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This is the Home Run tiny home by Brevard Tiny House. And if you like baseball, you’ll probably love this house.

The builder got creative and used old baseball bats to make a built-in table in the kitchen. In the bathroom there’s even a baseball diamond built into the flooring.

When you go inside this tiny home you’ll notice that’s there’s plenty of built in storage space including the custom-built storage staircase that leads you to the sleeping loft. And, there’s even under floor storage too! See below.

This tiny home also has a nice size bathroom with shower and laundry area. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

The Home Run Tiny Home by Brevard Tiny House

brevard tiny house

Images © Brevard Tiny House

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My friend Lina from This Is the Little Life just sent me an email about the tiny house tour they just had in Portland, OR.

It attracted more than 100 people! It was in conjunction with the Pedalpalooza which is becoming quite a big deal in Portland.

For weeks there are different themes to celebrate the culture of bicycles in Portland.

You can see the many bicycles and a little house on wheels in the background in the photo below.


Photo Credit Billy Ulmer via This is the Tiny Life

I don’t know about you, but that looks like a great time! Scroll or click below to get the rest:

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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to run into Meg and Joe’s tiny house tour on their YouTube channel.

Then I found their blog, Living Small Under the Big Sky, and was glad to read some of the inspiring quotes on living simply.

But when I say live simply I also mean living richly.. Just in a different way than most of society sees it. You know what I mean, right?

Tiny House Tour after Construction

After Meg and Joe finished the construction (thanks to the help of some friends and family) they were a bit fearful about moving it.

Fortunately, it towed perfectly fine without any issues. 🙂


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Meg and Joe's Tiny House Tour
Photos Courtesy of Meg via YouTube and Living Small Under the Big Sky

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If you are in the Florida or Georgia area and you’re into tiny houses you may want to consider this open house.

It’s an opportunity for you to see and experience one that’s ready to live in.

If you can’t make it though don’t worry because I’ll be there and I’ll make sure to take plenty of photos and videos for you.

Dan Louche’s Second Tiny House Project

I interviewed Dan after he built his first house on a trailer for his mother who lives in Florida.

Since then he has put together:

The photo below is an interior shot of Dan’s mom’s house (aka Tiny Retirement).

Tiny Home Builders Tiny Houses

Photos Courtesy of Tiny Home Builders

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A while back I introduced some of you to Collin and Joanna, a young married couple who have been building their own Tumbleweed tiny house.

I’ve been visiting them on their blog (lots of cool pictures) since the very beginning so it’s great to see the finished product.

Yes, they are now currently living in it! Last month, they had their first guest sleep over.

They used the Fencl building plans ($859) to construct the house on a dual axle trailer.

It’s 130 square feet with an upstairs sleeping loft.

The plans give you enough room to fit…

  • Two lounge chairs
  • Fireplace
  • Pull out couch
  • Full sized shower
  • Kitchen

Their kitchen, by the way, is awesome. Here’s a preview of it in this screenshot from the video tour:

Collin and Joanna's Tiny House Tour

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Hi everyone we have a new guest blogger, Theresa Stevens who is an awesome samba dancer. She lives in a really small space in northern California and today she’s going to take you on a tour of her wonderful little house.

You’ll get to see her outdoor shower, mini kitchen, bedroom loft, outside the living room, and more. I’ll let her take it away on video…

– Alex

Theresa’s Tiny House Tour (VIDEO)

To learn more about Theresa visit her samba blog at Theresa Loves to Dance dot com!

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