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Four Window Short Bus Becomes Beautiful Home 2

Four-Window Short Bus Becomes Beautiful Home

Audrey was a nurse and Brad had come to the States from Australia for school. When they met, pursuing their dream of traveling the country in a converted shortbus. They just recently found a place they want to settle down, so the bus is for sale. It has a beautiful long countertop with a big [...]

From Studio Apartment to Minibus for Freedom 11

From Studio Apartment to Minibus for Freedom

Budd the Bus is the home-on-wheels for Ethan, a nomad who wanted to have his own place, without spending so much money on Colorado rent. He had already downsized to a studio apartment, so the bus gave him much more freedom without sacrificing much space. His bus features an adorable wood-burning stove, a super-compact bathroom, [...]


Web Designer & Artist Put a Giant Soaking Tub in her Skoolie!

Nikki’s bus is proof that maximalists can live tiny! An artist and web designer, Nikki knew what she wanted in a home, and she made it happen. There’s a desk for her web design, a large counter-top studio for her art, and most incredibly, a full-sized soaking tub in the middle of the bus with [...]

The Royal Scott Double Decker Airbnb 3

“The Royal Scott” Double Decker Airbnb

It’s awesome to see old vehicles getting a new lease on life! This 1950s British double-decker bus retired from service, came over to the U.S., was transformed into a diner, and is now an Airbnb in Oregon. How awesome! The entire second floor of the bus is a spacious, yet cozy, bedroom with a queen [...]

Artist’s $9K Shuttle Bus Conversion 3

Her Cozy $9,000 Shuttle Bus Tiny House

Rita does amazing paintings and murals as she travels the country in her pig-pink bus named “Wilbur” (like from “Charlotte’s Web”). What’s extra impressive is that she only spent $9,000 on the entire bus and build to create a warm, homey and functional rig. A large section of her bus is dedicated to her art [...]

Teacher’s Skoolie w Rooftop Deck & Giant Closet.j 4

Teacher’s Skoolie w/ Rooftop Deck & Giant Closet

Deyana needed a life change, and when she discovered bus life, she went ahead and purchased a bus a week later! She worked hard to convert it, all while working full-time as a special education teacher online. Her practical rig is also beautiful, with a 24×24 shower, lots of counter space, an oven, 3-foot wide [...]

Their Short-Season Shuttle Bus Life 3

Their Short-Season Shuttle Bus Life

Nate and Daysh are another example of folks who enjoyed tiny living for a season. The couple wanted to travel the U.S., so they started with a van build, decided they needed more space, and then upgraded to this beautiful shuttle bus. That said, they never planned on tiny living forever — so they are [...]

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