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Make Plans Single Level Studio Style 4

320 Sq. Ft. Single Level Make Tiny Home Plans

We’re excited to show off a brand-new tiny house plan today, coming from Small House Catalog. Here are the renderings for their 320-square-foot “Make” tiny house, which is a 16′ x 20′ foundation/slab home with a studio-style layout. It features a shed-style roof that elevates at the corner instead of the side, creating a unique [...]

Shelley & Uwe’s Tiny Home Ready for Christmas 2

Shelley & Uwe’s Tiny Home Ready for Christmas

At Tiny House Talk, we love tiny homes — but we’re especially partial to tiny homes decked out for the holidays! Shelley and Uwe are empty-nesters who decided to downsize into a tiny house, and the results are amazing. The home looks especially lovely all decorated for Christmas. We got the chance to interview them [...]

They Got Their Home in a Tiny House Battle 9

Van Life Couple’s Tiny Home in Belgium

Hanne and her boyfriend own both a tiny house AND a van, so they can travel at will and not need to work full-time since their home costs are minimal! They got their tiny house via a reality TV show in Belgium that was a “tiny house battle.” Their home sits on such a beautiful [...]

Omni Tiny Home 4 4

From Hong Kong to Their DIY Tiny House in Australia

When David got inspired by prepping and off-grid living, he wanted to move out of Hong Kong. He and Lizzie compromised and moved to Australia to build a tiny house on wheels. Eventually, they found an incredible off-grid property to move to, where they are making a self-sufficient haven! We had the privilege of interviewing [...]

Couple Builds Tiny House & Skoolie in New Zealand 24

They Built a Tiny House & Skoolie in New Zealand

Mati and Luli moved to New Zealand about 7 years ago and lived for a time with a woman in her treehouse. During that time, they discovered they needed far less than they originally thought and got the idea to build a tiny house! They built the entire thing from the trailer-up, and did it [...]

Couple’s Custom Tumbleweed in a Community

Couple’s Tumbleweed Tiny House in a Colorado Community

Matheu and Taylor live in a custom Tumbleweed tiny house with one dog, two cats, and their turtle! They have an excellent parking spot at Island Cove Park in Durango, Colorado, which keeps them close to the city but still gives them a more affordable living situation. They had been living in a three-bedroom home, [...]

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w: Rooftop Deck

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w/ Rooftop Deck

Kelsey and Luke own almost identical dogs, although each one is a mutt! That immediately bonded the pair and after Kelsey’s car and apartment leases were up, she moved into Luke’s home — but the house seemed way too big and constricting. That led them to begin searching for a van. However, they found vans [...]

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