that was filled with water damage. It was a challenge to take something meant for transient weekend travel and transform it into a sturdy full-time home. But they did a great job! Like most Class C travel trailers, their bed is over [...]

Former Foster Parents’ Class C Renovation

Former Foster Parents’ Class C Renovation

Chris and Lindsay are one remarkable couple! They both traveled independently extensively before meeting and marrying each other (in just 9 months!). Three years into marriage they started fostering 8 children, which they loved. But when the children were placed in new homes they decided to fulfill a long-time dream of traveling from Alaska to [...]

Family of 3 (Soon to be 4!) RV Travel Life 2

Family of 3 (Soon to be 4) go from 3-Bedroom Home to RV Life

Katelyn and Katie owned a 3-bedroom home and two cars, but decided it was time to simplify! The couple and their daughter had an RV renovated by Our Lively Tribe RV Renovations, moved in and then started traveling to National Parks. The home has a super cool kids’ room, extra comfy couch-bed for snuggles, and [...]


Four Years of Fifth Wheel Living in Nashville

Four years ago, Kirs and Devin wanted to escape the rising rent in Nashville and decided to go tiny and move into a fifth wheel. They renovated that one, and later moved into a toy hauler. Most recently the couple purchased a gorgeous 44 ft. fifth wheel that hasn’t needed any work and they are [...]


Dustin’s Stealth Micro Van Life

This is Dustin Klein and his DIY 2020 ProMaster City van conversion. He built a stealth tiny house in the 131.7 cubic ft of cargo space in the van. It’s pretty amazing! Have you ever considered a smaller van build like this? Don’t miss other interesting stories like this, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter [...]

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Freedom Vessel Balboa Motorhome For Sale 001

Vintage, Original Balboa Motorhome Built on 1970s Dodge Van Chassis

This is a rare, vintage, and original Balboa motorhome camper van conversion built on a 1970s Dodge van chassis. It looks to be in really good condition inside and out. It’s located in Encinitas, California, and listed for $33,000 $27,000 by Freedom Vessel on Van Life Trader. Learn more below! Don’t miss other vans and [...]

Jonathan and Curtis’ 100% Solar Bus Life Retirement 2

Jonathan and Curtis’ 100% Solar Bus Life Retirement

Jonathan and Curtis’ tiny house journey didn’t start off smoothly. They had a box truck all ready to go for their two-year travel adventure only for it to burn up two weeks before they set off. So they got an RV and tried that out for a few months before deciding they wanted a bus [...]

1987 Toyota Winnebago Completely Rebuilt 6

1987 Toyota Winnebago Completely Rebuilt For Sale

Now this is a fun renovation! According to the builder, they stripped this 1987 Winnebago down to the truck frame and rebuilt the entire camper. While he was able to salvage some of the original appliances, everything else is new. And that comes with benefits! Firstly, no mold. Secondly, he used low-or-no VOC materials to [...]

Move-in Ready RV Conversion with Low Miles $28K 8

Motorhome Renovation For $28K

Want to hit the road right away? This RV renovation in Tennessee looks like a great fit. With just 50K miles, it should still have plenty of life left to take you wherever you want to go. Inside it has a creamy white paint, subway tiles, faux leather accents and some gorgeous, bold wallpaper. The [...]

Toy Hauler Turned DIY Camper 13

DIY Toy Hauler Turned Into Vintage Tiny House

This couple bought a homemade toy hauler and turned it into a tiny house/camper with adorable 1950s vintage flair. The before & after is truly impressive. From rusty and dingy to quaint and cozy. Enjoy the photos below. Don’t miss other super-awesome campers like this – join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Before [...]

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