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Eddie Safe and Sonder Vans 10

Safe and Sonder Van Life with Hanging Swing Chairs

Want to try out vanlife? Safe + Sonder Vans in Michigan is a great company that builds custom vans, but they also rent out a few models for you to enjoy! Right now, they’re offering Winter and Early Bird Summer pricing, so you can get a great deal on a future trip — or head [...]

He spent 26 days and $3k on his teardrop 7

He Spent 26 Days and $3k Building His Teardrop Camper

Phil, a professional woodworker, was going to archery competitions where he would camp in a tent. It was always a bit annoying setting up camp, but the nail in the coffin came the day his tent got entirely flooded by the rain at an annual event. After that, he decided to challenge himself and build [...]

1982 Silver Streak Vintage Camper 2

Their $12K Vintage Camper Conversion

Adam proved to his boss one vacation that he was able to get as much work done away from the office as he could at work, so his job became remote. This allowed Adam and his wife Janelle to sell their house and buy a camper to start traveling more. Their original camper was too [...]

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Cow Shed Tiny House at Easton Farm Park UK via Fiona-Airbnb 006

Cow Shed Tiny House at Easton Farm Park in the UK

This Cow Shed Tiny House in Easton Farm Park in Woodbridge, United Kingdom is uniquely built to resemble a traditional cow shed. It’s known as the Daisy and is located in a rural haven where you can immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature while still enjoying the comforts of a cozy double bed and [...]

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youtu.be-Uthp7wpEvss (3)

Life in his Self-Converted Chevy Camaro Camper

Imagine living in a car, not just any car, but a Chevy Camaro. Yes, you read that right. One man has taken the concept of tiny living to a whole new level by converting his Camaro into a fully functional living space. His Camaro is not just a place to sleep, but also a place [...]

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Humbled and Empowered by her Micro Camper Lifestyle 2

Jessi’s Journey to a Micro Camper Lifestyle: From Humble Beginnings to Unstoppable Adventures

Jessi wanted to travel and was ready for a change — so she bought an awesome vintage-inspired camper and outfitted it to her needs. But she’s honest about how challenging the transition was for her, and how difficult the learning curve was as she figured out how to hook up her trailer and deal with [...]

How Family Tragedy Led this Couple to Part Time VanLife. 7

Married Couple’s Portugal Camper Van Life

Mónica and João are an amazing couple who have overcome a lot of adversity in the last seven years! They now live part-time in an adorable camper conversion. I’ll let them tell their story…. Having a motorhome was an old dream of ours. When we met, about 7 years ago, we immediately arranged a trip [...]