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His Incredible DIY Adventure Rig

His Incredible DIY Adventure Rig

While Gordo’s epic skoolie conversion might look ready to take on the zombie apocalypse, he has no intentions of using it to survive the end of days. Instead, he built the adventure rig as a passion project, and uses it to travel on vacations or transport the many tools that he has stored on the [...]

Couple’s Second Stunning Bus Conversion

How They Built Their Dream Bus in Just 3 Months

Raela and Tyler were working normal jobs when they got married and took a road trip for a honeymoon. They didn’t want to go back! Soon they got a big bus and turned it into their first home on wheels, which they traveled in for about a year. After that year, they realized they needed [...]

This Skoolie Seats 10 & Has a Giant Bed!

This Skoolie Seats 10 & Has a Huge Bed!

The Wooly Mammoth is an incredible skoolie featuring two giant couches with the capacity to seat up to 10 people (with seatbelts)! Originally, the school bus was going to be a tour vehicle for the musical group that Isaac and Julie were a part of, but when the band broke up, they decided to keep [...]

Bus Life after an Empty Nest 3

Single Mom’s Bus Life after an Empty Nest

Jamie lost her husband 17 years ago and raised her daughters on her own. About six years of that time they spent on a homestead with horses and dairy goats! But when her youngest got engaged, she decided it was time to do something for herself and see the country. While she tried to work [...]

Couple’s Gorgeous Third Vehicle Conversion 3 16

Their Third Vehicle Conversion: A Shuttle Bus Tiny House

Ina and John wanted to travel more, but do it less expensively. Van life (or in their case, shuttle bus life) gave them a chance to see the world on a budget! Below you’ll see their third conversion, which they ended up selling because they’ve gotten so good at building buses. It features a fixed [...]

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Their $15 Skoolie w an Artist’s Touch

Their $15K Skoolie w/ an Artist’s Touch

Alli was the first one in this relationship to want to live on the road, but her husband Allan — who was going through quite a bit of emotional and physical trauma with degenerative disc disease — eventually came around. Now they couldn’t imagine living any other way! They found this bus for $15K — [...]

Couples Short Bus w Residential-Size Shower

Their Short Bus with a Residential-Size Shower

When Andrew was done with military life, he wanted to do something different and found van life on YouTube and began a bus build. Susanna grew up in a small town in the Midwest and was traveling to see more of the country. The couple met during Andrew’s bus conversion process and hit it off [...]