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Jed and Sandy’s Full-Time Van Life

This is the story of Jed and Sandy and their full-time van life.

The couple initially sold their home, quit their jobs, and downsized into a 30-ft. travel trailer. Years later, they decided they wanted to downsize once again into a van so that they can get to more remote places during their travels, allowing them to see and experience even more. Today, they are still full-time nomads. Learn more and check out their van-based tiny home below!

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Their Full-Time Van Life in a DIY Sprinter Camper


Images via Tiny Home Tours

It’s an extended DIY van build with a very functional layout that has plenty of storage built in.


Images via Tiny Home Tours

Their van features a kitchen, cabinets, and bathroom with a recirculating shower and a composting toilet.


Images via Tiny Home Tours

VIDEO: Couple’s Full-Time Life in their DIY Extended Sprinter Camp Van


  • They downsized from a 30-ft. travel trailer to this camper van
  • They wanted to be able to get to more places so that’s why they downsized into a smaller camper
  • Before moving into their 30-ft. travel trailer they sold their home in North Carolina
  • They lived and traveled in their travel trailer for some time and then chose to downsize to the van
  • They are full-time nomads
  • They have their own YouTube channel, blog, and social media presence

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  • vee
    February 28, 2022, 3:22 pm

    What a smart couple!! Love their attitude — Love how they had previous experience and made this new van customised for their priorities. What marvellous adventures await them — and the cat! the CAT!
    He sure is a ham!!! Beautiful :)!

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