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His $22K Bus Conversion (In 50 Seconds) 5

Their $22K Bus Conversion with a Murphy Bed

Aaron and his wife Sarah live full-time in the 2002 Chevy Express 2500 that he converted for just $22k (including the $6k for the bus itself). He had always dreamed of traveling, so he could enjoy all kinds of adventure sports, and was lucky enough to find a partner who loved the same things. Amazingly, [...]

Miles O’ Smiles bus 1.5 Years of Buildling

1.5 Years Building his $3,000 School Bus Tiny Home

Johnny got his bus for $3,000 — and it needed a lot of work, especially regarding rust! A year and a half later, he was able to move into his truly beautiful skoolie. He made sure to keep his two large dogs in mind when building, making them a comfortable under-bed lounge area and making [...]

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Their Stunning Minimalist Build By the Sweetest Young Couple 2

They Built a Minimalist Shuttle Bus Tiny House

Abi & Ethan are an adorable couple who were tired of spending so much money on rent. Abi had always dreamed of living tiny, but it took rising rent costs to convince Ethan it was a good idea. Once he agreed, they found a bus just two weeks later and started the process! As students, [...]

Twin Sisters Run Women-Empowering Skoolie Conversion Business

Twin Sisters Building School Bus Conversions

Courtney and Cassidy are two amazing women who have overcome devastating challenges in their personal lives and created a women-empowering business, converting school buses into tiny homes! You won’t want to miss our Q&A with the sisters, which tells the story of how one sister escaped domestic violence and the other found her strength in [...]

Musician’s Skoolie with Full Keyboard, Bathroom & Woodstove 2

Musician’s Skoolie with Full Keyboard, Bathroom & Woodstove

Michael is a musician who wanted a quiet place he could go to and write music. Originally he thought he’d convert a tiny home in just 3 months, but his attention to detail (and there are so many thoughtful features in this build!) meant it took 2 years and 8 months to see the finished [...]

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Retirees Hit The Road in Their Skoolie w a Tub. 3

Retired Couple’s Skoolie Adventure: On the Road with a Tub

Karen and Chris worked hard and raised six children together, but for their retirement, they’ve hit the road in a self-converted skoolie to see more of the country! While they miss their kids, it’s been so fun to travel around together. Their conversion is beautiful, and it’s fun to see a skoolie with no roof [...]

Double Decker Bus Tiny House 9

Double Decker Bus Tiny House For Sale!

Do you remember the “Royal Scott” double-decker bus turned Airbnb that we showed you a couple of months back? Well, it’s for sale! You might remember that it no longer runs (the engine blew years ago), but if you get it towed, you could be the owner of a beautiful piece of history. The entire [...]

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