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Vera had gone through a lot before she sold her home and started building her tiny house — 3 bouts of cancer and two battles with Lyme’s Disease. Resilient as ever, she spent two years sourcing and building a sustainable tiny house and has lived in it for nearly a decade now.

Vera took the time to call all her suppliers and check on how they treated their employees and what their recycling systems looked like. Much of her interior was second-hand or even found on the side of the road. The house is solar-powered and you’ll love all the unique details FLORB shows off during the video tour below.

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Her Super Sustainable DIY Tiny Home

Cancer and Lyme’s Disease Survivor Builds Silver Bullet THOW

Images by FLORB

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Some years ago, Lawrence decided to sell his little camper and get a tiny house, but his home on wheels was stolen while left overnight at a gas station! Despite the rough start, Lawrence was able to recover the home and went to live in it on his half acre property on Puget Sound in Washington.

He eventually decided to upgrade, and purchased a half-finished tiny house which he has completed himself. Oh, and did we mention that he will be debt-free in 9 months (including the cost of his property that he owns)? It’s a pretty remarkable story!

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They Stole His Tiny House, but He Kept On!

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This couple has dreams of buying land and living as farmers someday, but to make that dream a reality they needed to find a way to simplify and save! So they decided to go tiny. Richard is a carpenter by trade, which served them well. He enjoyed the build so much, he opened his own tiny house building business, Lionheart Homes.

They didn’t want to sacrifice on bathroom space, so they made room for a 5-foot shower tiled with gorgeous teal tiles. It’s clearly a favorite color, since they also have teal cushions, cabinets, and exterior siding. So fun! Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Carpenter & Wealth Manager Go Tiny

Richard & Cassies 30×8 ft teal tiny home

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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As a fellow homesteader/self-sufficient wannabe, Kris’ tour of his smallholding that he created from basically nothing for very little money is absolutely astounding. He’s planted 2,500 trees, built a solar array and hydroelectric plant, crafted his own cordwood home as well as a huge workshop, greenhouse, and multiple outbuildings all using — primarily — materials from his land, hand tools, and reclaimed items!

His cordwood home which he started with cost him about $3,000 and took about a year to build since he was traveling to and from London to create it. Once he had a place to live, he took on all the other projects and has accomplished more in five years than many of us will in a lifetime! Incredible. Enjoy every minute of the video tour below.

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His Cordwood Home & DIY Hydroelectric Plant

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Jack’s ultimate goal is to have a fully off-grid and self-sustaining homestead, while living in his tiny house. And he has the tiny house part all finished! It took him three years and $22,000, but the result is an adorable THOW with a stand-up loft bedroom.

He has an instant hot water heater, deep farm sink, mini woodstove and a sleek shed-style roof which he felt had a modern look. His description of the beetle kill pine on the inside of his THOW is definitely worth watching the video tour below!

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His THOW on 3.5 Acres w/ Off-Grid Potential

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In her mid-fifties, Allyson started to worry — she hadn’t saved anything for retirement and knew if she wanted to keep paying rent she would need to work indefinitely. But around that time, she heard about tiny living and decided that was the path for her.

She started learning carpentry skills and finding inexpensive windows for sale on Facebook Marketplace, saving up items she would need to build her house. And then with the help of a carpenter guiding her, she built her forever home: “Daisy”. With a house built and a spot to park it, Allyson plans to retire within the year.

You’ll love her DIY home, which you can see below. She even planned for a downstairs sleeping arrangement if/when it gets too hard for her to climb into her loft bedroom.

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Her THOW is Filled with Books, Crafts & Hard Work

Daisy Allyson’s DIY Tiny House Bilt in Her 60s 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Ashley and Chad spent one year taking their dreams of tiny living and bringing them to life building their very own DIY THOW. Now the couple is expecting a baby, and planning to continue their sustainable, mortgage-free life as a family of three!

They had a budget of $35K for the build, and came in spending about $40K for their 28-foot home on wheels. They did try to use second-hand and repurposed materials as much as possible, and designed the interior with a retro 70s flair. Neither of them had any building experience, so YouTube University taught them everything!

Right now they are parked on some farmland in British Columbia, and they talked to us about their tiny life below. Also, there’s a video tour from their YouTube channel you can enjoy.

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Chad, Ashley & Baby-On-The-Way Living Tiny in B.C.

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Here’s a gorgeous tiny house built on a Tumbleweed Trailer. It’s been home to Aja and Dan, and their cat, for the past four years. However, they’ve been given an opportunity to buy some land and are now planning on upsizing — so the home is for sale!

It features gorgeous skylights, a loft bedroom, galley kitchen with bright red refrigerator and a bathroom with a Nature’s Head composting toilet.

They’re asking $50,000, and it’s for sale in Margarettville, NY on Facebook Marketplace. You can scroll through their Instagram to see how they’ve been living in the THOW up until now.

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192 Square Foot THOW Perfect for One or a Couple!

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At 41, Ingrid was working her life away to pay for a mortgage she could hardly afford, and ended up moving in with her mom. But she kept seeing tiny houses and one day decided she’d build her very own — with absolutely no construction experience!

Determined and awesome, she succeeded! Even when suppliers would question her ability to install or build things herself, she did the entire thing in two years by herself, with just a bit of help from friends with some serious heavy lifting. She learned from YouTube and good ole trial-and-error. Just goes to show you that you shouldn’t let others put limits on you.

She shared pictures with us of her DIY build, named “Tiny Tootz” (pronounced like “tootsie”), and talked more about her experience building and going tiny below. Be sure to read her story! Follow her on Facebook here.

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Ingrid Didn’t Let Negativity Stop Her From Building Her Tiny

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