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Family’s 500 sq. ft. Barndominium Home, Gym & Workshop

Family’s 500 sq. ft. Barndominium: Home, Gym & Workshop

Igor was working as a police officer in Massachusetts and had little time for his family. He and his wife Cassie decided it was time for a major change, and after a long road ended up renovating RVs, buying property in Texas, and building their own “Barndominium” to house their home, gym, and workshop. With [...]

Welcoming a Baby into their Airstream Life 3

Welcoming a Baby into their Airstream Life

You might remember this tour of Lauren & Daniel’s 2021 Airstream Classic before they welcomed baby Dash into the world. Now that they’re parents, their RV life has made some adjustments. They dedicated part of the living space and two cabinets to a nursery. Additionally, they are taking travel much slower — and boondocking less [...]

Airstream Sabbatical for this Adventuring Couple 3

Touring the U.S. with their 1965 Airstream Globetrotter

Kandace grew up camping as a kid, and when she met Justin she was interested in hopping back into it. So the couple purchased a teardrop camper and enjoyed weekend trips, but wanted to do more! So Kandace sold her home, and they sold most of their belongings, quit their jobs, and decided to take [...]

Family’s Class A RV Conversion with a Playroom

Family’s Class A RV Conversion with a Playroom

The Briles family couldn’t have been more tied down to their standard suburban lifestyle in Texas. They had the job, the house, the cars — but something was missing in their pursuit of the American Dream. So they sold everything and purchased a Class A RV which they transformed into a home on wheels. The [...]

Family of 5s Toy Hauler Overhaul 9

A family of 5 living in a toy hauler RV for 2 years!

This family of five (soon to be six!) has been living in their renovated toy hauler now for about two years. They got started on the tiny living journey when husband Troy became a travel nurse — an RV allowed his wife Elizabeth and their three girls to take home wherever he went for work! [...]

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Box Truck Tiny House in Las Vegas 001

Stealth Box Truck Tiny House with Unique Rear Deck

This is a box truck tiny house for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s built out of a 2007 Mitsubishi Fuso FE 140 with 220,000 miles currently on the odometer and offered for $65,000 over at Conversion Trader. Have you ever considered a box truck conversion? Check it out and learn more below! Don’t miss [...]

Family Healing in Their RV Conversion 2

Family Healing in Their Motorhome Renovation

Travis had mentioned the idea of RV living, and his wife, Yanai, was having none of it. But a few years later, Yanai lost her dad and the world had changed, allowing Travis to work remotely. She had a change of heart and needed a project to help her process her grief — so the [...]

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Marty the RV Build For Colder Weather

Marty the RV Build For Colder Weather

After a job loss, these college sweethearts sold everything they owned and decided to leave “normal” life behind, find remote work, and renovate an RV fit to take them to the slopes! Since most RVs aren’t winter-proofed, it took a lot of creativity to insulate and protect their rig enough to withstand a winter of [...]

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Family of 5 Living Debt Free in Renovated RV 3

Family of 5 Living Debt-Free in Renovated Motorhome

When Chuck mentioned the idea of traveling the country in their renovated RV, Shannon was having none of it. But two weeks later, she fell down the Skoolie YouTube rabbit hole and was completely on board. They ended up selling their home, almost all their stuff, and purchasing their Class A RV completely debt-free! Their [...]

World Travelers’ Renovated Motorhome

World Travelers Renovate Vintage Motorhome

Jerome and Meli have spent years traveling the world together. First, they met at the Olympics in Russia, then traveled around Europe and North Africa. They came to North America for what was going to be a one-year adventure and ended up spending three years exploring Canada, the US, and now Baja! Their DIY motorhome [...]

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Mother & Daughter’s Pop Up Camper Makeover 6

Mother and Daughter Renovate a Pop-Up Camper

Melissa and her family love to go on summer camping trips in their pop-up, but the camper was musty and old and really needed a facelift. So she and her daughter got to work transforming the place into a cozy and cute spot for making family memories! They chose a blue and coral/pink theme and [...]

Toyota Coaster Bus Made Home for This Australian Couple 9

Australian Couple Turn a Toyota Coaster Bus into their Tiny Home

Max & Miranda shoot elopements for 6 months of the year, and spent the rest of it traveling Australia in their self-converted Toyota Coaster! Today they’re here to tell us all about how they got into #buslife… We purchased a Toyota Coaster bus and converted it into a motorhome. We live in it for 6 [...]

