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Musician’s $23K DIY Tiny Home on an Alpaca Farm

Meet Nick Soave, a musician who built a tiny house on wheels between 2017 and 2019, and has been happily living in it since 2020. It sits on an Alpaca farm in Michigan, and the living room is almost entirely dedicated to his awesome drum set.

Nick is starting a YouTube Channel talking all about his tiny life and how he built this home for just $23,000 using some awesome techniques and plenty of reclaimed materials. Below is his first video with an in-depth tour of his build. What do you love the most?

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His 24 ft THOW Has Room For His Drum Set!

Musician’s $23K DIY Tiny Home on an Alpaca Farm

Images via Nick Soave

Nick built all this gorgeous cabinetry!

Musician’s $23K DIY Tiny Home on an Alpaca Farm 4

Images via Nick Soave

His bathroom has a composting toilet and shower stall.

Musician’s $23K DIY Tiny Home on an Alpaca Farm 3

Images via Nick Soave

VIDEO: Tiny House Tour

So what’s the story behind your tiny house?

I made a 24×8 tiny house on wheels. I’m on an Alpaca farm in the countryside of Michigan. I designed and built this tiny house/recording studio several years ago and have been living in it since. The whole build cost me roughly 23,000 USD. I worked on it in my free time on and off over the course of 1 1/2 years, and spent roughly 1,000 hours of labor, probably a touch more. This is the first house I have ever built. My Dad talked me into making it after I drew the plans, and he repeatedly would take days off from his own business to help construct this with me. Years later and I’m living happily in it. I’m starting a youtube channel all about the design, build, and other such things related to tiny living.

Would you like to do a shout-out to anyone that helped you with your tiny house?

I’d like to shout out my father for TONS of help and support throughout the whole process. He’s the owner and operator of The Finishing Touch out of Brighton, MI (he specializes in high-end remodels with quality materials).

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  • Stu
    July 10, 2022, 1:11 pm

    Hi Nick,

    Place looks great. as a fellow drummer I am curious who makes those electronic drum pads. Is it a company, or did you make them?



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