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Their Self-Built Beach Cabin-On-Wheels

Before the world changes in 2020, Charlotte and Nico went on a magical campervan trip in New Zealand, and fell in love with the concept of nomadic living. So they ended up buying and converting a really cool boxy van into their “beach cabin-on-wheels.” Both inside and out, this van has an airy nautical feel [...]

Epic Skoolie w Giant Bathroom and Adorable Eyes 3

Epic Skoolie w/ Giant Bathroom and Adorable Eyes

I love a touch of whimsy, and Irwin the Skoolie has just that with the adorable curtain “eyes” that grace the front of the bus. Bright blue, they make Irwin seem like a fun place to live. Owners Mike and Mandi would agree! When 2020 hit, Mike’s longtime dream of an alternative living space finally [...]

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Backpacker & Artist Settles Down in a Bus Conversion (1)

Backpacker & Artist Settles Down in a Bus Conversion

Samuel hiked both the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail, and felt like after all that exploration, there was no way he could go back to stationary life in an apartment. So he got a 1977 Ford B500 short bus and converted it into a home on wheels. He has limo-tinted windows to [...]

Family of 5 in Renovated 1998 Military Rig

Family of 5 in Renovated 1998 Military Rig

About three years ago, this awesome family sold their house and decided to live a totally unconventional life in a 1998 military vehicle converted into a truly spectacular home on wheels. They put a kitchen closet to the cab that can fit food for about 8 days of off-grid overlanding. Two 12-foot slide-outs hold the [...]

Military Truck Overlander w Airplane Cockpit 3

Military Truck Overlander w/ Airplane Cockpit

Parker and Isabelle wanted to do something different, and none of the rigs they could find really fit their needs — so they went wild and took a military truck base, a shelter pod and a whole lot of ingenuity to create a massive overlanding vehicle home that can fit all their outdoor toys and [...]

Travel Nurse’s Cargo Trailer Conversion 3

Travel Nurse’s Cargo Trailer Conversion

Neal hasn’t had it easy — first, he had to get sober, only to find out about a cancer diagnosis soon afterward. He beat cancer and then decided he didn’t want to miss out on any opportunities. As a travel nurse, he used to rent an apartment for a few months at a time in [...]

The Sunny Diaries Skoolie 2

Family Downsizes and Travels in their Bus Conversion

Jon Paul and Lindsay are the proud owners of a 2004 Thomas bus that they lovingly converted into a light & airy skoolie for themselves and their two kids. They have front benches in the living room, a split kitchen, bunks for the kids, and a cozy back bedroom for themselves. Enjoy reading their story [...]