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Key West Outpost Houseboat: Floating Florida Cottage

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This is the Outpost houseboat in Key West, Florida.

The floating cottage, situated off-grid in the backcountry waters of Key West, Florida, features two private decks, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom area, a secondary loft bedroom, and a topside sitting area with panoramic 360-degree views!

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Off-Grid Outpost Houseboat in the Florida Keys

Key West Outpost Houseboat 001

Images via Robert/Airbnb

The houseboat features a wraparound deck and an upstairs deck with 360-degree views. It’s powered by solar panels and a generator, so the AC can always be kept running if necessary.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 002

Images via Robert/Airbnb

The floating cottage is situated in the backcountry waters of Key West. The operators have a suite of other boats for excursions & other adventures that are available to guests.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 003

Images via Robert/Airbnb

The wrap-around deck lets you enjoy gorgeous sunrises and sunsets from any angle you wish.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 004

Images via Robert/Airbnb

Inside the floating cottage, there is a futon that turns into a bed on the main level, and it has beautiful water views.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 005

Images via Robert/Airbnb

Step outside to the salty air at any moment.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 006

Images via Robert/Airbnb

It is an excellent place to wake up and enjoy hot coffee or tea.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 007

Images via Robert/Airbnb

You can see the futon turned into a comfortable-looking bed below.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 008

Images via Robert/Airbnb

Of course, the views are incredible from every angle.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 009

Images via Robert/Airbnb

Even the kitchen gets water views. No surprise, but it’s worth mentioning!

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0010

Images via Robert/Airbnb

The houseboat offers just about all of the luxuries of home.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0011

Images via Robert/Airbnb

This ladder takes you up to the cozy bedroom loft.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0012

Images via Robert/Airbnb

The loft bedroom makes you feel like you’re in a tiny house loft with its window, air conditioning, and exposed beam ceilings.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0013

Images via Robert/Airbnb

The bathroom has an antique look and feel with a rainhead shower and exposed pipes.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0014

Images via Robert/Airbnb

The bathroom has some mermaid art to enjoy as you go in and out.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0015

Images via Robert/Airbnb

A Jabsco marine toilet!

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0016

Images via Robert/Airbnb

There’s a vented closet-style door to the bathroom.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0017

Images via Robert/Airbnb

There’s a small amount of deck space, so you could carefully walk around the boat if you wanted, though many would prefer to go through the house to get to and from the front or rear decks.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0018

Images via Robert/Airbnb

There’s a giant cooler to keep your groceries cold and two motors to move the boat around.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0019

Images via Robert/Airbnb

The hosts have several other boats, too! This is likely how you first board the houseboat.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0020

Images via Robert/Airbnb

You may be fortunate to see beautiful wildlife like this spotted eagle ray.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0021

Images via Robert/Airbnb

Or you’ll be fortunate enough to experience a dolphin encounter.

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0022

Images via Robert/Airbnb

A tree swing with clear water!

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0023

Images via Robert/Airbnb

Would you hop aboard to stay in this floating cottage in the Keys?

Key West Outpost Houseboat 0024

Images via Robert/Airbnb


  • The Outpost houseboat in Key West, Florida, offers a unique off-grid experience with all modern amenities.
  • Guests can enjoy two private decks, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedroom nook, loft bedroom, and a topside sitting area with panoramic views.
  • The space includes a sitting area/game room, spacious kitchen, living room with a futon bed, and a loft with a second bedroom.
  • Solar power and a generator provide electricity for a small refrigerator, air conditioner, and limited hot water for showers.
  • Guests have exclusive access to the entire boat and can engage in activities like paddle boarding, kayaking, and light tackle fishing.
  • Sunset trips and eco-tour excursions to the backcountry are available for booking during the stay.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Jimmy G
    May 8, 2024, 2:43 pm

    Who designed and built this magnificent space ?

    • James D.
      May 11, 2024, 12:47 am

      You’d have to contact the owner for that information. However, it appears to be an old Cottage Houseboat they restored and turned into an AirBNB, which could mean the builder may no longer be in business, but there’s multiple companies that produce this type of houseboat. So just do a search on Cottage style Catamaran Houseboats if interested in getting one… New and old units are regularly sold on the market…

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