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Tall Couple Design and Build Their Own Motorhome

Scott and Susan Burbank are a retired couple who decided to build their own Freightliner motorhome because, at 6’8″ tall, Scott simply couldn’t be comfortable in most standardized motorhomes. So they acquired a retired semi-truck and spent 14 months converting it into their dream home on wheels.

The truck was originally just an empty shell with cables everywhere since it used to be a mobile computer lab owned by Microsoft. But Scott and Susan worked diligently, spending 10-hour days, 6 days a week, to turn it into the beautiful custom home it is today. They even invented a 5-foot murphy bed-style shower to save space!

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They Turned a Mobile Computer Lab into a Custom RV for a 6’8″ Person

Before this project, Scott and Susan had experience working together on a sailboat. So they were well prepared for the challenges of building their own home from scratch. It’s an impressive accomplishment, and they now enjoy the freedom of being able to travel wherever they want. The pantry that you see in the kitchen is actually an incredible hidden sky-lit shower made using epoxyed mahogany plywood.

The truck is all-electric and powered by solar panels, so the couple doesn’t have to rely on propane and in fact, there is no propane onboard. This allows them to live off-grid for extended periods of time.

Scott is 6’8″ tall, so the motorhome features high ceilings and an extra large double folding murphy bed so that it can be 8 feet in sleep mode. They are even able to use the rear of the motorhome as a toy hauler so they can take their motorcycle with them on the road.

The Freightliner motorhome features a 5-foot murphy bed-style shower, an all-electric kitchen, and plenty of storage space. Scott and Susan are able to live off-grid for weeks at a time, thanks to the solar power system.

I’m sure that building their own motorhome was a challenging but rewarding experience. It was 14 months of 10-hour days, 6 days a week! But now they own and enjoy a one-of-a-kind motorhome that’s tailor-made for them and since they built it themselves, they know how to fix anything that may go wrong along the way. If you’re considering a similar project, we encourage you to watch Scott and Susan’s video below to learn more about their experience.

VIDEO – Tall Couple’s Computer Lab Semi-Truck Turned Spectacular DIY Motorhome

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  • Eric
    September 13, 2022, 9:07 pm

    Whoaaa! That paint job is AWESOME. As is the internal fit out. Kudos to them.

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