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Full-Time RV Life After a Stroke 3

Full-Time RV Life After a Stroke

Like so many others, the events of 2020 changed the trajectory for Libby and Alex. Instead of going to concerts all summer, they purchased an RV and started traveling. Alex also suffered a stroke at 25 which changed his perspective on life. After they went on a 6-week honeymoon exploring the Northwest, they couldn’t go [...]

Vintage Caravan Life for Family of 5 2

Vintage Caravan Life for Family of 5

Digby and the Lullaby are a musical duo with three adorable children who all now live in a vintage caravan, traveling around South Africa. The caravan sat unused for 40+ years and was in great condition, meaning most of the interior is original (or replaced with materials from the 70s). The caravan has a kitchen, [...]

Their Awesome THOW w Stand up bedroom 4

Married in Their Tiny Home with an Office

Shelby and her husband decided to downsize into a tiny home after the frustration of paying for a hefty mortgage on their home. Living in a tiny house community in California has allowed them to reduce their payments and enjoy more time not working! The house was a floor plan from Shaye’s Tiny Homes (in [...]

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16 Ft. Incred-i-Box She Bought After Getting SCAMMED 3

She Bought This $20K Tiny House

Karen is one determined woman! Her tiny living dream started after her youngest child moved out. At first, she sold her home and traveled in an RV, but she really wanted more of a house. She put a down payment on a home from a tiny house builder, only to find out some months later [...]

His Winnebago w Elevator Bed 2

His Revel Van Life with Lift Bed & Customizations

Adam’s father had always wanted to convert a school bus and homeschool Adam and a potential second child while traveling the country. Tragically, his life was cut short. But Adam — and his Winnebago named “Eve” — are making that dream a reality! Originally, Adam thought he would only be on the road for a [...]

DIY Luxury Sprinter $220K for Retirees 2

Couple’s Incredible Retirement Van Life in their Luxury Conversion

Ray had always been fascinated by the concept of van life, so when it started gaining popularity on YouTube, he started showing his wife Nancy videos to see if she was interested. When she fully retired, she jumped on board with the idea. While they have two stationary homes (one in Hawaii and one in [...]

Tiny House Magazine Issue 126 by Kent Griswold

Sharing the Tiny House Lifestyle: Tiny House Magazine Issue #126

Welcome back, tiny house enthusiasts! Alex here, your friendly neighborhood tiny house blogger from Tiny House Talk. Today, I’m thrilled to present the latest issue of Tiny House Magazine, Issue #126, curated by the renowned Kent Griswold. This edition is packed with captivating articles that explore the diverse aspects of tiny house living. Let’s delve [...]