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Alex and Becci are a lovely German couple who got in touch with us to show off their beautiful self-built THOW that sits on a farm in England. The couple built the tiny house in Munich, but when Alex got accepted to study Yacht Design in England, they moved.

While Alex works and studies, Becci works on the farm they call home. They have an adorable dog who loves hanging out on their couch by the wood-burning stove. Enjoy the photos of the construction process and finished build, and read their story below.

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English Countryside Farm Life in their Self-Built Tiny Home

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Pretty sure we’ve never seen this many coffee-making apparatuses in a tiny home before, but for this coffee-loving couple and their two kids, it’s a must! They run a family-owned coffee distribution/pop-up cart so of course, they need a spot to try out all the varieties.

Below, we have a video tour of the family’s DIY tiny house on wheels, but that’s not their only compact home! They also have a van conversion and sailboat that they rotate in and out of depending on the season and where their coffee business leads them. What a cool life!

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DIY Tiny Home w/ Custom Coffee Bar

Family of 4 Lives in a Tiny Home, Sailboat & Van! . 1

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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The Saudes were tired of their city lifestyle and ready to get out to the country, where they would have outdoor space for a garden. So they decided to build their own tiny house on wheels! The main accent color for the home (tiles, cabinets, and exterior paint) is a brilliant teal-blue color.

They have a fireplace with a built-in bookshelf, a spot for a keyboard, a spacious 5-foot shower stall, and both a pollinator and food garden right outside their door! What do you think of their design? The couple now designs and builds tiny homes as a business, and a replica of their “Duchess” is for sale.

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Their 30-foot Tiny House has an Amazing Deck

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Walter was in Ecuador when borders closed down in 2020, and he was bored. So with the help of some local friends, he crafted this gorgeous tiny house on wheels complete with two king-sized lofts (one enclosed), a spacious living room, a dining area, and a galley kitchen. In addition, you’ll find a bathroom with a residential toilet and shower.

Now that Walter is traveling again, he is interested in either renting out or selling his tiny house. For those interested, his contact information is at the bottom of the post. Either way, what do you think of his tiny house design build?

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Beautiful DIY Tiny House on Wheels in Ecuador

Ecuadorian THOW Vacation 8

Images via Walter

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Amanda is one remarkable woman! At 21, she decided to build her very own tiny house. She worked multiple jobs to afford it and then spent all her free time building the tiny house with her dad. Her love for her father is so evident in the tour below, and she admits it never would have happened without his generous help!

Her home is truly gorgeous, and nothing about it looks DIY. She chose a loft bedroom with a big skylight overhead that offers her access to the roof. The sprawling galley kitchen has everything she needs for her cooking and baking hobby, and she built a little deck outside, which is a perfect spot for her yoga routine. What’s your favorite part?

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Living Tiny Allows Her to Travel

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Almost a decade ago, Danielle lived in Austin and was tired of the creeping rent prices. In her heart, she wanted to get all her friends to build tiny homes with her, so they could live in a little commune. While that didn’t all happen, about 6 years ago, *she* finished building her own DIY tiny house and has it parked on her uncle’s property in Oregon.

Danielle splurged where it mattered to her — on her brand-new trailer and cedar siding — and otherwise scoured Craigslist and the Re-Store for reclaimed materials to create her budget build. In the end, she spent about $25k on her home. It has so much character inside, with awesome pieces like her grandmother’s stained-glass windows and the fallen-wood railings. What do you think of what she did?

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Her $25K Build with Amazing Outdoor Oasis

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Laura, a social worker in the Houston area, designed and built this gorgeous 384 sq. ft. tiny house with a covered porch. She chose such a calming color palette for the interior, which makes it a true retreat from the rest of the world!

The bedroom loft is extra tall, keeping it from feeling claustrophobic (and allowing room for a much-needed bookshelf). She has a full bathroom, a faux-bricked living room, and a beautiful L-shaped kitchen. Tell us what you love about it!

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This Tiny House has the Space for a Tall Loft

Social Worker’s Self-Designed Tiny Home in Houston 6

Images via Laura Alvarez

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Vera had gone through a lot before she sold her home and started building her tiny house — 3 bouts of cancer and two battles with Lyme’s Disease. Resilient as ever, she spent two years sourcing and building a sustainable tiny house and has lived in it for nearly a decade now.

Vera took the time to call all her suppliers and check on how they treated their employees and what their recycling systems looked like. Much of her interior was second-hand or even found on the side of the road. The house is solar-powered and you’ll love all the unique details FLORB shows off during the video tour below.

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Her Super Sustainable DIY Tiny Home

Cancer and Lyme’s Disease Survivor Builds Silver Bullet THOW

Images by FLORB

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Some years ago, Lawrence decided to sell his little camper and get a tiny house, but his home on wheels was stolen while left overnight at a gas station! Despite the rough start, Lawrence was able to recover the home and went to live in it on his half acre property on Puget Sound in Washington.

He eventually decided to upgrade, and purchased a half-finished tiny house which he has completed himself. Oh, and did we mention that he will be debt-free in 9 months (including the cost of his property that he owns)? It’s a pretty remarkable story!

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They Stole His Tiny House, but He Kept On!

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