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Stealth Ford Transit Van Conversion for $42,500

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This stealth Ford Transit van conversion is listed for sale at Van Life Trader out of Naples, Florida, for $42,500.

It’s a 2019 low-roof van, which makes it easier to drive and park without making it look like a conspicuous camper van. It seems like an ordinary work van, but inside, it’s a cozy little camper that you can likely get away with parking almost anywhere. It has 2WD, a gasoline engine, an automatic transmission, a backup camera, cedar interior siding, and a platform for a queen mattress. Would you consider a van like this for your next tiny home?

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Stealth Ford Transit Van Conversion For Sale in Naples, Florida

Benefits of a Low-roof Van Conversion

First, it’s a 2019 low-roof van, making it a breeze to navigate city streets and park without drawing too much attention. Perfect for stealthy overnight stays in the heart of the action!

Interior Camper Conversion

Step inside, and you’ll be surrounded by cedar interior siding, which adds a touch of rustic charm to your mobile abode. And let’s not forget about the platform for a queen mattress—talk about sleeping in style!

The Van’s Previous Life & Adventures

This van has seen its fair share of adventures, clocking in at 60,000 absolutely incredible miles, as described by the seller. Those miles are chock-full of memories, as the previous owners—a dynamic duo of a mother and son—spent three amazing summers exploring the open road together.

Storage & Electrical

The back of the van features some storage and access to an electrical compartment, which houses an additional external battery and a 3000-watt inverter for your electrical needs.

Go Anywhere in a Van Like This

A stealth van conversion like this allows you to go almost anywhere, from national parks to city parking.

Queen Bed Platform with Storage

The conversion includes interior cedar siding and a queen bed platform with storage space underneath.

Wake Up Almost Anywhere

The low-roof van conversion gives you more stealth, providing more parking options.

Ready for New Adventures

This stealth Ford Transit van conversion is ready for new adventures. Where’s the first place you’d start heading to with a camper van like this?


  • Stealth Ford Transit van conversion listed for sale at Van Life Trader in Naples, Florida, for $42,500
    2019 low-roof van, appearing like an ordinary work van from the outside
  • Cozy camper interior with 2WD, gasoline engine, automatic transmission, backup camera, cedar interior siding, and a platform for a queen mattress
  • Ideal for inconspicuous parking with 60,000 miles, clean title, and numerous upgrades
  • Previous owners, a mother and son, enjoyed three summers of travel and exploration in the van
  • Well-maintained with all added electronics installed by a professional mechanic
  • Features added include an external battery for additional power, cedar siding, upholstered ceiling, LED remote control ceiling lights, front lighting strip, rearview camera with monitor, and custom storage
  • Comfortably seats two with a right-side entry and swing doors

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This post contains affiliate links.

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