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Modern Tiny Houses

This is where you will find our vast collection of modern tiny homes, small homes, micro homes, floating homes, bus conversions, van conversions, and any other awesome and alternative tiny-to-small-ish homes that we encounter and are able to share with you here at Tiny House Talk! Enjoy.🙏

2018 Escape One Tiny House For Sale in Maryland via B Sara Farley-Tiny House Marketplace 001

2018 Escape One Tiny House For Sale in Maryland

This is a 2018 Escape One Tiny House for sale in Maryland. Check it out and learn more below! Shugi ban wood exterior, all pine inside, painted white, many windows, fully insulated, with many amenities. This home has 4 separate heating systems: propane furnace, mini split for heat and air, 2 electric baseboard heaters and [...]

Courtyard House V116S 4

This 1249-sq.-ft. Courtyard House Has Tiny House Design Features

This three-bedroom home is another perfectly-designed creation from Mønhuset that would work great for a small family. Like in the Farmhouse design we showed you last week, their “Courtyard House,” separates the bedrooms and main living area with a spacious breezeway/mudroom area. Which if you live anywhere with ice and snow is a HUGE plus. [...]

Plāhaus Super Sleek Tiny House Vacation 2

Plāhaus: Super Sleek Tiny House Vacation

Robert wanted to create a tiny house vacation property on his land, but didn’t want to build another one with a standard “cozy cabin” vibe which is common in Nashville, Indiana where he lives. Instead, he commissioned this fantastic two bedroom modern wonder with lovely forest views. It has a large rectangular main living, dining [...]

New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 001

Off-Grid Vista Tiny House For Sale (Sold)

This is a brand new, off-grid Vista tiny house on wheels from ESCAPE that’s for sale and available now. It features a modern design with one-level living, a tongue and groove exterior, oversized windows, modern French door keyless entry, and it comes fully equipped with an air-conditioner, solar system, on board water tank, tall solar [...]

Hewing Haus – Explorin Alternatives Outdoor Day

Modern Prefab Tiny House Makes a Quick and Easy Dwelling Alternative

Prefab homes have had a negative reputation in the past for being mass-produced and poorly made but  Hewing Haus is one of several amazing companies that are challenging this stereotype by building prefab homes with quality materials and attention to detail. They have a series of small home designs ranging in size from 200 ft2 to [...]

Felling Tiny House Plans by tmbrz 001b

Felling Tiny House Plans

This is the Felling Tiny House Plans by Adam Rasmussen of TMBRZ Design! It’s a modern 30-ft. tiny house design with one-level living in mind which means no lofts or stairs and a regular bedroom in a tiny house! You might remember the Tiny Two-fer design from Adam, as well as his STEM-N-LEAF tiny house. [...]

May.Payette.Urban.28ft (39 of 83)

This Fancy Tiny House Has Over $30K In Decor

This is a fully furnished 374-sq.-ft. home on wheels built by Tru Form Tiny as a family escape on an Alabama estate. It features over $30,000 in decor, furniture, and finishing touches. Take a look, learn more, and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below! Don’t miss other interesting tiny homes [...]

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