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Tiny Tranquility: A Tiny House Village & Vintage Trailer Park in Waldport, Oregon

Tiny Tranquility is a tiny house village and vintage trailer park coming to Waldport, Oregon.

The park is expected to open in June, 2018 and is offering 43 sites with full hook ups. The community will support tiny house living as well as tiny house vacation rentals.

The tiny house village also offers a community greenhouse, clubhouse, dog park, outdoor activities area, and more. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Tiny House Village and Vintage Trailer Park Coming to Waldport, Oregon

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How Much Will Lots Cost?

Pricing will vary from $475 to $795 per month depending on demand, season, lot location, and rental period.

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Will There Be Nightly Rentals Available?

Yes. You will be able to rent out vintage travel trailers and/or tiny homes on a nightly basis so you can try out tiny living while trying out the area and park too! Nightly fees will vary between $99 and $179 per night.

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Where is the Park Located?

It’s at 4399 SW Erikson Ave in Waldport, Oregon. This is 2 miles south of downtown Waldport, 5 miles north of downtown Yachats, and 17 miles south of Newport.

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When does the park open?

We expect Tiny Tranquility to open sometime in June, 2018, dependent on completion of construction of the park, which is ongoing and dependent on weather conditions. Tiny Tranquility will provide a more definitive opening date by May, 2018.

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Who can stay?

Tiny Tranquility park will provide both longer term site rentals to people who own their own tiny home or vintage trailers and nightly vacation rentals of park managed tiny homes and vintage trailers.

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What are some of the amenities at the park?

  • A large (2,400 sq. ft) game and entertainment room with a flat screen TV, multiple seating areas, a wood stove, ping pong and pool tables. We also expect to feature rotating artwork from Oregon-based artists in this space.

  • Behind the game and entertainment space, we’ll provide a covered eating and grilling area, a small basketball court and a wood fired hot tub.

  • In a different building in the park, we’ll get above the roofline of our neighbors to the West and provide some sweeping views of the ocean in a large second floor great room. The first floor of this building will house our bathrooms (with showers) and laundry facilities. We expect this building to be completed in fall, 2018.

  • Our pet friendly park will have an enclosed dog park.

  • The grassy southernmost acre of the park – which “stares” at a large, dinosaur-like Osprey nest – will provide a great opportunity for outdoor activities, picnicking, kicking the soccer ball around or browning up your marshmallows at one of several outdoor fire pits.
  • Our large 12,000 sq/ft greenhouse will house TT’s own produce garden and a local microgreens business, with fresh vegetables and micro-greens available to park users. This space will also serve as your own personal nursery or storage space if you’re staying at the park longer term.

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Do you allow pets?

Yes. Several of the tiny homes and trailers available for nightly rental will be pet friendly and people who rent individual sites can keep indoor dogs and cats (outdoor dogs will be considered on a case by case basis). An enclosed dog park will also be available.

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Can I tour your tiny homes and vintage trailers when you’re open?

Yes, we expect to have tours of the park and the available tiny home/vintage trailers this summer, with the tour schedule to be determined once the park is open. We will also provide individual tours of the park to people who are considering long term site rental. In order to respect the peace and privacy of our park users, unannounced drop in tours or drive throughs will generally not be available.

Can I rent out my tiny home or vintage trailer when I’m not using it?

Yes, Tiny Tranquility will offer our long term site renters/trailer owners the opportunity for Tiny Tranquility to manage the nightly rental of their trailers as part of the park’s vacation rental pool. All nightly/vacation rentals of this type will need to be managed by Tiny Tranquility and in in turn we will ask for a 30% management fee. This management responsibility will include not only coordinating the cleaning and maintenance of the trailer but also marketing the trailer, utilizing our online reservation system for the bookings and handling all interface with the renters. Given our intention to aggressively market the vacation rental piece of the park, we expect that this could generate some significant income for our owners to offset (or even exceed) the site rental fees. In order to participate in this feature of the park, we simply ask that the trailer to be in excellent condition and meet certain rental requirements relative to its functionality (full bathroom, kitchenette, etc) and provide high quality bedding and furnishings before it can be added to the rental pool. These requirements are needed so that the park can maintain consistent (and high) standards for all rental units that we manage, whether they are owned by the park or independently.

More questions and curiosities? Check out their FAQ and learn even more using the links below. Thanks!

If you’re interested and want to get on their contact list shoot them email over at [email protected].

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