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Bohdivan 4×4 Blue Grey 2021 Sprinter w/ Archway & Plaster-Style Walls

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This is probably the first time we’ve seen an archway inside a van conversion, and Bohdivan does it well! They use lime paint to create a plaster-style texture all around an arched feature wall that separates the living/kitchen area from the bedroom. The result is truly stunning!

This van is brimming with features, from the Victron Components with touchscreen to the huge slide out drawer in the garage, to the mouth-blown sconce. The van is currently for sale!

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This Luxury Van Has a Textured Ceiling, Wallpaper, Skylight & More

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 10

Images via Vanlife Trader

Look at that beautiful garage space!

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 4

Images via Vanlife Trader

The drawer pulls out so you can easily access your gear.

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 7

Images via Vanlife Trader

Here’s the bedroom with an awesome swivel table.

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 8

Images via Vanlife Trader

Look at the beautiful curved bit here.

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 6

Images via Vanlife Trader

Owls scare me, but the concept of this wallpaper is neat!

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 5

Images via Vanlife Trader

Look at the sconce! Gorgeous.

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 9

Images via Vanlife Trader

So much texture and fine details.

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 3

Images via Vanlife Trader

A closer look at the archway.

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 2

Images via Vanlife Trader

I also really like the blue-grey exterior color of the van.

Bodhivan 4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter

Images via Vanlife Trader

List of features:

  • Brand new
  • $195,000
  • Shou Sugi Ban (hand torched) pine wardrobe
  • Lime paint for plastered style walls
  • Mouth blown sconce
  • Rear legune table for breakfast in bed
  • White oak cabinetry
  • Custom wine and liquor cabinet above fridge
  • Corian countertop
  • Floor and ceiling splash mood lighting.
  • Skylight above bed
  • Fiama awning
  • 360 degree rooftop lighting package
  • Systems include:
  • 100% Victron Components with touch screen so you can easily monitor your system
  • Charges 3 ways
  • *400 watt military grade solar panel
  • *DC to DC (alternator)
  • *Shore power
  • 300 ah of Lithium batteries that allow for below freezing charging (Relion RB100-LT)
  • 25 gallons of fresh water storage inside van
  • 7 gallons of grey water under sink
  • 2.5 gallon Bosh hot water heater
  • Max-air fan to keep you cool.
  • Espar Heater under passenger seat with Easy Start Pro controller to keep you warm.
  • Overhead Dimmable LED Lights
  • Isotherm Cruise 65 refrigerator/freezer
  • Phone: 817.205.2075 (Text please)
  • Email: [email protected]

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Husabergchamp
    June 23, 2022, 12:19 pm

    Very compact, nice detailing, well laid out for such a small space.

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