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Musicians & Kids 5 Years in the Bus 2

Musicians & Kids: 5 Years in their Bus

Shane & Emily of Arbour Season have been on the road now for many years, five of those with kids in tow! They built their own DIY skoolie with pallet wood cabinets, a galvanized tub from the feed store, and a big two-basin sink to make it easier to wash and dry dishes. The bus [...]

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Building His Own Wheelchair-Friendly Box Truck Home

Building His Wheelchair-Friendly Box Truck Home

Ben was a construction worker who loved to ski when an accident on the slopes left him wheelchair-bound. It took many years of physical therapy and new perspectives on life to urge him into van life. He chose a box truck and spent 18 months converting it himself for about $50,000. His van meets all [...]

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Her Dad Helped Her Build This Awesome Ambulance Conversion 3

Her $25K Ambulance Conversion with a Bathroom

Rachel had been wanting to try nomadic life for a while and finally decided to just go for it. While her dad originally said he wanted nothing to do with the project, when Rachel found herself in too deep, he came to her rescue and helped her finish the conversion. With his help, she was [...]

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Family of 7 Added A Loft to Their Skoolie!

Family of 7 And Their Skoolie Home with Loft Addition

Anna and Jeff had enjoyed traveling and camping with their respective families growing up, and wanted to share that experience with their own kids. In October 2017 they took the plunge and purchased a bus and began the two-year-long conversion process. After being on the road for a couple of years (and expecting another child!), [...]

They Raised a Family on a 100 Year Old Tugboat 6

They Raised a Family on a 100-Year-Old Tugboat

Pamela and her husband Ulrich have been living on a boat since the day before their wedding — 30-plus years ago. When expecting their first child, they debated buying a home on land but ultimately ended up with a 100-year-old tugboat that they renovated and made into a floating home. The tugboat had had a [...]

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Former Crossfit Instructors Build Out A Van 2

From CrossFit Instructors to Van Life

Trey and Addie were working as Crossfit instructors when they realized they were eager for “more” out of life. It didn’t take much convincing for them to start looking for a van to convert. Once they got the rig, they spent two years building it out, since they had no prior building experience (and very [...]

What’s It Really Like to Rent a Boho Van

She Rented a Boho Van for Work and Travel

Simone jumped into van life a few years ago and built out her own rig while working as a photographer. She and her husband, however, recently bought a home and are selling the van, but her work still requires some travel. Enter Boho Vans! She rented this great rig to attend a van gathering. This [...]