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How These Veterans Ended Up in This Awesome RV

Why These Navy Veterans Chose Truck Camper Life For Now

Rebecca and Stuart were stationed together in Cuba while in active Navy service, and then spent three years long-distance when they were stationed in two different places. Once they left the military, they weren’t ready to buy a house and didn’t know where they wanted to settle down, so living in an RV seemed like [...]

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RV Life From 5 Year Plan to 8 Month Plan 8

They Sold Everything And Moved Into This Motorhome

Meet Anne and Brian, a couple who had originally planned to live on their sailboat but ended up trading it for a motorhome instead. Anne realized that she loved the land too much to live on the water full-time, so they started discussing other options, which eventually led them to full-time RVing sooner. They sold [...]

Content Creators & Family in Their 2021 RV 2

Content Creators & Family in Their 2021 RV

Dan and Sam are content creators (Dan has a hunting podcast and Sam has documented her surrogacy journey) who decided it was time to hit the road in their 2021 RV. Because the RV was newer, they haven’t had to do much to it to enjoy it! Their two kids have a bunk over the [...]

2002 Sunnybrook Fifth Wheel Boho Chic Renovation 16

2002 Sunnybrook Boho Chic Fifth Wheel Renovation

Here’s a fun renovation for you — a 2002 Sunnybrook Fifth Wheel completely overhauled with a beautiful boho chic flair. The changes are mostly cosmetic, and they add so much to this rig! You do get a woodstove with this one, which is a lovely and cozy addition. It’s rather heavy and built more for [...]

How Family Tragedy Led this Couple to Part Time VanLife. 7

Married Couple’s Portugal Camper Van Life

Mónica and João are an amazing couple who have overcome a lot of adversity in the last seven years! They now live part-time in an adorable camper conversion. I’ll let them tell their story…. Having a motorhome was an old dream of ours. When we met, about 7 years ago, we immediately arranged a trip [...]

Her Second Vanlife, Now in Scotland

Her Second Vanlife, Now in Scotland

Some 20 years ago, Vari spent time traveling around Australia in a campervan. A couple of years ago, she found herself ready to return to that lifestyle, so she found an RV and converted it into an off-grid rig to enable her to travel around her native Scotland. She travels with her adorable dog, and [...]

Tiny Home Built on a Humvee Chasis 3

Tiny Home Built on a Humvee Chassis

Mr. Wolf originally convinced his wife into a skoolie conversion, so long as he built it out like a home. But after some trips, they realized it couldn’t get them where they wanted to go! So Mr. Wolf had an idea – build a 4×4 Overlanding rig on a Humvee chassis. Using aluminum and marine-grade [...]


They Gutted & Rebuilt This 70s Class C Campervan

Allison and Eric started off backpacking around the world, and when their backs started hurting, they turned to suitcase travel. But in 2020, they decided to fulfill their longtime dream of renovating a vintage RV and finally seeing the United States! They didn’t realize upon purchasing their 70s Class C campervan that it had so [...]

Family of 7 Living Full-Time RV Life for 3 Years 4

Family of 7 Living Full-Time RV Life for 3 Years

You might think a family of 7 would try out tiny living for a few months and discover it just doesn’t work, but that wasn’t the case for this family! They’ve been on the road now in two different RVs for more than 3 years. They renovated their current 370-square-foot rig to work for their [...]

Military Truck Overlander w Airplane Cockpit 3

Military Truck Overlander w/ Airplane Cockpit

Parker and Isabelle wanted to do something different, and none of the rigs they could find really fit their needs — so they went wild and took a military truck base, a shelter pod and a whole lot of ingenuity to create a massive overlanding vehicle home that can fit all their outdoor toys and [...]

1957 Vintage Aljo 13

Beautifully Renovated 1957 Vintage Aljo

Renovated vintage campers have so much charm and make great options for travelling around the country. This 1957 Vintage Aljo has been totally overhauled, and the result is a comfortable and bright camper. It has a dinette, a couch that becomes a bed and a little kitchen area in the middle. It’s for sale right [...]


From 3,000 Sq. Ft. Home to RV Motorhome w/ 3 Teens!

Would you sell your 3,000-square-foot home to move into an RV with your three teenagers? Well, that’s what the Smith family did — four years ago! And they’re still going strong, visiting as many National Parks as possible and gathering Junior Ranger badges along the way. Their Class A Motorhome has all the bells and [...]

