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Redefining Selfishness Living in Her Escape Boho 2

Life in her Escape Boho Tiny House

I always enjoy getting to see a tiny house model that’s lived-in! We show off a lot of gorgeous, hot-off-the-press Escape models, but this one is extra special because Tyler has made it hers with artwork, plants, and mementos. She was trying to buy a home and put in multiple offers, but it all fell [...]

320 sq ft. Conventional Foundation Tiny Home 6

Building a Tiny House in her Son’s Backyard

When ADUs became legal in a small Central Kentucky town, Janet and her son/daughter-in-law saw a great opportunity! The son and daughter-in-law own the land and larger home, and Janet lives nearby with her grandkids in a backyard cottage. It’s 320 sq. ft. with no wheels and was built by a local traditional builder. Minus [...]

Composer’s Snug Pod Tiny House in the Cornish Valley

Composer’s Snug Pod Tiny House in the Cornish Valley

Composer Freddie Hodkin lives in  a beautiful tiny house built by North East Log Cabin, called the “Camping Snug Star Pod.” Set up in a “plus sign” shape, each arched wing functions as either the kitchen, living room, bathroom or bedroom. He has his snug pod situated on beautiful land with views of the Cornish [...]

Musician’s 500 sq. ft. Bungalow in Arizona Tiny House Community 2

Musician Builds 500 sq. ft. Bungalow in this Arizona Tiny House Community

Musician Mary lived most of her life in the Bay Area, but she got the chance to invest in a community in Arizona and immediately felt called to live there. Her 500 square foot home was built around her gorgeous piano which she has paid to move with her from apartment to apartment for years. [...]

Retired Military Family Moves Into an RV Full-Time 2

Retired Military Family Moves Into an RV Full-Time

Kelly and Tamarr served in the Air Force and Marine Corps, but when it was time to retire, they decided to do something different and live in an RV while homeschooling their son. It gives them the freedom to travel the continent (they were in Baja during this video tour) and grow closer as a [...]

5 Slide-Out RV Life For Former Military Couple 2

Retired Military Couple’s RV Life

Patty & Shane spent a large portion of their military days stationed overseas. Eventually, they purchased a huge 3,500 square foot home where they were living happily until they got a taste of RV life! Now that Shane is retired, they have downsized into just 400 square feet and are enjoying traveling across the country. [...]


Jed and Sandy’s Full-Time Van Life

This is the story of Jed and Sandy and their full-time van life. The couple initially sold their home, quit their jobs, and downsized into a 30-ft. travel trailer. Years later, they decided they wanted to downsize once again into a van so that they can get to more remote places during their travels, allowing [...]

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