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Incredible Skoolie Buit with Milled 4x4s

Nick began his nomadic life after he got a remote job and sold his dog daycare. He already owned a truck, so he purchased a cheap 50-year-old truck camper and put it on his vehicle and hit the road! After 7 months of living with that set-up, he had a good idea of what he wanted in a more permanent rig — and that’s what led to the epic shuttle bus you’ll see below!

His skoolie feels like a cozy cabin inside, and that’s largely due to the milled 4x4s he used to panel the interior. There’s a lovely variation in the wood tons which adds tons of character. He has an outdoor shower, indoor toilet, chest fridge/freezer (for ice cream) and lots of special accommodations for his blind dog, Narlie. Enjoy the tour below!

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Man & His Blind Dog Traveling in Shuttle Bus Conversion

Incredible Skoolie Buit with Milled 4x4s

Images via Tiny Home Tours

He has the coziest bed cove built into the back of the bus.

Incredible Skoolie Buit with Milled 4x4s. 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

There’s even a hidden toilet under the bench by the swivel table.

Incredible Skoolie Buit with Milled 4x4s. 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

VIDEO: Unique DIY Skoolie – His Tiny House on Wheels


  • Nick first fell in love with traveling when he took a road trip on his honeymoon with his ex-wife.
  • He owned a doggy daycare, which he ended up selling around the same time as he got a divorce.
  • His dog, Narlie, is blind, and he made all kinds of accommodations in the rig to support her!
  • He hit the road in his truck at first, but eventually decided he wanted something more!
  • The shuttle bus gave him more space, and he knew from his truck camper life what he really wanted in a rig.
  • One amazing feature is his cozy bed in the back that feels like a separate room.
  • You’ll love the milled wood that covers the ceilings and walls! It all came from “ratty” 4x4s that had gorgeous coloring on the inside one they were cut apart.

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