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Meet Nick Soave, a musician who built a tiny house on wheels between 2017 and 2019, and has been happily living in it since 2020. It sits on an Alpaca farm in Michigan, and the living room is almost entirely dedicated to his awesome drum set.

Nick is starting a YouTube Channel talking all about his tiny life and how he built this home for just $23,000 using some awesome techniques and plenty of reclaimed materials. Below is his first video with an in-depth tour of his build. What do you love the most?

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His 24 ft THOW Has Room For His Drum Set!

Musician’s $23K DIY Tiny Home on an Alpaca Farm

Images via Nick Soave

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Molly and her partner live in a tiny home, which they’ve built, that sits on family property in the Cairngorms National Park in the Scottish Highlands. Having visited there before, I can say this is truly a magical place to live! And the home they’ve created makes it even more lovely.

While Molly admits the home isn’t entirely complete, it’s truly lovely with sage green cabinets and open shelving in their kitchen, high ceilings over the couch, and two stand-up lofts — one that’s a bedroom and the other that’s an office/guest room. Their bathroom is still under renovations. Tell me what you think in the comments!

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Cottagey Tiny Home in Cairngorms National Park

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This is Liz’s lovely small home, built from an old garden shed on her parents’ property. Her mom and dad are excellent DIY-ers, and did much of the work together with Liz to help build out her awesome little home.

It features a bedroom that connects to the rectangular living/kitchen/bathroom via a small breezeway. The inside is a lovely mix of honey-colored wood with black and white accents. It’s decorated with specially-curated accents from Liz’s travels, and custom metal pieces that she made herself. In addition to her home, Liz runs a seaweed bath business in the family’s backyard, and she shows off her set-up in the video below.

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And She’s Running A Business From Here, Too!

Liz’s Small Home & Seaweed Bath Business 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Roman & Ioana got started on their minimalist journey simply doing weekend caravan trips. Soon that turned into van-life-ing it across Europe. After all that, they wanted to continue living small and decided to build their own tiny house!

They focused on making it a sustainable, off-grid home that’s good for them and for the environment! This endeavor even made them start up a small business to help others build their tinies as well — so awesome. Oh, and did I mention they have no mortgage?

Thanks to James D. for sharing this with us! You can follow the couple on Instagram here.

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Their Off-Grid DIY Tiny House in Switzerland

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Colby and Aria used to be vanlifers, but are now proud owners of more than 14 acres of woodlands in Vermont, as well as their very own DIY tiny home that’s entirely off-grid (they even get water from their stream).

Their 360 square foot home is heated by wood they cut themselves, and they have an awesome solar array that keeps their home powered. The interior of the THOW feels like a cozy log cabin, and they dedicated a whole 15 feet of the house for their living area.

Aria teaches and Colby is a wedding photographer (@anamericanroadstory), plus they rent space on their land for campers via Hipcamp. We got to interview Colby about the build, their choice to buy land, and what they love about tiny life. Check it out at the end of the post!

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Former Vanlifers Put Down Roots in Vermont Tiny House on Wheels

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We told you about Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey and her DIY tiny house before, but that was nearly three years ago, and it’s always fun to do an update.

Jenna had been travelling the United States in her tiny home with her boyfriend, but after they parted ways (not because of tiny living!) in October of 2016, she’s settled down in the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village and still blogs about her personal travels, tiny living and other people’s tiny homes. You can follow her blog here.

Take a look at her amazing, custom home below and be sure to check out the Resources to see where else you can follow Jenna. Enjoy!

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Jenna’s Tiny House Giant Journey

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This is Michael and Michelle’s Down to Earth Getaway, an Off-Grid Tiny House in Hawaii!

The couple currently lives in their sustainable tiny that runs off solar power, a rainwater catchment system, a composting toilet and goats, but they are also branching out and renting their off-grid space for vacations. Cool!

My husband Michael and I are living in a 240 sq ft tiny house on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. We are college students finishing up our senior year of college. My husband built the tiny house just before we got married last summer. We would love to tell our story though your website and talk about our up and coming tiny house business on the Big Island of Hawaii. We’ve been living in the house for just over 6 months now. We have learned a lot from trial and error but feel that we have a lot to share. Oh also we live with a heard of about 20 goats. Seriously, we have a lot to share.

Scroll below for pictures, videos and our interview with the couple.

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Down To Earth Getaway: Off-Grid Tiny House in Hawaii

Images via Down To Earth Getaway

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This is Karin’s self-built 8′ by 20′ tiny house on wheels in Portland, Oregon.

When she needed a home but found the traditional route to be unaffordable, Karin decided to design and build a debt-free tiny home instead.

And this is what she came up with and lives in today. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Karin’s Tiny House on Wheels in Portland

Karins DIY Tiny House in Portland 001

Images © Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

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Pascal and Catherine built their first tiny house in just 40 days and are currently living in it as their second home. They’re a couple from Kamouraska, Québec, Canada, that started a tiny house building company called “Ma Maison Logique,” which in English means “my logical house.” Pascal designed the tiny house to withstand extreme Canadian winters by using triple pane windows and installing a tiny wood stove. They also installed an air exchange vent in the bathroom to keep fresh air flowing in and used natural, non-toxic paint and oil finishes to ensure good air quality indoors.

Catherine is an interior designer, and you’ll see that she added simple touches throughout the tiny house to make it seem more spacious while at the same time keeping it cozy and comfortable. The tiny house can be off-grid because it has a low-tech composting toilet, 28-gallon fresh water tank, propane stove & the possibility of adapting the fridge to run on propane as well. They don’t have solar panels installed yet, but it’s an option they’re looking into. For the moment, the tiny house is plugged into shore power and is connected to a municipal water supply.

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Couple Builds And Lives In Amazing DIY Tiny House

Ma Maison Logique 001

Images © Exploring Alternatives via YouTube

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