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Two Year Update: Tiny Tranquility Tiny House Village in Waldport, Oregon

While we introduced you to Tiny Tranquility back in 2018, much more has happened since then! The area is more developed, and has a waiting list for long-term stays, I’m afraid! There are 5 TruForm Tiny Houses at the park, which you can see in the video below.

The park has 43 sites which accept RVIA-certified tiny houses on wheels. Sites include water, power, and sewer hookups, free wifi, parking for one car (additional car — and boat — parking available) and between 2,400 and 4,000 square feet of lot space. The village now includes a Lodge complete with a 65″ flat screen TV, multiple seating areas, a wood stove, ping pong and pool tables, covered eating and grilling area and a fire pit/seating area. There’s also a 5,000 square foot dog park, a grassy park for people, and a 12,000 square foot greenhouse you can rent a part of to grow your own veggies!

Lot rent is around $575/month, plus electricity, and plot of greenhouse space is an additional $65-$150 a month. To request a spot on the waiting list or to visit the park, email [email protected].

In addition to long-term stays, the park also has a handful of tinies and Airstreams you can rent on a nightly basis for vacation. One of those, the Sandbug, was built by TruForm Tiny and is absolutely gorgeous. See pictures of it below, and rent it here.

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Northwest Tiny House Community: Tiny Tranquility

Two Year Update: Tiny Tranquility Tiny House Village in Waldport, Oregon

Images via Tiny Tranquility

Here’s the layout for the park — as you can see they have planted a lot of trees to help with privacy.

Two Year Update: Tiny Tranquility Tiny House Village in Waldport, Oregon

Images via Tiny Tranquility

Behind the lodge is this awesome picnic area.

Two Year Update: Tiny Tranquility Tiny House Village in Waldport, Oregon

Images via Tiny Tranquility

Ping pong inside the lodge!


Images via Tiny Tranquility

Have a group gathering for a movie night here.


Images via Tiny Tranquility

Groovy yellow couches by the fire in the Lodge.


Images via Tiny Tranquility

Outdoor fire pits for s’mores!


Images via Tiny Tranquility

Inside the 12,000 square foot greenhouse.



Images via Tiny Tranquility

Absolute dream come true in here!


Images via Tiny Tranquility

This is the TruForm Tiny rental, the Sandbug!


Images via Tiny Tranquility

The interior of the Sandbug. Gorgeous!


Images via Tiny Tranquility

Downstairs couch doubles as a sleeping area.


Images via Tiny Tranquility

Love the mini wood-burning stove. So cute.


Images via Tiny Tranquility

Flip-up counter space for eating. Ladder to loft master.


Images via Tiny Tranquility

VIDEO: Tru Form Tiny & Customers at Tiny Tranquility


  • 43 parking spots
  • Located in Waldport, Oregon
  • Long-term rentals currently all booked
  • Nightly stays available
  • $550 average lot rent
  • 12,000 square foot greenhouse on premises
  • Rent space in greenhouse for $65-$150/month
  • 2500-4000 square foot lots
  • Trees planted on lots to provide privacy
  • Additional car and boat parking available
  • Storage also available in greenhouse
  • Lodge with entertainment areas as common space
  • 5000 square foot dog park
  • Dog and cat friendly park (indoor)
  • Outdoor dogs accepted on case-by-case basis

Learn More:

Our big thanks to Adrian for sharing! 🙏

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  • Sharon Buchman
    July 17, 2020, 1:27 pm

    I’m interested in learning a few things about your compound. I really love what I’ve seen thus far.

    1. How many tiny house are actually available right now?
    2. May I have my own built on the land?
    3. Is the property designated for RENT only?
    4. As the possible owner of my own tiny house – may I rent it for a period of time and return seasonally?
    5. What does membership to your community involve?

    I look forward to connecting with ya’ll.
    Free feel to call as well if the spirit moves you to do this.


    In Service,

    • Dick
      July 17, 2020, 9:21 pm

      @Sharon, the best way to get the information you want is to click on the “Learn More” links below the article. One, https://tinytranquility.com/, takes you directly to the village’s website. Alex, Natalie, et al. just write and post the articles; they are not directly connected with the builders or sites shown on Tiny House Talk.

      From what I read in the article and on the site, this is more like a mobile home park, in that you rent your lot and either rent one of their tiny homes or bring your own. As to whether you could build your home on your lot in the park, I’d think so, but you really need to ask them. There is a contact link at the top of their webpage.

      • Natalie C. McKee
        July 20, 2020, 10:00 am

        Thanks Dick — precisely!

  • Denise DeHart
    July 17, 2020, 8:48 pm

    Wow!!! This is incredible. We need so many more parks like this that look like real communities. Love that there’s space for some elbow room between the homes. Job very well done.

    • Natalie C. McKee
      July 20, 2020, 10:00 am

      Totally agree!

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