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From 3600-sq.-ft. to RV Life as Empty Nesters

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Brian and Teresa decided to hit the road in a new fifth wheel motorhome instead of living as empty-nesters in a 3,600 square foot home. While that downsize might seem drastic, they’ve loved the past two years they’ve spent seeing the country!

Their RV has a luxurious main bedroom, full bathroom and a dedicated office space, so they can work while on the road. You’ll love the electric fireplace that gives the RV a cozy at-home ambiance. We had the pleasure of interviewing Teresa and you can read their story below!

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Seeing the Country in Their Fifth Wheel RV

In 2017, we realized we were quickly approaching an empty nest. We didn’t want to have a big 3600 square foot home that was mostly empty but, we also didn’t want to just buy a smaller home.

We wanted to travel and see the country. So we started watching YouTubers that we’re living in their RV and traveling and fell in love with the idea.

We bought our RV from Colton RV In Western NY. We were visiting our oldest son and future daughter-in-law in early April of 2021. We went into the dealership to talk to them and walked out with an order to pick up our RV in October. 😁 Our RV didn’t actually go on the assembly line until late July.

Our everyday lives are pretty much the same, Brian still works a 9-5 job and I still take care of the home and all our trip planning. What has changed for the better is our scenery!

We move about every 2-3 weeks, so we get a new front yard, new places to visit, new restaurants to try and new people to meet. We are more active now too, because we’re in an area for a limited time, so we have to get out and explore.

Brian still works his 9-5 job. His goal is to become an RV Tech in a few years. I am in the process of growing our social media. We just opened our Amazon Storefront and getting ready to start a YT channel. Hoping to generate some side income eventually from these.

The hardest part of this life is being away from our sons and friends. We miss out on life events, birthdays, graduations, holidays.

The second hard thing would be the occasional breakdown. Most RV repairs Brian can manage but, big stuff like a leaf spring breaking is something that requires calling a specialist. Depending on where we are located at the time, it can be hard to find help.

That said, we’ve loved all the amazing places we’ve visited! Biking up Going to the Sun Road in Glacier! Hiking down into the Grand Canyon!

Hiking up Picacho Peak in AZ! Off roading in Idaho! Being in a bison jam in Yellowstone!

Meeting our favorite YouTubers at a campground in NE! Sledding down the sand dunes in White Sands! Experiencing dark skies in multiple locations! Time spent together!

If you’re considering living in an RV full time, I would recommend renting one for a weekend or week. Maybe even renting one a couple times…

Go on a trip together, see if you can handle being together in tight quarters. Do you enjoy the solitude of a campground? Does it bring you peace or a feeling of anxiety? Because these will be amplified once you live in 400 square feet or less 24/7.


  • Back in 2017, Brian and Teresa realized they’d be empty nesters soon and didn’t want a 3600 square foot home.
  • It took a few years, but they purchased a new RV in April of 2021 and they’ve loved to travel ever since!
  • The RV has a luxurious main bedroom.
  • They have a dedicated office space since Brian still works full-time on the road.
  • The beautiful kitchen has creamy-colored cabinets and boasts a lovely coffee (and smoothie) bar.

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  • Anna Wendt
    September 30, 2023, 9:19 pm

    I love their RV!!

  • merryl
    October 1, 2023, 10:06 am

    WOW!!!!!!This is the nicest RV that I have ever seen. You guys are living your best life. I do not know you guys personally but I wish you guys the best that life has to offer.

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