Sam & Jacob’s DIY Boxtruck with Convertible Bed

Traded Their Car for a Box Truck Tiny House

Jacob’s sister was driving this box truck as her daily driver but was eager to trade it for his Camry. Once Jacob had the box truck, he and Sam decided it would be great to have their own space and be able to travel. So they spent 8 months of nights and weekends crafting a [...]

After Daughter’s Sickness, This Family of 5 Moved into RV 2

Family of 5’s Adventurous Life in their Fifth Wheel RV

This family spent three years seeking a diagnosis for their oldest daughter’s illness, and another two years trying treatments for her. When she finally got the all-clear, the parents realized the go-go-go of modern suburban life was so empty. They decided to buy a camper just to spend one month traveling — but once they [...]

From Living in an RV to Renovating Them 5

Vintage Modern 30-ft. Trailer Renovation for $26,500

When this couple wanted to renovate their family home, they moved their four kids (under age five!) into a renovated RV to wait out the home construction. Despite its challenges, the family wasn’t as eager to let go of tiny living as they imagined they would be when the renovations were complete. That’s when they [...]

Restored Airstream for $35k 2

Restored Airstream for $35k

Airstreams are such beautiful RVs, and it’s always great to see a vintage one given a new life! The original owners did a DIY conversion of this Airstream and have been using it as an Airbnb. Some of the original elements, like the burnt orange countertops, stove, and kitchen sink are still intact. The original [...]

La Quatro THOW with Private First Floor Bedroom

The Quatro Tiny House by Land Ark RV

Earlier this week we showed you the “Suite” model from Land Ark RV, and today here’s their latest build called the “Quatro.” This model shares the single-level/no-loft design of the Suite, but it adds in walls and privacy to create separate spaces. Which do you prefer? You walk through the slider into the living/kitchen area [...]

1971 Ship Ashore Combo Cruiser Camper For 20k 001

1971 Ship-A-Shore Combo Cruiser (It’s a Boat and a Camper)

This is a 1971 Ship-A-Shore Combo Cruiser Camper (it’s a boat and a camper in one) but the cockpit on this one was removed in exchange for a larger bed, so it’s more like a permanent camper now. According to the listing, only 150 of them were ever made. They are built of Royalex and [...]

Land Ark Suite 14

Land Ark: Suite Model with Single-Level Layout

Land Ark RV has created a hotel-inspired tiny house on wheels, which they aptly named the “Suite.” This studio-style tiny home features a queen-sized bed, office area, micro kitchen, and bathroom with shower stall and spacious closet. No loft in sight, to make it easy to maneuver. The exterior has sleek black metal siding, while [...]

Family of 4 Has Lived Nomadically for 3 Years! 2

Family of 4 Has Lived Nomadically for 3 Years!

Alexis and Steven have two adorable sons. About three years ago, they got the itch to travel the United States with the boys — for only a year. They downsized into a Sprinter Van and made it happen. But when that year was up, they discovered they weren’t done! (But, they needed more space). Now [...]

Captain Tucker’s Escape to Baja in His Class A RV 2

Captain Tucker’s Escape to Baja in His Class A RV

It’s so secret that restaurant owners/workers/chefs work long, tiring hours. And during the past few years, it’s been harder than ever to navigate the ever-changing laws and restrictions. For Captain Tucker, he thought buying an RV to put behind his restaurant where he could catch naps during his 14-hour days would be enough to restore [...]

Super Moody 2008 Chevrolet Express Conversion 1

Moody 2008 Chevrolet Express Bus Conversion

In a world where almost every van/tiny house/big house is “bright and airy,” it’s pretty fun to come across something stylish and — dark! The moody interior of this 2008 Chevrolet Express feels cozy and stylish in its own way, proving that you can use dark colors in a small space. I also love how [...]

Vintage Airstream Tiny House in Austin Texas Village 0011

Vintage Airstream Tiny House in Austin, Texas Village

This is a vintage Airstream tiny house in an Austin, Texas village. It’s part of the Community Inn of tiny homes at Community First Village (a community where they help house and restore the formerly homeless) and you can actually book a stay here. What do you think? Have you ever considered renovating or buying an Airstream? [...]

Shuttle Bus Conversion with Roof Deck for 59k 001

Shuttle Bus Conversion with Roof Deck for $59,000

This is a shuttle bus conversion with a roof deck for $59,000. It’s listed over at the Tiny House Marketplace by Zander out of Las Vegas, Nevada. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny houses for sale like this, join our Free Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter for more! Shuttle Bus Conversion with [...]