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Solo Travel in Her A-Frame Camper 3

Solo Travel in Her A-Frame Camper

Luz started her tiny living journey by building out the back of her Subaru Forester. After about 8 months on the road, she upgraded to her awesome A-Liner camper, which she lives in full-time (without running water!). She has some solar-powered battery banks to charge her devices and uses solar lights indoors. During her life [...]

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Handmade vardo for sale94

Handmade Vardo in Oregon for $16,500

Justin built this vardo wagon to take skiing and visiting friends, but knee issues stopped the skiing, and he wants to use the money from the sale to build his retirement dream tiny home on wheels!  The little camper has a Dickenson marine fireplace, 50-watt solar panel, LED lights, and a 1000 watt inverter. Inside [...]

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Daisy Caravan 12

The Daisy Caravan is a Bright Yellow Beauty

Here’s the Daisy Caravan, the third and final caravan conversion by Samantha, an interior designer, and home-renovator that turned to tiny living a couple of years ago. Plenty of white paint, updated upholstery, and those finishing touches transformed this from a dated old camper into a gorgeous vintage trailer ready for vacation. What do you [...]

Hunter Caravan Remodel 6

Their Vintage Caravan Remodel

Today, Samantha and Herb are showing off their 1973 Viscount Caravan conversion — a simple lockdown project that completely changed their lives! Samantha was an interior designer by trade and Herb was a retail manager. Together they renovated 13 homes, but the caravan transformation was the catalyst to get them into tiny living. Samantha admits [...]

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He Turned His Station Wagon into a Camper

Have you ever considered turning your car or compact station wagon into a micro cabin? Then consider how this man made his Skoda Octavia vehicle into a micro-camper! He started out by simply folding down the backseats to create room for the custom camping equipment that he built for the car. It consists of a [...]

Funky Pachinko Cabin: Off-Grid Camping Alternative Upstate New York

Funky Pachinko Cabin: Off-Grid Camping Alternative Upstate New York

Why stay in a typical cabin when you could have a unique stay in the Pachinko Cabin? This bespoke off-grid wonder sits on 20 acres of land and has no running water or electricity, but provides an experience unlike any other. There’s a hand-crank Victrola, wood-burning stove for heating and cooking, and 5-10 gallons of [...]

Georgia Bulldogs Micro Camping Shell for $3k 001

Georgia Bulldogs Micro Camping Shell for $3k

This is a Georgia Bulldogs theme micro camping shell for $3,000 (sold). It’s a 5-ft x 8-ft cargo trailer to camper conversion designed for weekends and tailgating. The best part is that it’s light enough to be towed by almost any car or small SUV. Don’t miss other micro homes like this – join our [...]

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