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hitch hotel 4

You Can Tow this Collapsible Camper w/ Any Vehicle

Are you looking for weekend adventures but not in the mood to set up tents but also don’t have the space to store an RV? That’s where the father-and-son duo that came up with the idea for the Hitch Hotel found themselves a few years ago. And they decided to do something about it. The [...]

Family’s 500 sq. ft. Barndominium Home, Gym & Workshop

Family’s 500 sq. ft. Barndominium: Home, Gym & Workshop

Igor was working as a police officer in Massachusetts and had little time for his family. He and his wife Cassie decided it was time for a major change, and after a long road ended up renovating RVs, buying property in Texas, and building their own “Barndominium” to house their home, gym, and workshop. With [...]

Welcoming a Baby into their Airstream Life 3

Welcoming a Baby into their Airstream Life

You might remember this tour of Lauren & Daniel’s 2021 Airstream Classic before they welcomed baby Dash into the world. Now that they’re parents, their RV life has made some adjustments. They dedicated part of the living space and two cabinets to a nursery. Additionally, they are taking travel much slower — and boondocking less [...]

Airstream Sabbatical for this Adventuring Couple 3

Touring the U.S. with their 1965 Airstream Globetrotter

Kandace grew up camping as a kid, and when she met Justin she was interested in hopping back into it. So the couple purchased a teardrop camper and enjoyed weekend trips, but wanted to do more! So Kandace sold her home, and they sold most of their belongings, quit their jobs, and decided to take [...]

Family’s Class A RV Conversion with a Playroom

Family’s Class A RV Conversion with a Playroom

The Briles family couldn’t have been more tied down to their standard suburban lifestyle in Texas. They had the job, the house, the cars — but something was missing in their pursuit of the American Dream. So they sold everything and purchased a Class A RV which they transformed into a home on wheels. The [...]

Family of 5s Toy Hauler Overhaul 9

A family of 5 living in a toy hauler RV for 2 years!

This family of five (soon to be six!) has been living in their renovated toy hauler now for about two years. They got started on the tiny living journey when husband Troy became a travel nurse — an RV allowed his wife Elizabeth and their three girls to take home wherever he went for work! [...]

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Box Truck Tiny House in Las Vegas 001

Stealth Box Truck Tiny House with Unique Rear Deck

This is a box truck tiny house for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s built out of a 2007 Mitsubishi Fuso FE 140 with 220,000 miles currently on the odometer and offered for $65,000 over at Conversion Trader (now sold). Have you ever considered a box truck conversion? Check it out and learn more below! [...]

Selling Everything to Live Better in beelzebus 17

Four Years of Van Life in Scandinavia

Katja & Björn have been traveling Scandinavia in their self-converted van — named Beelzebus — for nearly 4 years now! Most recently they purchased a garage/workshop in Gotland (where they have family) which they’ve been renovating to act as a rental property and a spot they can stay when they come home. Below they share [...]

Family Healing in Their RV Conversion 2

Family Healing in Their Motorhome Renovation

Travis had mentioned the idea of RV living, and his wife, Yanai, was having none of it. But a few years later, Yanai lost her dad and the world had changed, allowing Travis to work remotely. She had a change of heart and needed a project to help her process her grief — so the [...]

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Marty the RV Build For Colder Weather

Marty the RV Build For Colder Weather

After a job loss, these college sweethearts sold everything they owned and decided to leave “normal” life behind, find remote work, and renovate an RV fit to take them to the slopes! Since most RVs aren’t winter-proofed, it took a lot of creativity to insulate and protect their rig enough to withstand a winter of [...]

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Family of 5 Living Debt Free in Renovated RV 3

Family of 5 Living Debt-Free in Renovated Motorhome

When Chuck mentioned the idea of traveling the country in their renovated RV, Shannon was having none of it. But two weeks later, she fell down the Skoolie YouTube rabbit hole and was completely on board. They ended up selling their home, almost all their stuff, and purchasing their Class A RV completely debt-free! Their [...]

World Travelers’ Renovated Motorhome

World Travelers Renovate Vintage Motorhome

Jerome and Meli have spent years traveling the world together. First, they met at the Olympics in Russia, then traveled around Europe and North Africa. They came to North America for what was going to be a one-year adventure and ended up spending three years exploring Canada, the US, and now Baja! Their DIY motorhome [...]

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