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Momo and Casey own a “big” home, but by renting it out and living in a tiny house, they have the financial flexibility to start a new business — Momo’s Michelada! The couple got a park model tiny home in an Austin tiny house community that meets their needs.

I love the video tour with them — which you can watch below — because they’re very realistic about what works and what doesn’t in their tiny space! It’s always helpful to get a real review of tiny living. What do you think?

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They Rented Out Their Big House And Moved Into This Park Model With Outdoor Space


Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Ready for a light-hearted tour of a great tiny house? JP from Minimaliste has such a fun way of introducing us to the company’s latest builds, and this tour is no exception (there’s even a surprise visitor!).

Built for a specific customer, the Peuplier features a split loft with space for parents and a baby, as well a very safe and storage-loaded staircase that takes you up there. The u-shaped seating area doubles as a second bed area, and there’s a kitchen with stainless steel countertops and even a stainless steel shower stall in the bathroom!

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This Tiny House Has Hooks for Aerial Yoga!

Tiny house on wheels: The Peuplier

Images via Minimaliste

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This is a quality custom tiny house on wheels built by two craftsmen (one with 3 years of tiny living experience) that’s now for sale. While one of the craftsmen, Corey (@coreydoesit on Instagram), intended to live in this home with his wife, the couple are now expecting a baby and decided to sell the THOW and have a little more space for their new addition.

The home is solar-ready, N.O.A.H.-certified, and never-been-lived-in. Be sure to check out the full video tour below! Get all the details/specs/price for the house here.

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N.O.A.H.-certified Tiny House on Wheels for Sale Built by Sonoma County Craftsmen

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Tracy is an amazing single mom who is supporting her two children, Jack and Anna, while working flexible hours (many from her tiny house). They live in a “Tiny Town” village in Durango, Colorado, where they’ve been now for three years.

Because of their THOW she’s able to keep her kids first and work around their needs and schedule, while still affording a beautiful home for them to live and grow in. Oh, and they also have two cats! Enjoy the video tour from Tiny Home Tours/YouTube below.

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One Mom, Two Kids, Three Years Living In Their Tiny Home on Wheels!

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This is the Chinook Peak model by Tiny Mountain Houses, a builder with locations in both Oregon and California.

The home features a layout that prioritizes the living room, which sits beneath the sleeping loft that’s accessible by storage steps. You could easily fit your comfy couch in here! The kitchen has everything you need and the bathroom even includes a tub for those who want one. Cool!

Get additional details and base price below, and take the video tour to get the full view. Enjoy!

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Chinook Peak Model by Tiny Mountain Houses

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This is the Lillooet 31′ Tiny House by West Coast Outbuildings in North Vancouver, British Columbia. It features over 400-sq.-ft. of usable space inside!

The stunning home includes two private loft bedrooms accessible by storage stairs, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a super cozy living room that I could enjoy many evenings in! The bathroom has room for a washer-dryer and has a beautiful tile shower. For more details, a video tour, and the builder contact information, head to the last page. Enjoy!

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Two-Bedroom Tiny House With Over 400-sq.-ft. of space… The Lillooet 31-ft. Tiny House by West Coast Outbuildings

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This is the BunKaboose by EcoCabins in Colorado.

The BunKaboose, designed by David Papen and Darin Zaruba from EcoCabins, was first envisioned as a cross between a caboose rail car and a rustic bunkhouse. A uniquely original tiny house with rugged style, classic appointments, and superior quality craftsmanship, the 20’ model with a 4’ deck is now available and the 24’ model with a 4’ deck will be released soon. This home features a quaint rustic metal deep soak bathtub, two lofts, an electric fireplace, and ‘beetle kill pine’ interior walls, trim, and floors.

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BunKaboose by EcoCabins in Colorado

Screenshots via Facebook

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It’s always fun to see staged and picture-ready tiny homes with magazine-worthy professional photography, but sometimes you want a reality check. What do these houses look like lived-in by real people?

I want to introduce you to Ariel, the owner of her tiny home named Fy Nyth. She has an awesome YouTube channel with tons of videos about tiny living, including clothing storage, living in a cold climate, and her off-grid power system. Seriously, check it out!

But today I bring you her updated tiny house tour. Yes, it’s 16 minutes long, but she shows you all her homes nooks and crannies and it’s super informative if you’re interested in going tiny.

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Lived-In Tiny House Tour: Fy Nyth

Screenshots via YouTube/Fy Nyth

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This is a 208 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels built by SignaTour Campers.

Inside you’ll find a living area, kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping loft that’s accessible by ladder.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

208 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels


Images © SignaTour Campers

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