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Vintage Airstream Tiny House in Austin, Texas Village

This is a vintage Airstream tiny house in an Austin, Texas village. It’s part of the Community Inn of tiny homes at Community First Village (a community where they help house and restore the formerly homeless) and you can actually book a stay here. What do you think? Have you ever considered renovating or buying an Airstream? [...]

People Experiencing Homelessness in France Can Build Their Own Tiny Homes!

Program Allows Homeless in France to Build Their own Tiny Homes

Through this incredible program, people experiencing homelessness in France have a chance to build tiny homes and learn valuable construction skills in the process. The video below shows Pascal, age 52, getting the keys to his own beautiful, clean home built by himself and others in the program alongside experienced carpenters. What a great idea! [...]

Redefining Selfishness Living in Her Escape Boho 2

Life in her Escape Boho Tiny House

I always enjoy getting to see a tiny house model that’s lived-in! We show off a lot of gorgeous, hot-off-the-press Escape models, but this one is extra special because Tyler has made it hers with artwork, plants, and mementos. She was trying to buy a home and put in multiple offers, but it all fell [...]

Ruby Tiny House Vacation Rental in Austin Texas 001

Wizard of Oz-Themed Ruby Tiny House in Austin, Texas Village

This is the Ruby tiny house in Austin, Texas. It’s a Wizard of Oz-themed tiny house vacation rental that’s part of the Community Inn of tiny homes at Community First Village that you can actually stay at. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny house stories like this, join our Free Tiny House [...]

Eclipse Cottages Available at this South Carolina Tiny House Village! 12

Eclipse Cottages Available at these South Carolina Tiny House Villages!

Today we’re excited to introduce the beautiful Eclipse Cottages, built with low-maintenance SIP panels and including rainwater catch base filtration systems, greywater reuse systems and other amazing sustainable options! They come with a few layout options and plenty of customization color/finish-wise. Right now, these cottages are only available to be placed in one of Eclipse’s [...]

Sustainable Trekkershus Container Home in PlatzProjekt Community 7

Shipping Container Tiny Home Built Like a Cabin

Meet the “Trekkershus,” an awesome shippping container turned vacation property. It sits in the PlatzProjekt, an experimental village in Hannover, Germany. During your stay you’ll be surrounded by other unique, alternative buildings and architectural concepts. This container home houses the bedroom and office space (with speedy internet) indoors, while the eating and kitchen space are [...]


Acony Bell Tiny House Community in North Carolina

This is the story of the Acony Bell tiny house community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It’s a growing tiny home village in western North Carolina with over 80 tiny homes. Learn how you might be able to vacation here and possibly even become a future resident. Don’t miss other interesting stories [...]

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