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The 2017 Tiny House Conference is coming up this April 8-9, 2017 in Portland, Oregon.

This is a great opportunity if you want to get to tour tiny houses in person, take some workshops, meet and learn from an army of tiny house experts, and get to know other like minded people.

Tickets are available right now if you’re interested in attending this year. If you want to learn how to design, build, and live tiny, this is an amazing event to go to!

2017 Tiny House Conference in Portland!


Images © Tiny House Conference

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This is a beautiful converted shipping container house on wheels! And it’s for sale in Portland, Oregon.

It’s been used as guest accommodation for nearly two years, and includes a downstairs bedroom, a luxurious-looking bathroom and kitchen area. Get more details and contact information below!

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Converted Shipping Container on Wheels For Sale, OR

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I just showed you Jeremy Matlock’s first tiny house build, and here’s his second, the Nautical House!

It got it’s name because people often said it looked like it belonged on water — and I totally agree. Matlock says it was probably an unconscious decision stemming from the 20 years he spent making a living on the water:

This was made of approximately 40% reclaimed material and is built on an 18′ deck-over custom trailer. Some features include three doors including a hobbit door from sleeping loft to upper deck, external sealed propane access, high-efficiency appliances, custom couch which folds out into double bed, wood stove, Pergo flooring, 12 windows, fold down door awnings, custom shutters, composting toilet, trough tub, barn style bathroom door, over fifty built-in shelves and cubbies, and much much more.

It was for sale for $39,5000, but alas, has already been purchased!

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The Nautical House by Rogue Valley Tiny Home Construction

Images via Rogue Valley Tiny Home Construction

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This is a tiny house lot for rent in Elkton, Oregon.

Janet owns the land and has a place to lease to a tiny home owner. Utilities and internet are hooked up on-site. More details below.

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Tiny House Lot For Rent in Elkton, Oregon

Images via Janet

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This is a Beautiful Craftsman Tiny House for sale near Jacksonville, Oregon.

Inside it features Gorman pine walls, a loft bedroom with a skylight, and the often-desired flush toilet! Right now its bare and ready for your personal touches to make it home. Enjoy!

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Beautiful Craftsman Tiny House For Sale in OR

Images via Craigslist

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