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From Weekend Trips to Full-Time Tiny House Living in Switzerland

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Roman & Ioana got started on their minimalist journey simply doing weekend caravan trips. Soon that turned into van-life-ing it across Europe. After all that, they wanted to continue living small and decided to build their own tiny house!

They focused on making it a sustainable, off-grid home that’s good for them and for the environment! This endeavor even made them start up a small business to help others build their tinies as well — so awesome. Oh, and did I mention they have no mortgage?

Thanks to James D. for sharing this with us! You can follow the couple on Instagram here.

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Their Off-Grid DIY Tiny House in Switzerland

They have nice tall ceilings in the living room area.

Look at their awesome drying rack that comes down from the ceiling.

Their kitchen has everything including a hidden dishwasher!

On the first step of the loft, they can just stand up.

The bathroom has a shower and a composting toilet.

This is the caravan they got started in.

And the one they took all around Europe!

VIDEO: We Are Living OFF-GRID & Mortgage-Free in Switzerland

Their Story:

Our journey started with a tiny caravan and long Weekend trips. That turned into full-time travel in Europe with our hippie bus that we bought to give us more space and flexibility. We love traveling and changing our “house view“ at least once in a while. While traveling we learned more and more about tiny houses and minimalism and we started dreaming about building our own house someday.

After our Eurotrip, we got back to living in a regular apartment in Switzerland, but that just didn’t feel right anymore. So we started planning and sketching designs of our dream tiny house. Our ideas turned into a small business so we gathered a team and started building not only a tiny house for us but also for other like-minded people who are seeking to live a more simple and sustainable life without debt.

Our life in the tiny house is largely centered around the wish to reduce our footprint and be more kind to our environment. Living off the grid makes us more aware of our consumption and helps us reduce waste.
We hope we can inspire others with our lifestyle so we share our experience living tiny on our Instagram page @tinyhousestory

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This post contains affiliate links.

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